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and shall cease lurking in the near or immediate future. In the meantime, I love you all and sorry I've been out of it.
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I need to relearn how to write a proper full-length short story. That is all.
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I have this story I'm working on, called Collateral Damage, which is basically about Shift and the Database when the Database's ability finally is hitting terminal. And major spoiler: she's not going to die, and I've got to keep her alive. Oh, joy.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to write pretty much none of it from either of their perspectives because the whole point is the collateral damage rather than the primary damage.

Just a driveby writerly mulling note for the day.
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You know exactly what you want to write, you have the right mindset and could drop in the scene just the way you want to get good words out of it.

And it's not G-rated and you're at work. :headdesk:

I want...

Sep. 14th, 2016 04:10 pm
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I want to go home and sleep. I shall go home and work.

That is all.


Aug. 15th, 2016 12:25 pm
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There's a new platform afoot and I set up shop over there:

My personal comm is messy and extremely incomplete, but if you want to check it out, you can request an invite through the link and I'll get you approved asap. The site is in beta, and if you ask for an invite from the general queue, they say it'll take a while.
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Yesterday and today were insane. I'm going to finish my letter tomorrow.

I live!

Nov. 23rd, 2015 04:49 pm
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  1. I've been a little on the too busy side, what with Christmas presents and work and generally catching up post-sciatica. But I'm busy! I'm writing! I'm doing an encouragement read! I live!

  2. I'm trying a new little thing called Habitica. We'll see whether it helps me get things done or not, but it's worth a shot.

  3. I get the day before and after Thanksgiving off of work and I'm going to learn how to make biscuits on Wednesday from my grandmother. Excited and very nervous.

  4. Wow. Inventorying my material has made me aware of how MUCH fiction I still want to pursue and wouldn't have time to get through if I was devoted to it nonstop. The ideas just keep churning, don't they?

  5. I hope all of you are well. Sorry for any lurking. I love every single one of you and am now getting back on the general being with it pony.

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I just want to stop hurting. I need to work.
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So in the process of trying to write a treat for [ profile] findthesea, I wrote fic. They just weren't quite right, not for the letter I'm writing toward. Nevertheless, for those who have not yet, have some 'will I ever be able to write good Walsh and Beaumont in the right voice!?' fic.

About Time (218 words) by WriteItSmall
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Unusuals
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Allison Beaumont/Jason Walsh
Characters: Jason Walsh, Allison Beaumont
Additional Tags: Ficlet, Friends to Lovers, finally get together, Romantic Fluff

Allison finally gets Walsh's attention.

Here's to Things That Make You Feel Good (862 words) by scribblemyname
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Unusuals
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Allison Beaumont/Jason Walsh
Characters: Allison Beaumont, Jason Walsh
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Consensual Sex, Romance, Experimentation, Light Bondage, Closet Sex

Jason made her feel good, feel like a woman instead of just a cop under the uniform.

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Okay, obstinate. Some people are like, I WILL do this thing. I'm like, I WON'T do this thing, and in this case, it's I will not be defeated by an inanimate object story, so this fic can just kiss not being written goodbye.

So far, I've seen improvement in this morning's writing session. :pleased smile:

Now, I just have to eventually actually finish my FGE letter. I think I'm halfway through the "whole shebang" sections, which yeah, I know now why some people who are smart don't go overboard on bucket requests. Oh well.

August Fic

Sep. 14th, 2015 08:40 am
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August 2015 (about 15.5K)

  1. Plan H (The Tactical Result Remix) (MCU, Maria + Clint + Natasha): AO3

  2. In Your Eyes (MCU, Clint/Wanda): AO3

  3. The Queen, In Exile (MCU/Narnia, Susan/Bucky): AO3

  4. Because. Reasons. (Hawkeye, Clint +/ Kate): AO3

  5. Drabble — The Acceptable Cost (of Home) (Shokugeki no Souma, Ryou +/ Alice): AO3

  6. Kin (Escape to Witch Mountain, Nellie + Tony + Tia): AO3

  7. The Room (Bad Blood/MCU, Catastrophe | Yelena Belova + Ensemble): AO3

  8. This is the Job (MI4, Jane Carter): AO3

  9. Drabble — Low, Rough (MCU, Clint/Natasha): AO3

  10. we'll take this way too far (Original - Kingdoms and Thorn, Shift): LJ

  11. go tell the world that I'm still alive (Original - Kingdoms and Thorn, Rett + Kalien): LJ

  12. scale the walls around my heart (Original - Kingdoms and Thorn, Justus/Rachelle): LJ

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One cup of tea was clearly insufficient. Must drink more.
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  1. I have officially tried big bangs. They don't work very well for me, at least not on the front of stress, fic that's high enough quality for what I like to produce, or anything close to satisfying original fiction. The more research required, the worse off I am. I have one successful fic from a big bang, and that's Transition, the tropeyiest MI4 fic to probably ever trope (friends in denial to lovers, baby acquisition, kidfic, with animal transformations). The original fic suffered badly from lack of time to push through the plotty actiony bits (you know, the stuff I suck at writing), and the other fic didn't even happen. :laughs sorrowfully:

  2. That said, due to big bangs being very much not. my. thing., I am not going to attempt NanoWrimo this year, and that's that.

  3. That said, I've been doing poorly at getting back on the original fiction pony, and [ profile] trovia's and thecatisacritic's gift fics have suffered as a result. My confidence went by way of sandusky with aforementioned failed original fic big bang fic and so I've been trying pretty desperately to get it back. A few snippets and a start on a fic off to the incomparably wonderful [ profile] in_the_blue have helped, but I wouldn't call myself out of the woods yet. So sorry, you two. I am the worst of friends when it comes to giving fic. Honestly, I'm soooo blessed you all love me anyway.

  4. Speaking of which, I swear all that fic I've promised you, [ profile] geckoholic, is eventually coming. I even have snippets!

  5. And all that said, I'm thinking if I'm smart, I'll hit my bingos and my orginal fiction in the open period between wrapping the exchanges I have and Yuletide.

  6. But there's that fic for [ profile] findthesea I've been headbanging on... And treats! And all that Rogue/Remy fic I still haven't gotten back to this year. And all that original fic.

So that's the random update on the crazy overextended plate that is my perennial lot. Love you all and hope you are wiser than I. :hugs: 
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(but somehow my brain didn't get the memo)

En brief, I had a lot of issues with Tracing Trouble after I got the fic done enough to post for heroinebigbang and as the art never showed up despite promises, I'm about ready to yank the thing, which I'm not happy with anyway. Somehow working on this very late rare pair treat got me thinking and I apparently realized I needed to see Cate and Killinger meeting to get Tracing Trouble to come together correctly.

Thus, words. 1487 words and counting. Oops.

“Catherine April,” Killinger named her coolly.

The face of the Rebellion, the woman who had stood at the front of treaty negotiations to lock the Thorn Republic out of half of their own territory.

She flicked an eyebrow and corrected to, “Cate.”

Her gaze flickered over the entire office quickly with an efficiency familiar to Killinger from when she had once audited military installations and programs for the Thorn Republic.

Cate tilted her head slightly, the calculation becoming clear in her expression. “Ilsa Killinger, registered situational empath, founder of the Special Unit, approved by treaty law for law enforcement against special type humans, married. Correct?”

Killinger studied this young woman for a long moment. For all the impression of professional adult she gave, it struck her that Cate was likely not twenty years old. “Are you trying to intimidate me?” she asked, unruffled by the exchange.

Cate shrugged, indifference clear. “You are not a woman easily intimidated.” She settled into a chair and leaned back, expression shifting again, flickering to a matter-of-fact practicality that was decidedly less irritating. “I am joining your unit because our people did not reach our quota for remaining in the business,” she said bluntly. “You were expecting a volunteer, but we have none available willing to do the dirty work you’re going to need. I know the law inside and out.” Having been instrumentally in drafting and negotiating it, that was doubtless true. “It will be easier for both of us if you know where we stand.”
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I have FORTY-SEVEN prompts stashed on my docket!?

Some are even in progress. :headdesk:
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...that I know exactly what I want to write and have stories clamoring about inside my brain, including this stubborn treat for Rare Pair Fest, and they absolutely will. not. be. written?

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Pinch modding and sudden not feeling well along with cray hectic work issues conspiring to make me slower at everything, including beta I owe certain people who know who you are. I read it, I loved it, just can't make myself edit or finish writing my FGE letter in what few minutes I have to do it. I've been stealing almost all the time I have and I'm behind on chores, Sabbath prep, and just about almost everything.

Posted a couple fics I'd been sitting on. Makes it look like I've been goofing off this whole time, but I swear I have not.

Hope y'all are having a more peaceful time than I and apologies for anyone I'm keeping waiting.
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My brain is failing to cooperate.

I have two in progress and nothing to show for it.


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