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I live. I've been a combination of out sick and out modding and thoroughly buried in other things. But I'm alive, I'm okay, and sorry for lurking, y'all.

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Yesterday and today were insane. I'm going to finish my letter tomorrow.


Jan. 11th, 2016 12:36 pm
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I've been gone writing. I'm still gone writing.

If you see kudos and no comment, I took a break and read your fic and LOVED it, but brain was too mushy to use words, thus the break.



Jul. 19th, 2015 12:38 pm
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So had to sleep after work yesterday and accidentally slept almost until noon. Catch up will be happening.
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Finished heroinebigbang in the nick of time. Literally. I had maybe an hour left. Honestly, I think it begins better than it ends and will run it through my beta before calling it publishable, but it's posted and I'm glad I wrote it, for all its imperfections.

Got sick this weekend and tried to do my reading for in_the_blue and Rabia Gale. No dice. Writing was worse. I'm curled up sniffly and miserable with tissues and water.

Everything I owe everyone will just have to wait.


Did Work

Apr. 28th, 2015 01:54 pm
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I ficced, I commented, I posted, and now I'm exhausted and I'm still inventing new angles to try to tackle this [ profile] heroinebigbang draft that will not be written.

If you don't hear from me until the 30th, know that I'm working on this story.

:shakes head at Cate:
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  1. Finish fic for [ profile] rarelywritten

  2. Finish fic for [ profile] heroinebigbang

  3. Finish fic post-beta for [ profile] shipswap

  4. Clean the house and/or finish articles for ministry website and/or business plan


This is what happens when you get laid up.
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So my Do Now folder in my email is down to 9 read messages. I've finished a beta, replied, read, commented, and did not reply where train gone. Sorry for the time out sick. Still hopping at work but no more overtime all the time.

I won't be signing up for the WIP Big Bang though I really wanted to because I have officially hit overextended and cannot extend more if I know what's good for me. I'm just tired enough right now to enforce that.

Still not doing hot in the throat department (or energy) but I can force myself to function and I can think enough to start creating again. I'm a little behind on that, but there are plans.

So that's the update. Hope you all are doing fabulous. :blows kisses:
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Out sick. Sorry and see you tomorrow. Maybe.
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  1. I realized I'm still out of habit of posting to my regular blog. Oops.

  2. I'm a third of the way through my beta and trying not to panic because waaaaay down to the wire on my exchange fic.

  3. My two jobs have gone crazy hectic and I'm exhausted because of overtime.

  4. Nevertheless, accidentally wrote a poem today:

Walk gently into the woods
Don’t startle the deer
Their antlers are green and growing—
Pointed, sharp
Be careful under the trees
Don't startle the birds
With their talons and black feathers
And bright eyes

Come with me by the path
That wends its way
Through thickets, thorny hedges
Over the stream
Be careful over the bridge
It has been years
Since boots that walked here once
Now walk again

See you all (and talk to you all and reply to your comments and messages and agh! I'm so behind) soon I hope.
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Not feeling well. Lots to do and none of it getting done for my 6 hours to make up for work or anything else so far. Will try. Behind on emails and comments and writing due to this not feeling well thing.

See you all soon. I promise.
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It lives. It's functional. I have to virus scan my files and then in a perfect world I could get right on my original fiction work I'd been putting off.

Small problem. I have a offline personal life deadline of finishing certain household stuff by end of this weekend, with all the usual major stuff I do.

Most other activities have been put on hold, including most writing and some sleep.

See you all on the flip side.
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Well, in a word, busy. Playing catch-up. Working, reading, writing, editing (thanks again, [ profile] in_the_blue!), submitting, etc.

Honestly, I'm still on the fence with what I'm going to do with my WIP fanfics and how I want to publish my original fiction. Submitting is great, but it locks up my stories for a long time. Some I'd rather just collect and publish independently, but at the same time, if the periodicals did buy them, I'd get a whole lot better cash flow.


Read some great stuff today: to all mutual friends of [ profile] lithiumlaughter, hie thee over and read her original short story; it's amazing.

Also, sending hugs and blessings to those on my f-list I haven't said anything to recently (that whole where in the world have I been bit): [ profile] trovia, [ profile] stormkpr, [ profile] xenokattz, [ profile] mwffj, [ profile] whipsy, [ profile] ashmanda, [ profile] alexmonalisa, [ profile] lilacsigil, [ profile] pygmymuse, [ profile] rogue437, etc. Have fun and be blessed!

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I've been sick. More sick than I've ever been but once in my life. I'm probably going to be dropping most, if not all, of fandom creating for a few weeks while I try to yank my life back into some sort of order. Not much writing. Today, I'm curled up with potato soup, internet reads, and an ex-employer phone call hanging over my head.

Read "Models" by Kris Rusch
Haunting, tragic, and yet such an important message too

Am catching up on Starwalker
Love this feisty little ship!
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1. I got a haircut. I asked the hairdresser to make it like the cut in my icon, but a little longer and without bangs. Love it.

2. Learned that I'm allergic to whatever the hairdresser used to straighten my hair. In the future, will take along my own product or ask her to pick another one and go lighter.

3. Took a break yesterday from writing.

4. Will try and update my little pieces floating everywhere today.

5. Thank you, everyone, for my little bits of happy. :hugs:

I Live!

Oct. 20th, 2011 10:22 am
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1. I'm on the pretty list for [ profile] femgenficathon! Though I admit I probably won't sign up for it again.

2. I got another review reminding me that, of all my fics, Son o' de Guild is the best, and I really ought to continue it. Promise to self: I will.

3. I've got enough work to do today to fill a week.

4. If I'm a bad girl, I'll probably squeeze fandom in anyway.

5. 52: Full Deck is finally drafted! This is a story of 52 words for the meaning of each card in a deck, and I've been working on it for far too long. It's off to beta with heavenmetal.

6. I really do need to get started on my Roswell/X-Men Movieverse crossover.

7. I decided that if a nice good fic exchange comes up that's still taking fandom signups, I want a crossover of the Secret Garden and Little Princess movies with Colin/Sarah and Mary/Dickon, grown up of course.

8. More about what face I want to give my readers. I'm reading up as I plot my launch of Liana Mir.

9. By the way, I am now totally in love with nori wraps.
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"Let Us Reason Together" [1, 2] | Charles/Emma
"Dorm Daddy Driver's Ed" | Logan
"To Be Wild" [1, 2] | Raven
"By Any Other Name" | Hank/Raven

I just suddenly had RL get really, really busy.
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Driving by the journal to say, I intend to reemerge online until I have completed

1) One of my two big betas. You know who you are.


2) One of my gift or challenge fics.

Wish me luck!


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