May. 30th, 2012 11:34 am
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I'm seriously considering signing up for [ profile] marvel_bang, which I shouldn't, since I've never finished a fandom bang and probably shouldn't. It does not put food on the table and I've got my hands full with Safe.

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Reaction Shots: Red

Fandom: Awake
Author's Note: for [ profile] lithiumlaughter
Title: The Bridge
Summary: Hannah didn't want to know. She was completely cut off from it, and it hurt too terribly much.

Hannah didn't really know what to believe. Maybe Michael really did somehow magically cross that barrier from one world into another where their son still lived.


She didn't want to know. She couldn't stand to know, because she was completely cut off from it, and it hurt too terribly much.

She wondered sometimes why Michael was so much stronger, but he was the one who got to hold Rex and tell him he loved him one last time. "You're the last part of Rex I have," she'd told him. If she was ever brave enough to use that bridge again.

Tell him I love him.

I will.

Title: Orphan
Summary: Emma didn't even have the benefit of the normal warning signs.

Emma didn't even have the benefit of the normal warning signs. She figured it out after she went more than two months without a period.

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh—

Outwardly, she was calm. That's how she was taught to be, and she saw no reason to change that now. She just had to tell her parents and think this through and write a letter of complaint to the manufacturer of her favored birth control.

—man. The man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with is dead. He's gone, and I'm—

She could do this. She could be strong and raise a child by herself. Mothers did it all the time, and so many of those kids turned out great. So many widows or divorcees who did just fine.


Emma laid her head on her hands and cried.

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Suitably Arrayed
Shadowcat | Pyro ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] arliddian
Finding the right attire for a date with Pyro is not as easy as it ought to be.

Rogue | Bobby ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] whipsy
Bobby was her husband. Her husband. She should want to see him, hold him in her arms again, hear his quiet laughter, see the love shining in his eyes.

10 Questions You'd Never Guess the Answer To
Olivier LeBeau ~ X-Men: Movieverse
Olivier's answers on a school assignment about his parents, Rogue and Gambit, are just a wee surprising.

"The Boys of Summers Have Gone"
Scott | Alex | Xavier ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] xenokattz
Can't kill a Summers. "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win."

In Search of the Perfect Cupcake
Pyro | Shadowcat ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] arliddian
St. John Allerdyce was certainly no cook, but even he knew the simple, innocent cupcake was a weapon of mass destruction of digestion and appetites in the hands of his petite, enthusiastic lady love.

Rogue | Gambit ~ X-Men: Evolution
for [ profile] whipsy
Logan shook his head. "If you two can't compromise, find some other way to meet in the middle before you tear each other apart."

Four/Tobias ~ Divergent Trilogy
We are trained to remember. We are trained to forget.

Pyro | Shadowcat ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] arliddian
Who ever thought we'd come to this? Shadowcat and Pyro find refuge in a post-Cure world.
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From [ profile] likeadeuce:

Give me one of my stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future (after the end of the story), or sometime in the past (before the story started), and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

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I'm getting back into fandom. After this post, wasn't sure this would really happen again. Today, I've finished and posted the next chapter of Without a Trace and gotten a small chunk into the next chapter of Whisper. What happened?

This happened. I fell in love with Awake, a new procedural in which the "procedural" is really not the point at all. Detective Michael Britten was in a car accident with his wife and son and split into two separate realities: one in which Hannah, his wife, is alive and another in which Rex, his son, is alive. The duel storylines are heartwrenching, especially as he is the only one who walks in both worlds. Amazing. Must-see. Highly recommend. I even asked to add the category (they did), just don't have anything to put up there yet.

I reread Blind Sight. I forgot how amazing this story is: it's the guilds and Operation Zero Tolerance and nuanced and rich and amazing, and it got Rogue and Remy whispering to my muse again.

I've kind of missed my fandom friends who aren't into original stuff and so it's nice to be back, but at the same time, I really can't afford to lose much time to it that I should be using on paying fiction.


Not sure how to make that dynamic work, but here goes to my fangirl. She's on the loose again.
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From [ profile] arliddian:
Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

1) What is a book that you will always carry in your heart?

Anne of Green Gables and the rest of the series. The first was my first book given to me as a Christmas present and I still love it and read it often. I quote Anne and Philippa and Rachel Lynde more often than I expect myself to, and these books represent most of the good, innocent stuff of my childhood.

2) If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what colour would you choose?

I do a lot of the one-color thing, and it always keeps changing on me. Now, I'm a little burned out on that and on a serious mixed-color kick. But if I could only pick one, I think I'd go with purple. Right now, anyway.

3) Think back to what you were like five years ago. How do you think you've grown and changed since then?

I'm a lot easier going when my life implodes—which it is currently doing. I try to avoid conflict more, but at the same time, I try to be less of a doormat. I'm more grateful.

4) What is your favourite movie from your childhood?

Tie: Hoosiers and The Secret Garden, hands down.

5) Who do you think has been the most positive influence on your life so far and why?

My grandmother, hands down. She was there when I was born, always made time to teach and love me; even when I was still suicidally depressed, I knew beyond doubt she loved me and was there for me. She's the one that taught me the things that kept me through that time and made me too thoughty to do something stupid like run away or actually commit suicide. She's the one that taught me socialization, "girl stuff" (I'm shocked at how little my mom taught me and the things I'm still learning), and how to get a good job and keep it. She's the one who taught me about God.

6) If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you go?

Hawaii. I've been wanting to go as long as I could remember. Mom was actually pregnant with me when she went, and I missed it! :growls: I'd so go there.

7) Writing is obviously your big passion. What keeps you inspired and motivated to work at it?

I can't stop the stories. My characters are almost always with me. I play with ideas of science, religion, culture, and they become worlds that eventually I want to share. Some worlds I'll never share. They are character and premise-building grounds. Some I think I will, but I won't. Some surprise me and take over my pen, and those are the ones we all get to actually meet.

If there is one thing I've always wanted to be and I still want just about more than anything else, it's to be a good writer and to make my living at it.

This is something I also struggle to balance against the "have no other gods before me" bit. Writing requires little motivation (just the appropriate inspiration on something that's had sufficient percolation to be written!), but that other one does.

From [ profile] in_the_blue

1. Tell me about your family.
I have one of those large, wonderful families where aunts, sister, and grandparents all live under the same roof and we love each other dearly—even when we squabble. I love to come home and come into "our vibes" whenever I've been out. We love God, spend time together, and work in a ministry together.

2. If money was no object, where on this planet of ours would you most like to live?
Colorado. Probably one of those nice rich houses in the forest communities.

3. Did you have a favorite pet growing up?
Our only pet: a guinea pig.

4. How do you define "spare time?" How do you spend it?
Spare time is time I don't have anything else I need to do in, or at least, it's not scheduled time and there are no burning fire emergencies I can actually do something about. I tend to spend it reading.

5. Who's your main literary inspiration?
Zenna Henderson who wrote the People stories and Ursula K. LeGuin. And now you know why I tend toward "literary" style at the most inopportune moments. :grins:

6. Do you have a most-visited non-writing website? If so, what is it?
Hmm... Probably my Yahoo Mail, sadly. I'm always drowning in emails. Thus, I miss a lot of what's going on with my f-list and rarely, if ever, catch up.

7. Where's the last place you went because you wanted to, not because you had to?
It's been too long. I don't even remember. :mournful sigh:
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Not much going out anywhere, but that's primarily because I'm working today.

• Reading In the Family by [ profile] pygmymuse
• Reading The Chase by [ profile] rogue437
• Adapting most of The Domestics into original fiction in the Alliance universe
• Tracking down citations for my Primary Sources

See you all soon!
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From [ profile] likeadeuce:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

A/N: Now, I'm sure you all realize that there is absolutely no way that I can or should list every. single. WIP. I got for some obvious reasons (sheer volume), but I'll do the first three sentences of the next chapters of WIPs in my Doc Manager.

Read more... )
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Well, in a word, busy. Playing catch-up. Working, reading, writing, editing (thanks again, [ profile] in_the_blue!), submitting, etc.

Honestly, I'm still on the fence with what I'm going to do with my WIP fanfics and how I want to publish my original fiction. Submitting is great, but it locks up my stories for a long time. Some I'd rather just collect and publish independently, but at the same time, if the periodicals did buy them, I'd get a whole lot better cash flow.


Read some great stuff today: to all mutual friends of [ profile] lithiumlaughter, hie thee over and read her original short story; it's amazing.

Also, sending hugs and blessings to those on my f-list I haven't said anything to recently (that whole where in the world have I been bit): [ profile] trovia, [ profile] stormkpr, [ profile] xenokattz, [ profile] mwffj, [ profile] whipsy, [ profile] ashmanda, [ profile] alexmonalisa, [ profile] lilacsigil, [ profile] pygmymuse, [ profile] rogue437, etc. Have fun and be blessed!

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Yep. I am. Daily Science Fiction is a professional market that pays a whopping 8 cents per word and tagged a PS on their form e-reject that said, "This one was an almost." I danced. I whooped. This was a barely edited draft that I can now see how to improve and on a whim, I sent it to the best-paying market for the story that seemed a good fit and they almost published it. Happy me.

On a fandom note, I got two gorgeous stocking stuffer fics:

By [ profile] in_the_blue, Erntedankfest
(The Uncanny X-Men, featuring Kurt Wagner & Kitty Pryde)

By [ profile] vialethe, Life Is Changing [one] and [two]
Pairings: Colin/Sara, Mary/Dickon, Mary/Colin (one-sided)
a/n: This prompt ran away with me in a big way! It's meant to be set a good ten years after both books, I'd think.

Also, accidentally defaulted on a beta chapter due to sickness, temp job woes, and aunt in the hospital, but hopefully this next week will be a wee less hectic, yeah? :sends prayerful thought heavenward:

On the other penname note, sold a copy of a Christmas short story I put online Friday. More dancing and jubilation. I'm just happy today. :grins:
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Wrote almost all of them this morning. I've got three more holiday fics to catch up, I think, and several outstanding ones for other folks I care about, in particular:

Its Hour Come Round at Last | Research needed...
for [info]in_the_blue

Let Us Reason Together | 3 out of ?
for [info]likeadeuce

Huge apologies for the delays.

Also, sorry for forgetting the cuts earlier. Didn't mean to crowd anybody's friends page.
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I'm still just not up to this y'all. Sorry.

December 7 - Divergent Trilogy, Al/Tris | gracie1998
Moved to: December 20

December 9 - X-Men First Class, Alex Summers & any (or all) of his brothers, Boys of Summer Have Gone | [ profile] xenokattz
Moved to: December 21

December 12 - X-Men, Emma + Angel, falls from tremendous heights | [ profile] electrumqueen
Moved to: December 22

December 13 - X-Men Movieverse, Erik, Because of What Used to Be | [ profile] in_the_blue
Moved to: December 23

December 16 - X-Men Movieverse, Rogue/Gambit, Right Here, Right Now | [ profile] whipsy
Moved to: December 26

December 19 - X-Men Movieverse, Charles/Emma, It Was Bound To Happen | [ profile] whipsy
Moved to: December 27

December 28 - X-Men Comicverse, Rogue/Gambit, Hearts in a Crossroad | ruroca57

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Dear Fandom Muse:

I love you dearly, and I love all the stories and ideas you've given me, and I always thought you liked me pretty well too. Right now, I'm not feeling the love.

You have given me absolutely nothing for all the fics I owe to folks, to say nothing of the Small Fandom Big Bang either. Please, please, please remember that I like these people and I like these fics, and I even more would like to write them.

Your scribbler
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I've made money. Not a lot, but $8.33 in royalties is sitting in my Smashwords account. Considering all my drabbles are free except where a retailer up-prices it, that's a wow for me. I did go opt out the free drabbles from B&N though. They are not appreciated there.

Edited: I stand corrected. I have TWO lovely reviews and a 5-star rating. Yay! I'm leaving "God is Beautiful" up on B&N and the rest of the drabbles down.
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Go figure. I guess it's all I'm up for. But I've been playing around in the sandboxes and I'm feeling like a traitor and felt like letting it off my chest.

To my lovely fics:

I do love you, oh fandom goodness! You taught me more about writing than my original fiction ever did (scary thought), but my interest is waning. Apparently, it takes characters as strong as Rogue and Gambit to hold my interest for long periods and I've been away from them for too long. I've been flirting with original fic and I think I'm going pretty steady now, but...

I have obligations. I promised not to leave my readers hanging forever (just indefinitely), and I've got too many fics I don't feel good about walking away from.

I know we've always agreed that writing is promiscuous and all that, but something's starting to get a little hard here in the juggling act.

To Vardin and the world of Summerlight:

I love you. You're ensemble and interesting and wonderful, and yet I'm not sure I know where you want to go and that scares me. I need something from you before I feel comfortable moving forward. I know we're both kind of new to this particular story, but we've been around the block over a dozen times before and afterward. Please show me the glue on this baby.

To the multitude of shorts begging me to write nonSummerlight Vardin:

Could you please, pretty please, be kind enough to wait your turn? Please?

To the Mirror:

Wow. You sort of showed up one day, threw every constant of my writing on its head and demanded satisfaction. Well, lovely little storyworld, you need to be patient and wait your turn like everybody else. No matter how many awesome stories and themes and characters you throw at me, no matter how many subplots and fascinating bits of worldbuilding possibility, I'm writing Vardin right now and I really need to focus.



Now that we have that off our chest...
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From [ profile] whipsy:


Comment with: a day, a fandom, a character/pairing, and a prompt that serves as a title (because we all know that this is the hardest part!) and I will write at least 300 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. You may also pick a WIP fic you want me to update. Any fandom/pairing that I am familiar with is fair game, but I do reserve the right to ask you to choose another prompt if you leave something I feel uncomfortable writing, or if it is a fandom I haven't been into in a while.

P.S. You can request more than one. I seriously doubt this thing will fill up. If no fandom stated, I will probably substitute original fiction or an X-'verse.Also, these will probably be more than 300 words. Y'all know how I roll.

Holiday Fic )
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I've been excited to see all the Nano folks on my f-list. Love you all. Well wishes. Hoping not to lurk so badly after this meeting is over. (It's tonight and we're hitting production on a movie. A movie!) No promises. I also don't want so much pressure on myself, so...

Track all exact word counts of newly written material. Throw up all as scribbles on this journal. Exclude meta. See what happens.

All will be untimed scribbles. There will be no discrimination provided to fandom or original work or pen name.

And I've got a new one! Pearl Wise. Story on sub. Think good thoughts.

Here goes!

Letter Time

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:02 pm
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Dear Muse:

Not copascetic (sp?). I have a fic due yesterday for [ profile] ladies_fest. Now is not the time to hit me over the head with a fantabulous angsty original romance short with a possible market of Strange Horizons. Got it?

the scribbler
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Then pray hard. I'm less than 3 hours from not being able to get this [ profile] ladies_fest fic out the door on time and I've got a last-second beta waiting for it.


I officially hate this prompt. It inspired me for that much and then left me hanging out to dry.


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