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Not much going out anywhere, but that's primarily because I'm working today.

• Reading In the Family by [ profile] pygmymuse
• Reading The Chase by [ profile] rogue437
• Adapting most of The Domestics into original fiction in the Alliance universe
• Tracking down citations for my Primary Sources

See you all soon!
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Well, in a word, busy. Playing catch-up. Working, reading, writing, editing (thanks again, [ profile] in_the_blue!), submitting, etc.

Honestly, I'm still on the fence with what I'm going to do with my WIP fanfics and how I want to publish my original fiction. Submitting is great, but it locks up my stories for a long time. Some I'd rather just collect and publish independently, but at the same time, if the periodicals did buy them, I'd get a whole lot better cash flow.


Read some great stuff today: to all mutual friends of [ profile] lithiumlaughter, hie thee over and read her original short story; it's amazing.

Also, sending hugs and blessings to those on my f-list I haven't said anything to recently (that whole where in the world have I been bit): [ profile] trovia, [ profile] stormkpr, [ profile] xenokattz, [ profile] mwffj, [ profile] whipsy, [ profile] ashmanda, [ profile] alexmonalisa, [ profile] lilacsigil, [ profile] pygmymuse, [ profile] rogue437, etc. Have fun and be blessed!

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Merry Christmas to all of you, my lovely f-list! I love you all and pray that God bless you all immensely.

As for the holiday fics, well, um... I like [ profile] xenokattz. Epiphany, anyone?

I'll do my level best to get some of these out sooner than that, but no promises. I do apologize. Much, much.

To Do

Dec. 21st, 2011 10:54 am
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  • Laundry

  • Dinner

  • Series Bible

  • Short Story Rewrite #1

  • Short Story Rewrite #2

  • Holiday fic for Dec. 20

  • Holiday fic for Dec. 21

Wish me luck!
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  • 3 holiday fics to do. Apologies to those who are waiting.

  • Work

  • Finances

  • Phone calls

  • Clean the house

  • Type up/analyze scribbles of the last few days

  • Beta for [ profile] rogue437


Tomorrow, maybe?
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Congrats, everybody who is working and making progress and writing and creating beautiful things I should be commenting on. I'm reading some (not much) and commenting little (less) because right now, my schedule is more jammed packed then you would believe.

I'll still be posting because I've got lots to do and I do a lot of it here and on my other websites, but even that may slow (or increase, who knows?).

If you want to see my current stats for submitting my writing, it will be on Liana Mir on the sidebar.

If you want to read what I'm scribbling, the only comprehensive updating location will be [ profile] 15_minute_draft, though stuff may show up here, at Liana, on my profile, or in comments (or nowhere else maybe).

Sorry, but hugs to you all! You are awesome!

I'll see you all in December!
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I've been excited to see all the Nano folks on my f-list. Love you all. Well wishes. Hoping not to lurk so badly after this meeting is over. (It's tonight and we're hitting production on a movie. A movie!) No promises. I also don't want so much pressure on myself, so...

Track all exact word counts of newly written material. Throw up all as scribbles on this journal. Exclude meta. See what happens.

All will be untimed scribbles. There will be no discrimination provided to fandom or original work or pen name.

And I've got a new one! Pearl Wise. Story on sub. Think good thoughts.

Here goes!
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Then pray hard. I'm less than 3 hours from not being able to get this [ profile] ladies_fest fic out the door on time and I've got a last-second beta waiting for it.


I officially hate this prompt. It inspired me for that much and then left me hanging out to dry.

Loose Ends

Oct. 10th, 2011 08:35 pm
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I'm writing, reading, planning, and will be posting a lot of stuff maybe end of the week. (I'm giving myself through Sunday.)

Anything you want to make sure I don't forget, feel free to comment. Also, I'm overhauling my icons to be more uniform in usage. I'm trying to decide whether to accept major default icon in previous posts by ignoring keywords or trying to work around those suckers. Any thoughts appreciated.

Welcome back, [ profile] in_the_blue! Have fun in New Orleans, [ profile] stormkpr! Thanks for all the great meming and reading, [ profile] arliddian and [ profile] likeadeuce. Blessings and prayers, [ profile] lithiumlaughter. See you all soon!
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Next project: pairing 20in20 icons for Emma/Charles. Whatever possessed me?

It took a while, but I finally got the kiss one to come together. Had to swipe from another movie and manip. And now I got to figure out which one I like best (leaning toward 01) and get on to the next grand challenge. (shipping noncanon is a pain for icon-making, but I wanted a challenge, and so I have one)



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I was known as a chatterbox. I go through spurts of that online. Anyone want me to stick to a limit on # of posts per day? I hate to alienate my f-list because I apparently sometimes live online.
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But seriously, I have my first, honest-to-goodness annoying protagonist!

I'm not sure if this is a good sign or a dreadful omen. :head on hands:
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Driving by the journal to say, I intend to reemerge online until I have completed

1) One of my two big betas. You know who you are.


2) One of my gift or challenge fics.

Wish me luck!
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For all the comments, reviews, posts, owed fics, and wonderfulness, etc. that happened while my LJ was dead and buried that I won't be able to get to right away. In the middle of a major RL push. Ugh. :hugs:

Here's your icon, love!

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So writing my TBW stack has been tough, unless it's brand new. Why?

I just figured it out this morning. I forgot my own process.

1. I haven't been reading my own work. Capturing the right tone for Whisper without reading all that came before is impossible.

2. I write humor in long spells and then have a dry season, in which I write sweet for long spells and then have a dry season. I'm in a mostly humor spell. I'm going to go ahead and get my humor chapters/fics updated so I can get them out of the way and get into the sweet for Whisper.

:shakes head at muse:
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(Like I need something more to do. :shakes head at self: )

From [ profile] xenokattz and [ profile] mwffj. I did both before I'd post it myself, naughty me.

Give me a pairing and I will tell you:
1. What they most commonly do during sex.
2. Who has prettier hair.
3. What they argue about most often.
4. Who'd cope best if the other one died.
5. The happiest plausible happily-ever-after I can think of for them.

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This article giveth me whole new perspective. Once again, I must wonder, what is good content to whoever my readers will be?

And then, there's this. An incredibly good reason (from a major, long-time professional author) to keep my blogs few and far between. (Don't count on it for fandom, but I'm looking for original fiction anyway.)


  1. Post every 1-2 weeks maybe.

  2. Do guest posts. (uh-huh)

  3. Have something important and good (whatever that is) to say. (And make sure it ties in with what I write/publish (which I need to do more of anyway.)

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In honor of the fun I'm having and [ profile] dialectical's awesome screencaps, ask for an X-Men movieverse icon and it's yours.

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New [ profile] ravenfirstclass banner.

Now it's just put together a posting schedule, ask folks if there's anything else they'd like, and then ask a bunch of comms if I can do a promotional blitz. :grins:

Happy me. Still got a bunch to rec, and let's not discuss the ignored writing docket. The creative brain is only starting to rise again from the mush of what Wednesday did to it. :shakes head at self:
scribblemyname: (death: the ace of spades) finally gets my Divergent category loaded and characters loaded and it won't keep any characters selected and the story shows up on my profile with Zhang Fei as the character. Pardon moi?

I never dumped and never wanted to for two reasons:

1. As a reader, I've never found a fanfiction site I prefer for easy tracking, reviewing, etc. It makes my life easy.

2. As a writer, my largest audience is there. I'm known; I know; we have community. It's an awesome thing.

And since I had over thirty stories, many multi-chapter, before I even considered switching, it was too much of a bear. I hate losing reviews, readers, and putting in the HUGE amount of work involved in picking up roots.

And then there's PM.

All these people I used to ask for help for so many things disabled PM and now I don't have a French title for All's Fair. I alternate chapters for Remy and Rogue; her titles are in English, and his are in French. For Without a Trace and his All's Fair titles, I asked abthetis, now ab26. And now, she's got PM disabled and I'm freaking out.

Seriously wondering if I should switch platforms. Or something.

Disconsolately yours.


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