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I made sure I scheduled them before I moved so they wouldn’t be interruptedĀ by the move, but it doesn’t seem like anyone’s getting much use out of them right now. Should I keep posting them?

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aka, I was sick and in denial about it so tried to work anyway, which was a flat failure.

I tried to read and failed spectacularly.

I did manage to open nominations and answer a couple questions on Multifandom Drabble, but with 2 exceptions, all the fandom tags were canonical, so it’s not like that was hard.

I ended up watching a couple movies and some TV episodes on Hulu after I finally gave up on being a productive human being. Honestly, I’m still pretty sick. :headdesk:

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am.

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And I pretty much hate trying to use DW in its free state because lots of reasons (and what's with LJ cutting off some of my icons when I've kept them paid for either?), and while I like Imzy, no one's moved over there and while I used to like Tumblr, they've made it less usable and also, it's hard to just use anymore because they made the regular site run so slow and painful and I'm not usually working on an app.


I have no idea where I'm going to set up shop or if I'm just going to fix up my WP again (or start a new one) and do that.
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So family intervention deemed my pushing myself until January to catch up all my downtime and get Christmas presents done and generally not sleep a whole lot were detrimental for my health (they're actually probably right) and now I'm stuck sleeping through 3-4 formerly productive hours per day, which means the Christmas books may be late. I don't think I'll get them shipped and delivered by Christmas, despite my best efforts.

Much love and I'll keep working in the time available.
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And it's not bowing to my powers of ignoring it, so.

  1. I will continue to love you all and lurk 90% or more of the time.

  2. I will finish exchange fics on time.

  3. I will finish pinch modding the exchange that has reduced my nonwork life to almost nil. [ profile] fandomgrowth

  4. I will use whatever spare time I have to continue working on [ profile] trovia's birthday fic and One Good Storm

And that really is all. I just have no other room here.
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So part of my vanishing into the ether and being down to the wire and not getting projects done is in the middle of not feeling well and having the sciatic nerve announce its presence grandly (in case I forgot it was there, seriously) was that my work life blew up.

Which is to say, we have a huge project and I was a split asset and couldn't really afford to spend only half my time on it, so tried overtime in the middle of being sick and laid up with sciatica. Not fun.

I am no longer going to be a split asset in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm transitioning from half-content optimizer on one site to all IT software quality assurance (SQA) tester. With a raise. :grins:

Very, very happy.

On the writing front, I apparently now have a fairly tried and true method for writing a fic that will not be written. Find a song. Tracing Trouble is now coming along (and it sprawled!* :wails: ) because I accidentally found a song for it. This thing is huge and heartfelt and delves waaay deeper into Cate's psyche than I'd intended, though I always meant it to dig into how she thinks of and processes family, so fun that.

I'm also hipdeep in reading for [ profile] hiddencait and guys, she is such a good writer. I LOVE this story and whoever wasn't reading for her before obviously doesn't properly appreciate superhuman abilities fiction because this is awesome.


Back off to work. I really should be working and not fangirling today. :rolls eyes at self:

ETA: *Apparently I wrote 2025 words on my tablet yesterday just listening to song, then sketching out scenes and snippeting. Wow.
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I lost 2/3 month to downtime and am playing catch-up because of it. Those 2/3rds were originally allotted to finishing up One Good Storm and A Game for the Gods. Now, I have to write 3 bang fics this month if I don't plan to default (I don't):

Title: 128 Stage
Fandom: The Unusuals
Pairing: Beaumont/Walsh, Casey/Davis
Summary: Prostitute/Coffee Shop AU where Walsh offers Casey a cup of coffee and accidentally acquires a barista.

Title: [not sure yet]
Fandom: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Pairing: Jane/Will
Summary: They didn't mean to accidentally acquire a kid, and they certainly didn't mean to end up raising said kid together because they're just friends and everyone's getting the wrong idea.

Title: Tracing Trouble
Fandom: Original (Kingdoms and Thorn)
Pairing: Cate/Marc, Killinger/Hasheni
Summary: Catherine April isn't a military operative anymore. She's a member of the Special Unit, a law enforcement team dedicated to all cases in the city involving those with special abilities. But when a fledgling tracer tests his power over computer systems in the city, it hurts someone she loves and hits too close to home. She may not be an operative anymore, but she's still in the business, and she still knows how to own the game.

I don't know if I like these summaries, but it was required that I write them and the fics aren't done, so I couldn't cheat and pull an excerpt. (I'm good at that. :shakes head at self: )

And then I've got three books to read, which is not a hardship. As far as that goes, I can skip Jane the Virgin, Agents of SHIELD, and Nashville this next week and bank book time.

So that's what's up. I've got to do what I did to clear three weeks for those two original stories last time, get through the next round of deadlines in a hurry, and not let myself get thoroughly distracted by small prompts. Hope y'all's writing is just as fun! (and less hectic)
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  1. Finish fic for [ profile] rarelywritten

  2. Finish fic for [ profile] heroinebigbang

  3. Finish fic post-beta for [ profile] shipswap

  4. Clean the house and/or finish articles for ministry website and/or business plan


This is what happens when you get laid up.
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So my Do Now folder in my email is down to 9 read messages. I've finished a beta, replied, read, commented, and did not reply where train gone. Sorry for the time out sick. Still hopping at work but no more overtime all the time.

I won't be signing up for the WIP Big Bang though I really wanted to because I have officially hit overextended and cannot extend more if I know what's good for me. I'm just tired enough right now to enforce that.

Still not doing hot in the throat department (or energy) but I can force myself to function and I can think enough to start creating again. I'm a little behind on that, but there are plans.

So that's the update. Hope you all are doing fabulous. :blows kisses:


Mar. 18th, 2015 12:10 pm
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Despite my best efforts, writing is not a thing my brain is doing today apparently. Probably has something to do with stuffing it with more SQA training on the job and going all super analytical instead of creative.

The stories are there at the back of my brain, can't even tell you how many, including a plot bunny that attacked this morning, but they aren't happening on paper. I'll try again tomorrow.

Tonight, I have a date with [ profile] enigma731 after I close out my evening chores to watch Agents of SHIELD and confab.
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So me and my muse aren't on what I'd call cooperative terms just now, but it did finally give me something for the poly fic. It's a start anyway. Considering I already had a sketch of this thing, it's kind of surprising how hard it's been fighting me.

Then again, I called Dowse and Bleed the story from inferno because even though I knew it inside and out, it fought me tooth and nail. That time the problem was the protagonist being so incredibly recalcitrant. This time, I think it's the subject matter. Or the fact that I tried to start from the beginning instead of the part actually pestering my brainspace. Hm.

And then I got a poem to open up [ profile] trovia's fic. Funny that. I got a poem to open the Open (pun not intended) and this whole thing wasn't supposed to have poetry, but it does, so there's that.

I signed up for the Once Upon a Fic exchange and the plot bunnies are hopping just from reading the letters. Popcorn muse much?

Then I got a cute little opening to a Bobbi/Clint ficlet, coffeeshop AU. I'll play with it after the polyfic's off my plate.

Hope everyone else's writing is going well. :hugs to y'all:
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So I don't plan everything, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Most of my creative work just happens between the nooks and crannies of my life. For example, this morning, I was thinking that I never write any song lyrics anymore and thought of Jemma and Fitz and next thing I know I have a song.

Siamese Hearts (lyrics) )
So I'd actually like to set this music and the whole gig too (I did record myself singing it :winces: ), but no time for that right now.

Then there's crossposting. I have my own website off of LJ where I was posting quite well and letting it crosspost here. But I generally don't post all my fandom stuff there and Yuletide hit. I have to rebuild the habit of putting content over there. Whoops. I'll get right on that. Next week. Maybe.

Yesterday, I also fired off a fic by accident. I need to have more of these accidents with fic that's actually on the docket. :headdesk:

Hope everyone's doing fairly well. :hugs and prayers and blessings to all of you:
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It lives. It's functional. I have to virus scan my files and then in a perfect world I could get right on my original fiction work I'd been putting off.

Small problem. I have a offline personal life deadline of finishing certain household stuff by end of this weekend, with all the usual major stuff I do.

Most other activities have been put on hold, including most writing and some sleep.

See you all on the flip side.
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I have finally convinced my baby computer that it should actually acknowledge the presence of other devices that are firmly and correctly attached and sometime close to midnight we got internet connectivity and virus protection. It's in process, but not done.
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  1. So I finally capitulated and got the Tumblr app, problem being it's missing a lot of the features I actually use when reblogging and it has the hardest time with the concept of take me to that one post only please. But I'm liking a lot of things again. I just wish it was easier to post and reblog, then I might actually have a blog again.

  2. Speaking of Tumblr, would anyone like me to crosspost fic links there? I've been terrible at crossposting, largely because I have about 250 fic (mostly comment fic, but not all) to crosspost to AO3 from LJ, probably 400 or so to crosspost from AO3/LJ to, and we won't discuss what never finished making it over from to AO3.

  3. I'll hit my computer this weekend. It's still not re-setup, but oh, well.

  4. On the health front, I'm feeling not as bad, but I'm really looking forward to feeling good.

  5. Agent Carter needs better ratings if it's going to get renewed, so I take back everything I said about don't get sucked in if you're writing fic for something else. Go watch it. It's amazing. All four episodes are packed full of possibilities, reveals, characterization, and action. Peggy is a force of nature. Howard is such a Stark. Secondary characters sparkle. The Black Widow program has a precursor like SHIELD has the SSR. It learned from what Agents of SHIELD did both wrong and right and is awesome. Please go watch if you haven't.

  6. Speaking of Agent Carter, I am so incorporating a certain blonde character into my Leverage/Avengers crossover. Parker just got herself a relative.

  7. I wrote yesterday but finished nothing.

  8. Today, I think I'm going to get that Agents of SHIELD fic out of my head so I can write other stuff more comfortably.

  9. I'm having the hardest time with one of my exchange assignments because we love the same movies and I enjoy writing for the favorite character, but our tastes have barely any overlap beyond fandom/character. I keep looking for another angle into fic for them and they specifically dislike any of the angles that actually make me want to write something. :headdesk:

  10. Speaking of exchanges, I have to make art for one. Gotta get the computer back up.

  11. And last but not least, I started rewatching Voyager and promptly added it to my [ profile] space_swap signup. Forgot how much I loved that show, or at least forgot I had a way to review it before I might need to write for it. I haven't started on [ profile] geckoholic's rec yet, but I tried Empire and disliked.

And that is your dose of random updates. :hugs and love to y'all: Anything you want to ramble about? 


Jan. 12th, 2015 12:03 pm
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I have three open sign ups and a trope bingo card claimed:

  1. [ profile] purimgifts

  2. [ profile] space_swap

  3. MCU Ladies Exchange

My computer hasn't made it into the shop due to financial/weather-related complications and I'm determined that tomorrow, it shall. Wish me blessings if you think of it.

[ profile] yuletide and [ profile] comment_fic have changed the way I think of fandom. I just wrote something for Luann (comics). Rarepair and rare fandoms pop up a lot more now.

I did get a day's worth of fills bookmarked for the latter comm, but crossposting was too tedious so I only got three of my own fills onto AO3. 195 to go. :headdesk:

After bouncing my fusion, I've scrapped what I've got and am trying again. I had a Yuletide fic that did this to me, but it came out all right in the end, so I'm hopeful.


Hope you all are doing well!
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My computer is heading into the shop tomorrow or the day after. Got to gather up the requisite peripherals and take it down there.

I'm head-banging on an Avengers/Ella Enchanted fusion due to logistical issues with the genders of the characters and how badly do I want to destroy certain points of either canon to get a result I like and my giftee will probably like. A kindly fellow Avengers writer agreed to bounce it back and forth this weekend and iron out the kinks.

I haven't forgotten the last December fic requests/questions for [ profile] in_the_blue, [ profile] lithiumlaughter, and [ profile] morbane. That's after the fusion.

I signed up for [ profile] space_swap because I read [ profile] hiddencait's letter and don't know what's good for me. At all. (Eh. The word count and assignment due [months out] is totally doable. I don't know why I think I'm crazy.)

I'm scrounging around on my work computer to see if I can find a decent backup of what I got going on my home computer (that's out of commission) for my remix/WIP project I'd originally intended to do between Yuletide and the end of my Christmas vacation. So far, no dice. The recipient said she's okay with me waiting until my computer's back from the shop, but I feel guilty. :hangs head:

[ profile] trovia's belated birthday present got rolled into a previously owed story and is going to be epically longer and more involved than I'd originally planned. Nevertheless, methinks she'll like it. [ profile] in_the_blue may be less thrilled when said epic lands on her inbox doorstep for a beta, but that's at least a couple weeks away. At least.

After all that, I'd like to get back to normal and update things like "Call Me Phil" and "Son o' de Guild" and get back to writing more original fic. I've started writing poetry daily again and will try to start squeezing in original drabbles.

I'm way behind on bookmarking and crossposting for [ profile] comment_fic, but I did crosspost a handful today, so yay that.

Love you all! Hope 2015 has been lovely thus far!

Catch Up

Jan. 2nd, 2015 08:57 am
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Remember the tale of the spectacular computer crash?

Sometime this month, I intend to finish my last two December fics and [ profile] tigriswolf's Ella Enchanted AU (on today's docket) and a certain remix/WIP bang (collab). They all got put off in light of the spectacular, ill-timed crash + Yuletide (in the case of the first missed December fic).
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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series NaNoWriMo 2014

For health reasons, I'm dropping the NanoWrimo deadline for myself, though I still have various Christmas scribblings I intend to do and the book is still on my plate.

Lisea has surprised me. I keep trying to talk her out of where she just went, but she's going there with or without me, so I finally decided to just let her go and hang on for the ride. My girls are talking to me, and that excites me.

Additionally, I've finally gotten my first December fic figured out, if not written quite yet, and I have done some drabble treats for Yuletide. I'd like to triple the count I have, but we'll see. Assignments should come first. But I love drabbling and comment-ficcing or I wouldn't hang out at the LiveJournal Comment Fic Community so much, so... :shrugs: I'll always snuggle tiny fics between the cracks I think.

I will still track the November novel's numbers on Nano until end of November, just to see what happens.

Today, I have some reviews to catch up on and Lisea to follow. Happy writing!

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