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It's been a while and that's largely because I really hate this new version of my favorite graphics software, but I'm stuck with it, so here's starting on figuring it out so when I get back into book cover making, it's not awful.

Total Icon Count: 12


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It's official. I pretty much hate the new version of Corel Photopaint I had to use instead of my old one. It doesn't understand the simple concept of create object from mask and save as JPG instead of export. These two things alone are enough to make it hard to work with. Well, I'll figure it out and on my 80% back up to speed efforts (okay, more like 70%), have some Bobbi.

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So I recently did four icon challenges and had a lot of leftover icons. Here they are!

001 - 024 Take the Lead
025 - 034 Charles/Emma
035 - 037 Erik and Kitty
038 - 045 Erik/Raven
046 - 050 Rogue

Total Icon Count: 50


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For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.
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• So successfully participated in three icon challenges.

[ profile] pairing20in20: Raven/Erik
[ profile] femme20in20: Rogue
[ profile] film20in20: Take the Lead
I have a bunch of extra icons from the making of them, so I'll try and post those... Eventually.

• Updated a bunch of LJ fiction and a little fiction/crossposting.

Dorm Daddy Driver's Ed for [ profile] lithiumlaughter
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for
Some people really did need to learn how to drive.

Pedestal: Chapter 29
Betting touch wasn't supposed to be addictive. Romy drabbles

Iterations of Trust for [ profile] 100wordstories
Trust must grow organically. You can't force it. Five drabbles.
LJ Prompt Order Post or Reordered for

Deadly for [ profile] in_the_blue
Own your own power. Stand-alone drabble: 100 words.
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for

Made of Flame for [ profile] arliddian
She made him what he was, then let him go. Kyro
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for

Empty Spaces for [ profile] trovia
Winter is not cold. Logan/Storm
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for
• Edited/Consolidated

The Domestics 0a: The Way to a Girl's Heart
Charles always did know the way to a girl's heart. Spans pre-XMFC to post-X3. [Charles + Raven siblings, St. John/Kitty, Charles/Emma, slight Charles/Moira] | Formerly The Way to a Girl's Heart, Chocolate for a Lady, and Yes (last not integrated quite yet)

The Domestics 3: Family Matters
"Since ya hadn't noticed, swamp rat, Ah'm pregnant, tahred, and tryin' ta sleep at three o'clock in the mornin!" Rogue and Gambit's adventure of going from two to three. Four-shot. | Formerly An Innocent Misunderstanding, Kiss and Make Up, One Out of Three, and Family Matters

Snippets from a world that hates and fears them. A series of drabbles and very short one-shots. [Charles, Erik, Raven, Jubilee, Kitty/Pyro] | Formerly All Things to All People, Humanity of the Cured, Fighting Dystopia, and Refuge.
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For [ profile] film20in20. Use freely. Credit nice, but not required.

Total Icon Count: 20


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So my total icon count is at Whispers, and I'm starting to have to really break down the tables to keep things functional.

Here goes:

Original = 46
Misc/Crossover = 6
Mandie Movieverse = 22
Razor Sharp = 15
Roswell = 41
The Secret Garden (1993 Movie) = 8
Take the Lead = 20
X-Men Comicverse = 87
X-Men 919 - Fandom Universe = 3
X-Men Evoverse = 25
X-Men Movieverse
Pentapus = 7
X-General = 5
X-Girls = 220
X-Groups, Pairings, Etc. = 151
X-Guys = 61


:headdesk: This is where my time goes when I procrastinate.

Rogue Icons

Oct. 7th, 2011 09:17 am
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For [ profile] femme20in20. Credit nice but not required. Use freely.

despair hope loneliness mute play
power pride rewind volume weakness

category #1 category #2 category #3 category #4 category #5

artist's choice #1 artist's choice #2 artist's choice #3 artist's choice #4 artist's choice #5
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Raven/Erik icons for [ profile] pairing20in20:

far away

cat #1
cat #2
cat #3
cat #4
cat #5

artist's choice #1
artist's choice #2
artist's choice #3
artist's choice #4
artist's choice #5

For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.
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Very busy behind the scenes, promise. In the meantime, icons!

Use freely. Credit is nice, but not required.

001 - 027 Original
028 - 030 Razor Sharp
031 (Rogue) X-Men: Evolution
032 - 047 X-Men Movieverse

Total Icon Count: 47


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However, this is my procrastination: more icon experimentation and signing back up for the next [ profile] pairing20in20. (I hereby conclude I need therapy.)

Use freely. Credit as you like.

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For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.
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More experimenting. Use as you like. Credit if you like.

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For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.
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Trying some new styles. In reverse filename order, 'cause Photobucket's wonky today. :growls under breath: Use freely. Credit nice, but not required.

Total Icon Count: 104


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So I've completed part 1 of Darkholme & Xavier. The last page seems a wee melodramatic, but it does fit in with the overall story arc. I'm thinking about 4 issues, if I can wrap it up that fast. (hope springs eternal) Anybody want to help?

This is my first comic. I'm just not willing to ship it unbeta'ed.
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That is how I felt today when I come back from lunchtime munchables and found my poor baby internet had died ignobly, given up the ghost, and taken most of my work for the afternoon with it.


Well, it's back and higher speed than we've had before with a new router that's not supposed to die at random intervals. Yay!

In the meantime, what have we done with ourselves? (Yes, I know. I use the royal 'we.' This is a trait that can be annoying but not easily discarded.)


1. We made a handful of our [ profile] pairing20in20 icons. The whole set is due by the 3rd, but Emma/Charles is quite interesting to pull off.

2. We completed the front and back cover and three and a half pages of the comic, Darkholme & Xavier, Vol. 1, "The Baby and the Bath Water."

3. Before the internet died, we reformatted and calameo'd about 7 fics.

4. We're working on our website and will soon have a lovely network of the LJ, original fiction WP, grammar whore WP, writing LJ, and FF. Soon is relative.

5. Did RL work. Some. It's tough to do when most of it is supposed to be done online.

6. Read "Conflict of Interests" by [ profile] lithiumlaughter. If you haven't read it yet, hie thee over and get yourself an eyeful. This is awesome.

:hugs to all:
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Somebody's rant and then comment made me want to do a comic using caps of movies/actors/etc. for a little mutant soap opera: Baby Makes Three.

Summary: Raven's in big trouble when she tells her brother Charles the truth—he's about to be an uncle, and he decides to wreak vengeance on her boyfriend. The problem: her boyfriend isn't the father.

One panel done. I am officially nuts.
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Next project: pairing 20in20 icons for Emma/Charles. Whatever possessed me?

It took a while, but I finally got the kiss one to come together. Had to swipe from another movie and manip. And now I got to figure out which one I like best (leaning toward 01) and get on to the next grand challenge. (shipping noncanon is a pain for icon-making, but I wanted a challenge, and so I have one)



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I love therefore...
• I'm a sucker for beautiful worldbuilding and this has made me wish once again I was an artist so I could make Vardin as beautiful as I envision it: The Morae River by Brynn Metheney.

I read therefore...
Eight Against Reality | Panverse Publishing
So this is one I won from the lovely Juliette Wade, whose story opens this collection. Eight SFF short stories. Overall: well worth the buy.

"The Eminence's Match" by Juliette Wade was fabulously written and well nuanced. My only gripe is I wanted more. It didn't feel finished to me, but ah well. It was awesome anyway.

I normally like Aliette de Bodard and everything she writes. I hated this story of hers—"The Lonely Heart," I think—and actually cut it out of my book so I'd never have to see it again.

This was followed by a squid scripty/story thing. It was gross. It didn't merit my scissors—yet, anyway—but I won't reread it. Ever.

Now, "Man's Best Enemy" by Janice Hardy was an awesome little adventure story with a lot of heart and big, nasty dogs. I doubt they'll ever redomesticate these guys.

"Kip Running" by Genevieve Williams disappointed. The action was great, the idea was great, the goal and lack of achieving it was a letdown. The story didn't mean anything, unless it was, "Don't live in a fantasy world."

"Spoiling Veena" by Keyan Bowes Veena was certainly spoiled, but it was portrayed as all working out okay. I was uninspired and did not really like it. Kids are not meant to always have their way.

"Dancing by Numbers" by Dario Ciriello was a bit odd with multiple universes through one dancer finding her center of focus, but it reminded me of some of L'Engle's best work and I admit, I enjoyed it. Not sure if it'll become a reread for me, but it was definitely nice for a one-off.

"Love, Blood, and Octli" by T.L. Morganfield was exactly what I would have expected from Aliette de Bodard, a god with two opposing natures and the humans battling for power or goodness. I loved this story.
Best of the batch: "The Eminence's Match," "Man's Best Enemy," and "Love, Blood, and Octli." I give it an 8 out of 10.

I write therefore...
• Complete: Giftfic for [ profile] ineedmyfics. So excited. Weighed in at 1110 words all said, and I finally figured out the names of these two characters (mentioned once each in a 500 pg book!). And it's good too!

• My regular fiction pen name has been suffering lately. I need to get 2-3 items written for the week and am coming up brain-dry. Somebody, please prompt me.

I hope therefore...
• I want to find a good artist for Vardin. But... I am currently on the poor side. So, hm. I'm trying to think if there's anyone I know that would be willing to illustrate for free to start and we put a tip jar out for their art. Of course, first I got to finish some more stories.

• This post is an exercise in patience. My goal is to only post one major post with all the brain litter I've collected throughout the day. (Note to self: don't count on it, but try anyway.)

I think therefore...
• I think I'm going to let [ profile] ficspam die by way of neglect. It never did for me what I was hoping, and it's gorgeous, but I like [ profile] 15_minute_draft better. Eventually, I want to get all my websites up better, instead of just trying to move the whole lot of madness onto LJ.

• I don't think I like AO3. I've tried it again and again, and it's a pain to upload on, it's a pain to browse on, and it's a pain to use. Plus, nobody there knows me, and I don't feel like transferring 70 fics to a place that doesn't really seem to have much use for me. I won't pull it down, but I think I will let my AO3 account die by way of neglect.

• I've noticed Calindria and Vardin are quite similar in tone. However, I still want to keep the work separate 'cause there is such a different focus. Haven't figured out yet if the different pen name is enough on that front.

• Patience is a virtue—that I am still acquiring.

I am.
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For [ profile] lithiumlaughter,

1. lithium coffee

2. back slowly away from the coffee...

Some stylized, etc. Since most people seem to prefer them, I thought I'd give some a go. I've got heaps more of 'em to do, but this is me getting my feet wet on random caps and pics.

1. X-Men Movieverse: Phoenix

2. X-Men Movieverse: Hank and Raven

3. X-Men Movieverse: Rogue and Bobby

4. Roswell

For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.


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