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Remind me not to say goodbye

The wind will whisper with a sigh

For I shall blow upon your face

When you and I have left this place

When all the stars are dust and gone

We’ve swept across the final dawn

At last to be the dust of stars

I’ll still know you, e’en that far

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All it takes to make us burn

Is one bright spark we didn’t earn

One hot glance and one white night

An ember born ‘fore morning light

For this prompt: Promptly Lyrical #012

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Joy is when we say hello

We breathe the air another breathes

We wrap our arms, for as we go

We are one in everything

Happiness is the way we walk

The road together where’er it leads

We laugh at night, by day we talk

And always care for the other’s needs

Friendship is how we live our lives

We’ve known each other since we were small

Complementary as cream and chives

And love each other best of all

true (poem)

Jun. 5th, 2017 04:16 pm
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today is quite a lovely day

in the most significant way

the way that means I spoke to you

and knew again our friendship true


May. 9th, 2017 09:01 pm
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Rather than do something productive and useful with today’s break time, I worked on documenting the teams in Kingdoms and Thorn here: Which is especially interesting because it’s just a high level anyway. It’s not all the actual stories and relationships, just stuff to help me remember who’s who at a glance. Most of which I already know off the top of my head pretty much always. :sigh:

That said, I did actually write a snippet of fic that’s been bouncing in my head for two days. It just doesn’t belong to anything I’ve been trying to finish or the two longer stories also bouncing in my head with the same characters.

If they didn’t arrive three at a time, I might get fiction written faster, you know. :headdesk:

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Ice Queen made it out injured, but it wasn’t injury keeping her awake.

On the other other side of the bedroom, Wolf breathed steadily, as though she slept, as though today weighed nothing.

Ice Queen rolled over and stared at the wall, into flames crackling beneath the cries of her mare, village burning because her raiders invaded and she couldn’t break cover.

She shuddered, scrambled abruptly out of bed, and crawled in beside Wolf, who blinked groggily but didn’t stop her.

It felt better to be held snugly, as though she were still innocent, unaware of what she could do.


May. 4th, 2017 05:45 pm
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Just wrote 341 words of a mini-scene from when Skylight got the name on her first real mission. Not bad.

I worry no one’s going to care about this story but me when it’s finally done. Because apparently, that’s now a thing I worry about. :headdesk:

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I feel the light,

burning in the distance—

It’s the light of a thousand fires,

the light of a hundred candles,

the light of a thousand souls

burning in a hundred hearts

(Can’t you feel the light,

not only in the distance?)—

but also in my heart.

seed (poem)

May. 3rd, 2017 02:59 pm
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there’s beauty in the silences

that swirl ’round my room

that enter into distances

that flirt with the monsoon

there’s something deep inside of me

the eye, a growing storm

I keep it close, this light you see

to spark me bright and warm

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months pass; leaves fall

little children grow so tall

footprints damp in rampant piles

colors bright for just a while

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early this morning, I thought of you

you by my side when the sky was blue

you at my back when the clouds are grey

never without me walking away

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Croon to me a love song

Soon into my heart and

Save me very tenderly

Brave my heart tonight

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“Would you do it differently? Any of it, knowing everything we do now.”

Arc turned her head slightly, still not quite looking at Ice Queen, fingers delicately not quite holding the jar of tea in her hand.

Ice Queen didn’t really look over either, didn’t break her staring contest with whatever new nightmares had lodged in her memories from today. They were still girls, children to an unwitting observer. They were weapons and there were so many things to regret.

“If the consequences were the same,” Ice Queen finally said, softly, the tip of her mouth tightening in disgust, “no.”

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it’s water under the bridge

just water

you can tell me over and over again

it’s just water

and I’ll cry my tears

and I’ll drown your pride

and in the end, stand by your side

it’s just water


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