August Fic

Sep. 14th, 2015 08:40 am
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August 2015 (about 15.5K)

  1. Plan H (The Tactical Result Remix) (MCU, Maria + Clint + Natasha): AO3

  2. In Your Eyes (MCU, Clint/Wanda): AO3

  3. The Queen, In Exile (MCU/Narnia, Susan/Bucky): AO3

  4. Because. Reasons. (Hawkeye, Clint +/ Kate): AO3

  5. Drabble — The Acceptable Cost (of Home) (Shokugeki no Souma, Ryou +/ Alice): AO3

  6. Kin (Escape to Witch Mountain, Nellie + Tony + Tia): AO3

  7. The Room (Bad Blood/MCU, Catastrophe | Yelena Belova + Ensemble): AO3

  8. This is the Job (MI4, Jane Carter): AO3

  9. Drabble — Low, Rough (MCU, Clint/Natasha): AO3

  10. we'll take this way too far (Original - Kingdoms and Thorn, Shift): LJ

  11. go tell the world that I'm still alive (Original - Kingdoms and Thorn, Rett + Kalien): LJ

  12. scale the walls around my heart (Original - Kingdoms and Thorn, Justus/Rachelle): LJ

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June 2015 (about 58K)

  1. Drabble: Fraternity (The Unusuals, Walsh & Casey): AO3

  2. Drabble: Mission Success (MI4, Jane/Brandt): AO3

  3. Drabble: This is Not a Request (616, Kate/Clint): AO3

  4. Drabble: A Time to Embrace (Divergent Movieverse, Tris/Four): AO3

  5. Drabble: About a Girl (Good Will Hunting, Skylar/Will): AO3

  6. The Changeling (Blank Space, Taylor/Sean): AO3

  7. Shining in the Corners (MCU, Maria/Bucky): LJ | AO3

  8. Slow Dance (MCU, Bobbi/Hunter): LJ

  9. Upon Questioning the Sanity of a Certain Archer (MCU, Clint/Laura + Natasha): LJ

  10. Drabble: Still Beautiful (MCU, Clint/Laura): LJ | AO3

  11. My Job (MCU, Clint/Wanda): AO3

  12. Drabble: Denial (MCU, Clint/Wanda + Natasha): AO3

  13. Tracing Trouble (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Cate/Marc): AO3

  14. Fever (Tortall, Daine/Numair): AO3

  15. One for Hope, for Peace, and for Joy (Andromeda, Trance/Harper): AO3

  16. Look Who Came to Dinner (MCU, Phil + Clint + Natasha): LJ

  17. Exception (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Shift/Kilter): LJ

  18. 15-Word Prompt Meme (multifandom, 8 fills): LJ

  19. Drabble: Own (the Sword) (Tortall, Alex/Alanna): LJ

  20. Make Me Forget (MCU, Skye/Tripp): AO3

  21. That One Child (MCU, Andrew/May): AO3

  22. The Apocalypse (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Cate + Dreamer): LJ

  23. Must Bring Flowers (MCU, Maria/Steve + Clint/Natasha): AO3

  24. Drabble: The Worldship Hungry (Andromeda, Tyr): AO3

  25. Drabble: Mother, Monster (MCU, Jiaying + Skye): AO3

  26. Drabble: The Last Day and Hour of the Infamous Convertible (MCU, Bobbi/Hunter): AO3

  27. Drabble: The Things We Should Not Be (Andromeda, Trance + Harper): AO3

  28. Drabble: Domestic Maintenance (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ | AO3

  29. Drabble: Hide the Bruises (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ | AO3

  30. Drabble: A Time to Refrain (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ | AO3

  31. Drabble: Changeling (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ

  32. Drabble: Origins (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ

  33. Drift (MCU, Jemma/Bucky): AO3

  34. Reading Volumes (MCU, Clint/Natasha): AO3

  35. The Fine Art of Compromise (MCU, Steve/Maria + Pepper/Tony): AO3

  36. Alternate Definitions of the Word 'Family' (MCU, Clint/Laura): AO3

  37. A Factual Account of the Important Details of Eustace Scrubb's First Visit to Narnia (Narnia, Eustace + Jill): AO3

  38. Like That (Living Legend Remixed) (X-Men Movieverse, Bobby/Rogue + Logan): AO3

  39. Stay (By the Wayside) (MCU, Jemma/Bucky): AO3

  40. The Way to be a Good Neighbor (MCU, Steve/Maria + Pepper/Tony): AO3

  41. Transition, (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Carter/Brandt): AO3

  42. World's Worst Road Trip (MCU, Hunter/Bobbi): AO3

  43. Remember the Name (MCU, Steve/Maria): AO3

  44. All Tied Up (Marvel 616, Clint + Kate): AO3

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A/N: Written for the au apocalypse square on my Trope Bingo Card.

Summary: No one should walk through Dreamer's dreams. Two in this what if world might make it real.

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Warnings: The usual for the 'verse - child abuse and exploitation, underage, violence and references to violence.

A/N: Written for the "secret child" square for my Trope Bingo card. Not quite as storyish as I was hoping and far more fanficcish, but ah well, it exists.

Summary: When she woke up nauseous and sick and went to fight and train anyway, when she stumbled off the mats to find a private corner with a trash can to lose all the food she hadn't eaten, when her body ached in strange places and she couldn't find a comfortable way to sleep—she hadn't known any better. She hadn't known she was pregnant, so she didn't tell Kilter.

Shift knew now. She still didn't tell him.

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So [ profile] geckoholic tagged me and I was already working on this, so here goes.

Pull seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP, then you're supposed to tag seven other writers.

Tracing Trouble

The mental pause had stretched and her brother was getting impatient. Cate...

Don't call me that, she snapped far more harshly than she had at Jarod, the backlash more stinging in a mind that had always been open to hers, her brother claimed even before they'd been taken and modified.

He wasn't Royce to her, wasn't Vision, and she wasn't and shouldn't be Cate to him. You're my brother.

It was a thing untouched by anything that had ever happened to them—from when they were ripped violently from their family and lost their birth names to when they claimed names born of who they were as team operatives. She could not call him by his birth name: Royce. That person wasn't hers. She could not call him by his name among the teams: Vision. That person belonged to his team, and she'd never been allowed to be that. Her brother belonged to her, and she'd never needed a name to fumble along their link and find him.

And tagging [ profile] in_the_blue, [ profile] hiddencait, [ profile] theladymore, [ profile] morbane, [ profile] trovia, and whoever else wants to do this. Most of the others I would think to tag have either been tagged or really write shorter stuff.

April Fic

May. 11th, 2015 03:58 pm
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April 2015 (about 8K)

  1. Reminisce (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Cate + Jason): Other

  2. Man, Wife, and Slinky Dress (Firefly, Wash/Zoe): AO3

  3. As Real Girls Do (MCU, Dottie + Peggy + Angie): AO3

  4. The Rule Where Falling Asleep Isn't Sleeping (616, Clint/Kate): AO3

  5. A Lucky-Eyed View (616, Lucky + Kate + Clint): LJ | AO3

  6. Date Night (MCU, Darcy/Steve): LJ

  7. Timing (Bourne Movies, Jason/Marie): LJ

  8. Dust to Dust (MCU, Clint/Darcy): LJ

  9. Hawkeye Speaking (616, Tony + Kate): LJ

  10. Safe Space (MCU, Clint +/Bucky): AO3

  11. Mend (Bourne Movies, Aaron/Marta): LJ | AO3

  12. My Bruises Are All Older Than You (616, Clint + Kate): LJ | AO3

  13. Legacy (or What's in Me is in You) (616, Clint + Kate): LJ | AO3

  14. Here Be Dragons (Bourne Movies, Aaron/Marta): LJ | AO3

  15. You and Me Both (MCU, Clint/Bobbi): LJ | AO3

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Prompted by this post at [ profile] 1_million_words

Breeze (Original, Felise)

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Laundry Day (X-Men Movieverse)

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One Color (X-Men Movieverse, Jean/Scott)

Read more... )

Prompts from this post on [ profile] 1_million_words:

Filling Spaces (616, Natasha + Liho)

Read more... )

Bubble Bath (616, Kate + Lucky)

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So in the final analysis, for completed fics, I wrote about 20K in February. The goal for the month was about 38K. Not bad.

  1. Recruitment (MCU, Bobbi + Clint): Not posted yet

  2. MCU Ladies Ficathon Treat: AO3

  3. The Truth Now (MCU, Bobbi/Lance): LJ

  4. Solidarity (MCU, Bobbi + Melinda + Skye): AO3

  5. Made and Meant (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ | AO3

  6. A Valentine's Day Win (MCU, Clint +/ Natasha): LJ | AO3

  7. Lost Bet (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ | AO3

  8. A Box of Valentine's Cheer (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ | AO3

  9. Clint's Hugs and What Natasha Finally Did With Them (MCU, Clint + Natasha): LJ | AO3

  10. Third Purim Gifts Fic: AO3

  11. MCU Ladies Ficathon Treat: AO3

  12. Untitled (Original: Splintered, Bridhë/Yaden): LJ

  13. A Light Would Pass (MCU, Clint/Natasha): AO3

  14. Catch My Breath (616, Clint/Kate/Barney): AO3

  15. Purim Gifts Pinch Hit: AO3

  16. Hobbies (MCU, Clint/Natasha/Bucky): LJ

  17. Cold Comfort (616, Clint + Barney): AO3

  18. Unearthly Green (MCU, Darcy/Steve): LJ

  19. MCU Ladies Ficathon Treat: AO3

Italicized pieces are commentfic and generally very short. Bolded pieces are for unrevealed challenges or collections and will be updated later. This does NOT include any WIP fic at all.

I may come back and talk about some of these in particular (okay, I probably will), but this will do for a brief summary. I'm tracking all completed fics for the year here.
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So I'm picking up prompts where I can from [ profile] 1_million_words and filling with original works. I have no idea whether this stands alone or not.

Untitled (Canon: Splintered, Rated: G) )
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From [ profile] likewinning:

Never Will I Ever meme: Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I may attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

Note: These can be any of my fandoms or original work.
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So I've been itching to do this, and I still can't figure out where my computer drivers made off to, so I have no especial reason to keep my brain ready for collab tonight because it's not going to happen.

I'm opening a ficlet o'clock for fandom or original fiction. Give me:

  1. a fandom or original storyworld

  2. a character or pairing

  3. a prompt

and I will give you 3+ sentences of fic and/or a summary of the 3K fic I probably don't have time to write.

My Fandoms | Original Fiction (though neither list is exhaustive)
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It's everywhere. Fine! I capitulate. :waves the white flag:

From everyone, literally everyone, the WIP meme. Three random sentences from three random WIPs:

A Game for the Gods for [ profile] trovia - Vardin

She reached up and gently, tenderly brushed the backs of her knuckles over the edge of his jaw in lieu of the kiss that would certainly wake him. At least one of them should sleep.

Tomorrow was the Open. If any vent-skimmer was actually going to die, it would probably be then.

Monsters and Daisychains - Agents of SHIELD

"What are you doing?"

Skye looks up sharply, then down, following Jemma's gaze to the string of flowers she's been steadily inking into a napkin. They're daisies, she realizes, and her hand clenches against the tabletop.

Falcon Whose Name is Death for [ profile] inkvoices - MCU

"By this Holy water and by your Precious Blood, wash away all our sins, O Lord," she murmurs reverently. Fire pours out of her wounds as she stares. She waits until flames leap from her fingertips then plunges her hands into the water and whispers the prayer again.

About Fic

Jan. 15th, 2015 03:28 pm
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  • Updated my finished ficlist with 2 pieces under 600 words each.

  • Wrote those because the fics that went great guns yesterday were grudging and intractable today.

  • Discovered some more of my seemingly endless WIPs, thankfully not partially posted.

  • Planned out a single line bingo, then wrote a different first Trope Bingo fic.

  • Eyed my original fiction production unhappily.

For all my new followers, here's a link to my original fiction (or most of the posted stuff anyway). There have been a few prompt posts and a ton of commentfic fills since.

If you want one of the three published books below (in PDF format), message me and I'll send you a copy, since they were posted for free at one point.

Gone Hunting

and other short stories of Vardin

Print | Kindle | Nook | PDF

John Henry saw a healer touch a dying child and the little girl walk away. Rhiannon de Alyón is a Vardin hunter with orders to ensure his silence. She failed to reckon the price she would have to pay to succeed.

A hunt gone wrong, a child’s uncontrollable power manifested, and a horror about to be unleashed. A young hunter, Pesheneh, must join her father and his team to rescue the child from capture and her nation’s secrets from being revealed.

Born in a land hidden and separated from the rest of Europe by the Barrier, Casal is caught between two sides of her heritage. Will she bind herself to the land as a Guardian—or do the dangerous work of the Hunters who cross the Barrier?

Three stories of hunters with fantastic powers and the Barrier between two worlds.

Dowse and Bleed

A Novelette of Kingdoms and Thorn

Print | Kindle | Nook | PDF

Rachelle Winslow was once known as the Database, one of the most powerful special human operatives in the military, able to read and process genetic material on contact. Now she has her own problems and trying to stay out of the business tops the list.

Then a professional informant vanishes from his city apartment, leaving shattered windows, blood on the carpet, and a frantic message that he knows who's coming after him-a special. It's just one more case, even if it could end up killing her.

Songs from the Dust



O sweet blue coffee cups and sweet brown tea
A storm is brewing up over the sea

Thirty-three poems chronicle stories of myth, wonder, relationships, and love. From the dancer of binary to the queen of heaven, these are songs born from dust, ash, and the ending—and beginning—of worlds.

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I've got a handful of stories that are on the table right now:

  • belated Yuletide gifts (1 or 2 will do, she's not picky)
  • the collaboration (she's patient, which is good because I'm deep in revision/formatting wonderland)
  • Splintered Gates (which is my learning how to write on a tablet book)
  • Collateral Damage (the follow-up to Dowse and Bleed)

I've had an 4100+ word opening to Collateral Damage from before that phrase appeared in Dowse and Bleed, but I didn't know which direction to turn after that because it starts out from the perspective of Andre and Shift instead of a direct head-on with Rachelle. Which meant I hadn't the foggiest idea whose story it was and why. I only knew what was going on: the crisis.

Today, I went for the dubious option of just pick one. Here's the snippet:

Breathe. This was not supposed to happen now, not so soon, and not like this.

It was an effort to breathe, to shift gears from the world as Rachelle had always known it. Cycling was survival. She had to move the flood of genetic entries through her vascular system and into archive as soon as possible, or the backup would overwhelm her veins, which could only handle so much. But this day had been coming a long time, and it hit her hard when she incorporated one more entry into her own permanent genetic makeup and then felt that harsh inability to breathe that it was the archive out of space.

Don't cycle. Don't cycle. Back up, spin the paddles, find a shield and stop her own genetic flow. How can you deny your very bones?

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 52 of 52 in the series 365 Challenge

So characters have habits, ways they interact with certain people and situations, things they do and like to do, stories and histories together. I've known a lot of my characters' for a long time but getting them all into fic is interesting, particularly for the ones I don't know that for.

I've got about five novelettes I want to turn out plus a short story, created out of the 5 Things Meme and then the whole Pieter/Ashen dynamic that originally played in my head before I even wrote that first Ashen drabble (and it is awesome to me, but got sidelined drastically with a deluge of other prompts), but, but, but...

I'm on day 265 of my challenge and story count 157 and I'm still plying angles and there's all those little things above that I'm itching to nibble at. Want to help a girl out?

Particularly of interest to me are things like where does Wesley work (not sure actually), and then relationship things that I haven't gotten to like how Justus always recognizes Shift regardless of her current form or demeanor, friendships, sibling relationships, Ilsa and her husband, etc.

Calling for prompts, as promised:

  1. character(s) and/or canon/fandom
  2. random word, quote, or other prompt

Oh, and I'll try to keep it short and fluffy or sweet. Try is the operative word. :grins:

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Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 48 of 51 in the series 365 Challenge

Let's take the third first. Overhauling the story from inferno, aka "Dowse and Bleed," left me feeling drained and exhausted, but it's out to beta and may she not find any more structural issues that need addressing. For that matter, may I not!

On angst: I write a lot of it. I know that. I've been buried it in lately and I feel a desperate need for something light, fluffy, and humorous, so on to point two:

Anyway I need something light and fluffy to clear out some headspace. Anyone want to give me

  1. A character or couple
  2. A random word or object

And I will write you a drabble: 100 words. No more. That'll keep my headspace break from getting out of hand. :grins:

Completed Drabbles

Seven Days

Kingdoms and Thorn

Kingdoms and Thorn/Fire and Water Crossover Fanfic

X-Men Movieverse

X-Men Evoverse

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 46 of 46 in the series 365 Challenge

85/365: A Pairing of Convenience

Rogue has an offer that Gambit’s not so sure he ought to take.

X-Men Movieverse Fanfic
425 words

86/365: When the Coffee Does Not Work, Drink More Tea

When the coffee doesn't work, drink more tea. / If you don't drink coffee, then drink more tea.

Lyric Poem
8 lines

87–88/365: Snow Day

Ashen wondered briefly if perhaps he was no regular-type human as Pieter had professed but if he were instead a naturally gifted with the ability to charm half-asleep girlfriends who did not wish to be awake.

Science Fiction Romance Short Story
1991 words

89/365: Five Reasons I Love You

There are five reasons I love you / (And none of them are the ones you want to hear)

Science Fiction Romance Poem
86 lines

90–91/365: Acceptable Cost

Some things are worth it.

Alaine Shaever is a healer by nature, and she’s studying to become a medic by trade. It’s her first emergency call out in the field. Nobody ever told her it’d be like this.

Science Fiction Short Story
1761 words

92/365: Without a Reason

It’s one thing to not understand Rachelle’s messed up team relationships; it’s another to ask whether she loves a man she’s never even considered loving.

Science Fiction Flash Fiction Short Story
901 words

93–94/365: Its Own Absolution

Shift’s team was brutal. They had to be. Storm’s team was bloody. They were a strike team. They had to be. Storm had a conscience. Shift didn’t. The only thing they all have in common is the will to survive.

Science Fiction Short Story
2208 words

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 44 of 44 in the series 365 Challenge

So I've been scribbling away on the Comment Fic LiveJournal Community, and while they welcome original fiction, I've mostly scribbled fanfic. This is the first original piece I wrote over there. I'll put up the other 2 (make that 3) fanfic pieces later.

Little Things

Canon: Kingdoms and Thorn
Characters: Justus, and Brittany Rachelle Winslow, the Database
Pairings: Justus/Rachelle
Prompt: "You look good in my shirt."

This one’s for you, thecatisacritic. :grins:

Justus never expected to see Rachelle wearing his shirt. He also didn’t expect his reaction to seeing it.


Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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Yesterday, I actually got a lot of various scenes written. Now just to get the books and stories pulled together, huh? :rolls eyes at self:

Lovemark the Seasons

I wanted to love you because that's what you wanted, but... "I don't really do in love."

Words don't always make sense, and your stormy eyes told me these ones hadn't.

Exasperated, I sighed and tried again. "I love my brother, but I'm not in love with him."

"Yes..." You still weren't getting it.

"I can love you without falling in love with you." Moments ticked between us. Wrestling angels of understanding, and I knew I wasn't helping, but. "You're not my brother."

Everything is Blood

Russian snow—she still had to snap Niko out of the Red Room in his mind whenever they worked on Russian snow—outside on the ground and more of it falling from a stone-grey sky. Her leg was propped up on a chair, her crossbow completing her arm at one side. The other hand filled out paperwork. She'd been hunting this trail for weeks now. This wasn't a simple job, put an arrow in an enemy or a terrorist and stop the bad guy in his or her tracks. She preferred the simple jobs. You're just a girl with a bow. This wasn't what she'd signed up for.

Mother and daughter traveling on the train, in cars, over the national borders, seeking asylum, refuge, what? It didn't matter. One of them was Collie's target and the only complication was which.

The Rothnen Cycle: Blood

"Thinking on what might have beens?" Kyrieh asked gently.

Casaia shrugged, brought the analytical gleam back into her eye. "Not really. Renaiven and I could never have been."

Kyrieh's eyebrows came up and Casaia realized her friend had never know the exact relationship that hadn't occurred.


No team is family as a group. One bond leads to another and to another. This one would do anything for that one and the links form a chain which eventually circles the entire Department. Whisper called Shift called Thought called Vision called name after name and operative after operative with the word that now was the time they had all been waiting for from forever ago when they were children and swore one day this would be over.  Tracers moved into computer files their admins had never known they hacked. Voluntary teams turned involuntary and used every. single. privilege, every single access point into the systems designed to control these living weapons. Trip wires and triggers promised certain retribution should certain things be done. Law books were opened, loopholes exploited, implants deactivated or interfered with in whatever fashion wouldn't kill the one who wore them.

This was the biggest mission of the teams' collective lives. They hadn't been taught how to fail.

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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Not all stories ask permission nicely to impinge upon my inspiration. No, they barge in and take over! We're at 2000+ words and counting.

Have a snippet:


He is just coming out of the conference room and glances down at her before they fall into step on the way to their team area in the underground military facility. They don't speak until they're on home turf, out of the way where it's safe, and Storm discharges enough electrical energy into the security system to kill any tracking or monitoring.

Whisper shows him the file. Code 48. The Department's way of cutting its losses and abandoning a compromised operative to their own fate.

Storm's jaw clenches. Alpha Wolf doesn't deserve this. "You know what you're asking?" he demands of her. Countering direct Department orders always results in punishment, and Storm has always deliberately made sure he took the heat for all of them. It is the way of the third ranking, which Storm now occupies. He has always had the temperament for it.

But Whisper shifts her head slightly to one side in a negative, bigger picture in mind than what he's implying. "Storm," she says softly, sotto voice, and his eyes darken as he listens. "I'm not asking."

Compromised operatives do not have family. They were stolen as children and have never been a liability for their knowledge, only the physical evidence of genetic manipulation and government illegal activities their bodies represent. Human weapons. Red Wolf, her lover whom she calls Alpha, has a family. He knows everything there is to know about too much classified information.

"I lost the Christian," she whispers.

The first man she had ever loved died while infiltrating a terrorist cell. Storm held her through that storm, anchored her grief after she had wiped out every person related to the Christian's death. He hears what she has not said outright. They're going to kill him.

She didn't ask Storm before she took on an entire terrorist organization and became known as the first ranked assassin in the Department. She isn't asking now if they can save their leader.

"Do you know what you're saying?" Storm raises his eyebrows, incredulous, because he does. This will require more than just defying orders and intercepting the kill team. They can't just extract him. They have to keep him alive and either out of the reach of the Department and their handlers or of his family who is now rushing to his side.

Whisper nods. "Shift owes me."

They're going to have to burn the Department to the ground.

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.


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