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And the scribbler emerges from household deadlines. Living with family means they will only put up with your not having actually finished moving in for so long. In their favor, they had put up with it for 10 months. It was past time for me to finish the process.

So on a personal note, I love my room, my bathroom, and my work area. Now, to keep it that way. Historically, that has been the biggest issue.


I have to catch up on Jane the Virgin before they kill the episodes. Sadly, I waited three weeks to watch to get over the pairing I'm extremely not in favor of, and they killed the latest episodes instead of the earliest. Not too happy with Hulu about that. But they have three weeks of the latest episodes as of today, so I'll just say I missed those middle three and catch up because seriously, I want to know what happens and Rafael's really the only guy I have no use for. (Why, I don't know. I just don't, okay?)

I loved the winter finale of Nashville. I was thrilled to see a new episode. It threatens to be drama, including in my one happy spot of Avery/Juliette. I'm not ready for this.

I got the links to start Strike Back, season 2. Soon. The docket calleth.

I've been guilty pleasuring an episode here and there of Voyager, but I'm only about 7 episodes in, so no marathoning. Life is busy. I do love this show. I remember why Kes was my favorite character when I was younger, and I adore the Doctor and his name and first away mission. I definitely didn't see that particular episode before.


I have the third piece for [ profile] purimgifts left to do. My highest fanfic priority is a fic for the Marvel Poly Microbang (due on the 14th). And I have my assignments for [ profile] beyondpanels and [ profile] space_swap. Very exciting. Canon review will be in order for the latter. I'll probably hit the former first.

I discovered I really, really, really don't buy the idea that Natasha and Clint don't know about Coulson being alive. The Avengers probably don't, but two active SHIELD agents at their level of clearance? It's possible, but what do you know, I can't make myself believe it.

I also still don't buy that Clint was 'missing' during The Winter Soldier. I think he was in a different location, sure, doing his thing, or even don't mind the unfilmed scene (due to Renner's schedule) as potential headcanon, but I just don't think his absence needs explaining. SHIELD is big. He and Natasha are obviously not always assigned together.

And last little thought from my MCU meditations. It occurred to me why Black Widows are ballerinas. If you watch their fighting style (and you know how hard it is to actually break a neck), you realize it's built around feminine strength and abnormally strong legs. The best way to weaponize one's legs is ballet. A mugger once sued over injuries sustained from a ballerina simply kicking him once to incapacitate him. Ballerinas have incredible leg strength. Besides a cover, ballet would be extremely valuable training for a Widow.

And that's today's edition of randomosity. Hope everyone else is doing well!
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  • I updated the links at the top of my LiveJournal account to reflect my regular website and my profiles on, Archive of our Own, Amazon, and Twitter.

  • I finished putting together a rough draft of When the Clock Chimes, a fiction and poetry collection.

  • I'm kneedeep in my challenge fic that I should be done with. :headdesk: Think good thoughts for me please! ETA: Finally done! Yay!

To Do

Apr. 24th, 2012 10:13 am
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  • Beta ariesque's chapter before she gives up hope.

  • Wrangle a decent next chapter of Safe out of my muse.

  • Scribble a Four + Amar fic.

  • Finish Awake ficlet: "Coping Mechanisms."

  • Schedule drive test. :crosses fingers:

  • Write worldbuilding post on my tumblr. — Then again, maybe not.

  • Sign up for 100 posts for worldbuilding?

  • Write worldbuilding post for Rabia Gale.

  • Create Awake squee post. (This has subpoints.)

  • Update the MCAH wiki with today's meta.

  • Add in ficlet session stories to compilations.

  • Design cover for In This Wood.

  • Finish compilations.

  • Work on [ profile] trovia's sports story.

This is not in any particular order.
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Not much going out anywhere, but that's primarily because I'm working today.

• Reading In the Family by [ profile] pygmymuse
• Reading The Chase by [ profile] rogue437
• Adapting most of The Domestics into original fiction in the Alliance universe
• Tracking down citations for my Primary Sources

See you all soon!
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  • 3 holiday fics to do. Apologies to those who are waiting.

  • Work

  • Finances

  • Phone calls

  • Clean the house

  • Type up/analyze scribbles of the last few days

  • Beta for [ profile] rogue437


Tomorrow, maybe?

I Live!

Oct. 20th, 2011 10:22 am
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1. I'm on the pretty list for [ profile] femgenficathon! Though I admit I probably won't sign up for it again.

2. I got another review reminding me that, of all my fics, Son o' de Guild is the best, and I really ought to continue it. Promise to self: I will.

3. I've got enough work to do today to fill a week.

4. If I'm a bad girl, I'll probably squeeze fandom in anyway.

5. 52: Full Deck is finally drafted! This is a story of 52 words for the meaning of each card in a deck, and I've been working on it for far too long. It's off to beta with heavenmetal.

6. I really do need to get started on my Roswell/X-Men Movieverse crossover.

7. I decided that if a nice good fic exchange comes up that's still taking fandom signups, I want a crossover of the Secret Garden and Little Princess movies with Colin/Sarah and Mary/Dickon, grown up of course.

8. More about what face I want to give my readers. I'm reading up as I plot my launch of Liana Mir.

9. By the way, I am now totally in love with nori wraps.
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So it isn't perfect, but it's started, my original fic site for the Liana Mir pen name (image is link):

:claps hands excitedly: It'll get there.
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Could I come up with a blander title?

I Write Therefore...

• So about 730 words into A Deadly Woman and with a much stronger idea of where to go. Thanks for getting your piece out the door, [ profile] xenokattz. Inspired me to sit down and have a talk with the muse.

• Also, seeking beta. I'm writing some original fic that I don't want to submit to Sunlight Books—doesn't really fit their line and does fit more of the kinds of stories I write for fandom. I'm hoping for someone that can help me turn dreck into the kind of quality I know I can produce. In short, there's a difference between fanfic and original fiction and right now, this stuff is reading more like fanfic, 'cept I'm the only one who knows the 'verse. So, yeah. Any takers or recs?

Now, back off to the RL work grind.
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I love therefore...
• I'm a sucker for beautiful worldbuilding and this has made me wish once again I was an artist so I could make Vardin as beautiful as I envision it: The Morae River by Brynn Metheney.

I read therefore...
Eight Against Reality | Panverse Publishing
So this is one I won from the lovely Juliette Wade, whose story opens this collection. Eight SFF short stories. Overall: well worth the buy.

"The Eminence's Match" by Juliette Wade was fabulously written and well nuanced. My only gripe is I wanted more. It didn't feel finished to me, but ah well. It was awesome anyway.

I normally like Aliette de Bodard and everything she writes. I hated this story of hers—"The Lonely Heart," I think—and actually cut it out of my book so I'd never have to see it again.

This was followed by a squid scripty/story thing. It was gross. It didn't merit my scissors—yet, anyway—but I won't reread it. Ever.

Now, "Man's Best Enemy" by Janice Hardy was an awesome little adventure story with a lot of heart and big, nasty dogs. I doubt they'll ever redomesticate these guys.

"Kip Running" by Genevieve Williams disappointed. The action was great, the idea was great, the goal and lack of achieving it was a letdown. The story didn't mean anything, unless it was, "Don't live in a fantasy world."

"Spoiling Veena" by Keyan Bowes Veena was certainly spoiled, but it was portrayed as all working out okay. I was uninspired and did not really like it. Kids are not meant to always have their way.

"Dancing by Numbers" by Dario Ciriello was a bit odd with multiple universes through one dancer finding her center of focus, but it reminded me of some of L'Engle's best work and I admit, I enjoyed it. Not sure if it'll become a reread for me, but it was definitely nice for a one-off.

"Love, Blood, and Octli" by T.L. Morganfield was exactly what I would have expected from Aliette de Bodard, a god with two opposing natures and the humans battling for power or goodness. I loved this story.
Best of the batch: "The Eminence's Match," "Man's Best Enemy," and "Love, Blood, and Octli." I give it an 8 out of 10.

I write therefore...
• Complete: Giftfic for [ profile] ineedmyfics. So excited. Weighed in at 1110 words all said, and I finally figured out the names of these two characters (mentioned once each in a 500 pg book!). And it's good too!

• My regular fiction pen name has been suffering lately. I need to get 2-3 items written for the week and am coming up brain-dry. Somebody, please prompt me.

I hope therefore...
• I want to find a good artist for Vardin. But... I am currently on the poor side. So, hm. I'm trying to think if there's anyone I know that would be willing to illustrate for free to start and we put a tip jar out for their art. Of course, first I got to finish some more stories.

• This post is an exercise in patience. My goal is to only post one major post with all the brain litter I've collected throughout the day. (Note to self: don't count on it, but try anyway.)

I think therefore...
• I think I'm going to let [ profile] ficspam die by way of neglect. It never did for me what I was hoping, and it's gorgeous, but I like [ profile] 15_minute_draft better. Eventually, I want to get all my websites up better, instead of just trying to move the whole lot of madness onto LJ.

• I don't think I like AO3. I've tried it again and again, and it's a pain to upload on, it's a pain to browse on, and it's a pain to use. Plus, nobody there knows me, and I don't feel like transferring 70 fics to a place that doesn't really seem to have much use for me. I won't pull it down, but I think I will let my AO3 account die by way of neglect.

• I've noticed Calindria and Vardin are quite similar in tone. However, I still want to keep the work separate 'cause there is such a different focus. Haven't figured out yet if the different pen name is enough on that front.

• Patience is a virtue—that I am still acquiring.

I am.
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Driving by the journal to say, I intend to reemerge online until I have completed

1) One of my two big betas. You know who you are.


2) One of my gift or challenge fics.

Wish me luck!
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For all the comments, reviews, posts, owed fics, and wonderfulness, etc. that happened while my LJ was dead and buried that I won't be able to get to right away. In the middle of a major RL push. Ugh. :hugs:

Here's your icon, love!

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My To-Be-Read List

1. The Ante | [ profile] luciademedici

2. Figments of Illusion | [ profile] pygmymuse

3. The Monster in My Garden Shed | [ profile] pygmymuse

5. Election Day | [ profile] stormkpr

6. Original Fic Teaser | [ profile] pygmymuse

7. Branded | wolverine6claws

My To-Be-Drabbled List for [ profile] 100wordstories
Not to be confused with the to-be-written list, which is huge

1. first encounter | second chance
2. only human
3. family
4. waiting
5. another way

My [ profile] femgenficathon Idiocy
Never let it be said the scribbler exercises writerly restraint

28) We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them. -- Abigail Adams (1744-1818), second First Lady of the United States.

Now I've just got to reread the rules. Hmm... When is that due?
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Down to 4 LJ messages and 203 email messages! Yay!

(see prev. monstrous figures to understand why this is good)

I do still have a list to do that I culled from said inboxes, but it's smaller as well.
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:pokes head above the drowning ocean that my life has become:


Sorry, been out of pocket, y'all. Really, really, really busy just now. Got the urgent emails and have added to to-do list. That includes you, pygmy. Have skimmed through a bunch of the stuff in my LJ inbox. That includes you, ladielazarus. Love. Will not get much out until a bit later, but I assure you, will have something to show for my absence. :grins:

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We've actually created a usable, working .epub of "The Bird Caller." :stares shocked at the screen:

Oh my, oh my, oh my...

:blinks: :book fails to disappear:

It's ridiculously short, but it's an actual ebook.

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So I've been doing this original fiction thing for about a month now and decided to scribble down what I've learned (so I'll remember the lessons when it's time to use them):

  1. Patience is a virtue.

  2. It's better to do it right than do it fast.

  3. That doesn't mean don't write fast.

  4. Love your editor. She'll save you from embarrassment.

  5. Do not be afraid to dump pieces on paper and then later reorganize and rewrite all the pieces.

  6. Drabbles are lovely—except when they're not.

  7. Research is not writing unless you type while you research. Type.

  8. Take notes directly into your story. Edit them out as needed.

  9. The subconscious mind and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit are smarter than you are. The pieces do have a way to come together.

  10. Trust the process.

  11. Don't whine. It takes time away from writing. :glares at self:

  12. Never start writing on lunch break unless you want to skip lunch.

  13. Keep the joy. It shows in what you write.

  14. Wikipedia is a girl's best friend, but use it to find search terms, not to do all your research.

  15. Whatever you write, do it for love.

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It's [ profile] luciademedici's birthday, and I can't think of even a drabble to write for her.

I owe 64 review replies on stories.

I haven't written any original fiction today and I should have written like 10,000 words.

On a positive note, I did catch up on most of my reading (and not reviewing, more guilt) on both FF and LJ. And I did manage to get Semagic reconfigured for this account (but not Dreamwidth or my alter ego, more guilties).


A Good Year

Jan. 2nd, 2011 09:00 am
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It's a new year. Odd that. I feel a bit new myself even though, technically, nothing's really changed. Yet.

But here goes:

1. I've finished the revision of my original fiction novel (juvenile, it's short).
2. I've plans to begin publishing heaps of original fiction this new year.
3. I'm leaving Wellpoint this week. Wednesday I'm a free woman. :still in shock:
4. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for the second half of the month's bills.
5. I'm getting ready to hit a medical transcription course like my life depended upon it.
6. I've finished writing Moments, so that'll get posted, but I foresee a major drop in fanfiction activities.
7. I've also finally figured out what I didn't like about Remy's chapters in Whisper, and I'm so grateful to moviemom for pointing it out to me on accident.

Life is good. I've never been one for new year's resolutions, but I feel so much potential. This is going to be a good year.
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Any why you don't have as many as I was originally hoping.

Something about the sheer idiocy of plotting an update push, NaNoWriMo (fanfic words do NOT count), AND a novel revision for the same month. :headdesk: I'm glad y'all love me, 'cause I'm beginning to growl at myself for having suggested such a thing.

In short, I'm busy today. But not on updates. Nope. On the novel revision. It's the primary priority, so everything else gets short shrift. Very, very sorry.


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