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So I’ve found a handy dandy little scheduler for poetry-related posts, and hope to continue posting 2-3 prompts a week and a conversation post which will stand in for the original daily share posts. There didn’t seem to be enough demand for daily sharing poetry, so how about weekly?

*The only thing wrong with the scheduler is the lack of incorporated templates. So I can’t just retire my nuclino calendar yet.

Also updated the theme on the conlang community and added a bunch of plugins so it’s easy for others to post and comment and like and add pictures or pdfs, etc. Now just to get back to conlanging…

Not doing much reading, but I’ve got at least one book I want to read this month. That I’ve been waiting for for ages.

Not much writing, but hope to get back to poems at least. They’re usually fast and easy. Plus, there’s a Treat Yo Self thing and I might have nominated for rarepairs just because Abigail and Wes from Dance Academy but I’m not sure if I’ll sign up for that. If the friends one goes live, I’ll definitely do that.

On writing sprints, anyone interested and anyone have a schedule in mind for them? Mine’s been all over the map recently, but I’d still like to get that back on my radar maybe.

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Write a poem about

“Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.” — Job 41:19

Poems do not have to match the prompt exactly. Prompts are only meant to inspire and be a jumping off point for your own creativity.

Poems can be posted in the comments directly or linked to your own journal.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 07:43 pm
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Sometimes my brain seriously does not cooperate with me. I do not need an epic mythic type story floating in my head, especially not one about essentially a misunderstood bad boy of mythic proportions.


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What was one of your fondest childhood memories? Say it in verse.

Poems do not have to match the prompt exactly. Prompts are only meant to inspire and be a jumping off point for your own creativity.

Poems can be posted directly in the comments or as a link to your own journal.

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This is the weekly poetry chat post. Share what you’re loving about poetry, what’s frustrating you, where you find your inspiration.

Are you reading any good poetry? Anything that made you want to write a poem in response? Anything that moved you to anger, to tears, to delight, to fascination?

Are you writing any poetry? Journaling through life events or issues? Engaging with concepts that interest you? Capturing still lifes or character portraits in verse? Are you trying any new poetic forms or techniques?

Any questions we can help you find answers to? Any answers you can share with the other poets who wonder?

Please come discuss whatever moves you about poetry!

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Write a poem about

“But we’re running out of time / Oh, all the echoes in my mind cry” — “Running with the Wolves” by Aurora

Poems do not have to match the prompt exactly. Prompts are only meant to inspire and be a jumping off point for your own creativity.

Poems can be posted in the comments directly or linked to your own journal.

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For difficult, tough women and their devoted, competent significant others. See also Rogue/Gambit, Kuvira/Bataar Jr., Natasha/Clint, Melinda/Andrew, Tris/Four, etc. I have a type.

And why is there no fanworks for these two?

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So I ran or helped mod the following comms on Imzy:

I will be moving prompt posts over to this blog in particular at Writing sprints while I may run, it will end up more a personal schedule. The sites I still live on all have writing sites that serve Microfic’s primary functions, just without word count limitations.

I’ll try and get a WordPress comm for Conlang up this weekend.

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Noticed it in my books on the Kindle app (I’d preordered it and definitely missed any email about it), and basically inhaled it last night. Well done and surprising, but I did feel let down by how little of all my favorites were in there. Most of the story was about the journey of Kamet with Costis, and I like Costis, but not quite enough for the end to remove that disappointment.

That said, it was a good story, a wonderful character and friendship arc, and the end did bring a point to it all and a great step along the overall story arc of the series. The post-denouement pieces were priceless every one. A nice installment with lots of little rewards.


May. 9th, 2017 09:01 pm
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Rather than do something productive and useful with today’s break time, I worked on documenting the teams in Kingdoms and Thorn here: Which is especially interesting because it’s just a high level anyway. It’s not all the actual stories and relationships, just stuff to help me remember who’s who at a glance. Most of which I already know off the top of my head pretty much always. :sigh:

That said, I did actually write a snippet of fic that’s been bouncing in my head for two days. It just doesn’t belong to anything I’ve been trying to finish or the two longer stories also bouncing in my head with the same characters.

If they didn’t arrive three at a time, I might get fiction written faster, you know. :headdesk:

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I’ll learn to not feed trolls. It’s just they pass themselves off as not trolls before I’m waist-deep into a conversation I should have noticed sooner was going south. 🙁

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Ice Queen made it out injured, but it wasn’t injury keeping her awake.

On the other other side of the bedroom, Wolf breathed steadily, as though she slept, as though today weighed nothing.

Ice Queen rolled over and stared at the wall, into flames crackling beneath the cries of her mare, village burning because her raiders invaded and she couldn’t break cover.

She shuddered, scrambled abruptly out of bed, and crawled in beside Wolf, who blinked groggily but didn’t stop her.

It felt better to be held snugly, as though she were still innocent, unaware of what she could do.


May. 4th, 2017 05:45 pm
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Just wrote 341 words of a mini-scene from when Skylight got the name on her first real mission. Not bad.

I worry no one’s going to care about this story but me when it’s finally done. Because apparently, that’s now a thing I worry about. :headdesk:

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Half health, half way behind at work because of health and playing catch up, half dealing with some big real life things happening, and I didn’t mean to leave everyone for so long while I try to keep from anything going on fire.

I haven’t been writing much lately, except poetry and not as much of that as I want. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just too scared or I’ve forgotten how to do it or if it really just is that there’s other stuff I need to do (but that’s not really getting done either), and it’s kind of a bit of a guilt cycle.

That said, I’m trying to find some peace in my life and do things differently, like not blaming myself that I never know when a day’s going to be productive or a bomb. Regardless of which it has to be if I don’t want something to go on fire.

Pray for my family, if you’re the praying kind, please. Those real life issues include health stuff, financial stuff, and potentially moving again in the middle of financial stuff making it really, really hard to find a house that’ll work within our budget.

And I’m back to work.

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I feel the light,

burning in the distance—

It’s the light of a thousand fires,

the light of a hundred candles,

the light of a thousand souls

burning in a hundred hearts

(Can’t you feel the light,

not only in the distance?)—

but also in my heart.

seed (poem)

May. 3rd, 2017 02:59 pm
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there’s beauty in the silences

that swirl ’round my room

that enter into distances

that flirt with the monsoon

there’s something deep inside of me

the eye, a growing storm

I keep it close, this light you see

to spark me bright and warm

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months pass; leaves fall

little children grow so tall

footprints damp in rampant piles

colors bright for just a while

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  • I’m hanging up my hat on running because no one’s reading and it’s a lot of work and a lot of time and I can rarely get enough backlog of published works to schedule more than a couple days in advance at most.

  • On conlanging, Akachenti has now been proven to have had palatalization. And I thought for sure the -a:sh and -a:ch constructions were related, they should have been, but now I’m really not sure. Semantically, it’s obvious and accentually definitely obvious, but phonologically they don’t actually seem to be. Gotta play with it some more, but between the mess of related copular stuff, the -i freestanding adjectival sentence construction, and all the agentive affix constructions, there’s been some serious language change relationships going on here.

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early this morning, I thought of you

you by my side when the sky was blue

you at my back when the clouds are grey

never without me walking away


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