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So I’ve found a handy dandy little scheduler for poetry-related posts, and hope to continue posting 2-3 prompts a week and a conversation post which will stand in for the original daily share posts. There didn’t seem to be enough demand for daily sharing poetry, so how about weekly?

*The only thing wrong with the scheduler is the lack of incorporated templates. So I can’t just retire my nuclino calendar yet.

Also updated the theme on the conlang community and added a bunch of plugins so it’s easy for others to post and comment and like and add pictures or pdfs, etc. Now just to get back to conlanging…

Not doing much reading, but I’ve got at least one book I want to read this month. That I’ve been waiting for for ages.

Not much writing, but hope to get back to poems at least. They’re usually fast and easy. Plus, there’s a Treat Yo Self thing and I might have nominated for rarepairs just because Abigail and Wes from Dance Academy but I’m not sure if I’ll sign up for that. If the friends one goes live, I’ll definitely do that.

On writing sprints, anyone interested and anyone have a schedule in mind for them? Mine’s been all over the map recently, but I’d still like to get that back on my radar maybe.

Date: 2017-06-05 11:00 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tielan
I am not sprinting much what with the finger and a quilt I have really no hope of finishing before it's due for the show. But I do have a lot of assignments that are coming up and for which I need to do some serious writing...


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