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Started cracking the code of my old script for Kalyeshur / Vas'hehr. I've figured out about five or six glyphs.

Lexember Word for the Day

tonga • / to ŋa / • letter or glyph in a writing system
noun without finalized declension forms, so I can't offer example sentences or constructions at this time
Language: Akachenti


Possible breakthrough on a testing issue that we'd deferred for major feature development/rework/refactoring and here! A lead that may result in a fix without having to wait for the pre-Easter development cycle.

Tonight more smoke testing. I may be up all night, considering the last deploy.


Good Articles I Read:

It's Thursday, so it's time to go read the Business Rusch.

Books I Want:

  • Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories, edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch - I mean, look at that cover, it's gorgeous! And I adore women and girls in my science fiction. 'Nuff said.
    Meet the Women of Futures Past: from Grand Master Andre Norton and the beloved Anne McCaffrey to some of the most popular SF writers today, such as Lois McMaster Bujold and CJ Cherryh. The most influential writers of multiple generations are found in these pages, delivering lost classics and foundational touchstones that shaped the field.

    You'll find Northwest Smith, C.L. Moore’s famous smuggler who predates (and maybe inspired) Han Solo by four decades. Read Leigh Brackett’s fiction and see why George Lucas chose her to write The Empire Strikes Back. Adventure tales, post‑apocalyptic visions, space opera, aliens‑among‑us, time travel—these women have delivered all this and more, some of the best science fiction ever written!


Didn't have a lot of actual time for that today, but I got a poem done anyway. Not a very good one, but it exists.


There's the fast way,
then there's the easy way,
the last way we did,
and the right way.

There's the quality way
and the quantity way,
the way things are done,
and the right way.

I've worked hard and fast,
I've worked smarter, not harder,
what we've always done,
and non-starters.

I've tried all the methods
and done all the tests:
when all's said and done,
the right way is best.

And a somewhat better haiku

if joy comes with morn
then still as snow, I will wait
through ungentle night

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Originally posted by [ profile] scribble_myname at Poem: Portrait of the Scribbler

Reposting because this is still the best self-portrait ever and if you need to understand me in a gulp, this is it.


I am one of those people—

(they say you’d have to know me

to love me; do not try too hard)

the kind you wish you’d meet;

the kind you wish you’d never meet:

the kind who makes unnecessary

grand announcements: let

it be hereknown, I feel this way

(you couldn’t care? why don’t you say!);

who transforms life to drama, singing

eclectic lines from favorite songs

(do not worry; this won’t take long);

who softly, yet sarcastically

pedals backward, lunges forward

(uncertainty is so untoward);

who offers love—platonically—

too readily, or so I’m told

(living life is for the bold);

who will listen carefully

until the flash of inspiration

interrupting conversation

(writing is my meditation);

who’s organized and yet chaotic,

whose stacks of papers overflow

(at least I have them, neat or no);

who’s like to answer every question,

even the rhetorical

(I’m just a tad too literal)—

the kind who always has your back

but forgets to cut you slack;

the kind who wishes harder than

she works, but yet still works;

the kind who hopes and then despairs

then hopes again, and then despairs;

the kind who of herself thinks nothing

then turns around and puts on airs;

the kind who tells you right and wrong

by every school of grammar and thought,

then sheepishly admits she’s wrong

and humbly admires your better thought;

the kind who writes and too well thinks

of her own words, of her own words;

who knows that there are better things,

but always comes right back to words.


Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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  1. I realized I'm still out of habit of posting to my regular blog. Oops.

  2. I'm a third of the way through my beta and trying not to panic because waaaaay down to the wire on my exchange fic.

  3. My two jobs have gone crazy hectic and I'm exhausted because of overtime.

  4. Nevertheless, accidentally wrote a poem today:

Walk gently into the woods
Don’t startle the deer
Their antlers are green and growing—
Pointed, sharp
Be careful under the trees
Don't startle the birds
With their talons and black feathers
And bright eyes

Come with me by the path
That wends its way
Through thickets, thorny hedges
Over the stream
Be careful over the bridge
It has been years
Since boots that walked here once
Now walk again

See you all (and talk to you all and reply to your comments and messages and agh! I'm so behind) soon I hope.


Mar. 2nd, 2015 01:47 pm
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So I was just talking with [ profile] hiddencait the other day about scanning poetry metrically and syllabically and now I have to do it. I forgot how painful it can be.

I was flipping between iambs and trochees with the occasional anapest or dactyl for good measure and willy nilly between tetrameter and pentameter. The only thing I'd settle on was trimeter for the last line of each stanza.


I think I'm going about this all wrong. Poetry isn't the thing like prose, where I get it down and then I can make something of it. No, I have to get something good down and tweak or get it down all over again. It took seven tries to get "Name Me." Of course, that poem was also pages long.
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On looking into my email inbox...

Oh, hello, poem! I forgot I'd submitted you.

I submitted a 346 line SFF poem to Strange Horizons (apparently I can be very long-winded; who's surprised?), and they thought about it, bumped it back, and suggested I submit it to a different market because reasons they outlined.

Now, the last time I got a rejection, I commented here that I'd come to expect them and it wasn't really a big deal. But today, I realized something else: I'm getting personalized rejections where my work affected the editor even if they decided ultimately not to publish it.

:cue surprise:

I always thought I was a bit of a take it or leave it kind of girl when it came to writing and I have almost no luck finding an actual good fit for any poetry, so it's been my own thing, mostly for myself with the occasional piece or book finding its way to family or friend.

And part of my secret to writing so frequently and so easily when it comes to works under 5000 words is that I just do it all the time. Words aren't sacred, they're words, and I accept that the only way to produce a lot of great fiction and poetry is to produce a lot of bad fiction and poetry. The stuff that wavers between good and bad is 50/50 whether I'll throw it out there. So there's a lot of bad poetry and mediocre poetry I have under my belt, and it never really occurred to me that there was a lot of good poetry that wasn't just amateur anymore.

I had decided to quit submitting poetry because finding the right market for the stuff I write hasn't always been easy. My narrative stuff is... challenging, epic, or just plain odd. My greeting card verse and personal stuff sometimes feels trite. I don't read the literary, personal, reflective stuff in periodicals, so I don't actually know where to send the loads of that I write. I like form poetry and that's even harder to place.

Now I don't really know. Is it worth the bother? Poetry takes months to come back. By then, I'm often staring at the inbox going, "Oh, I forgot about you!" And it's almost always rejected. (I've had one poem published and it got a bad review there for flowery language and old-fashioned style, which I didn't even know it had.)

Maybe poetry will stay this personal thing. Maybe I'll start treating it a little more seriously. Just some thoughts.
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This entry is part 102 of 102 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

Another month is over. Scary. The last two days I spent busy brainstorming, reading, and scribbling on collab and finishing just a few small items per day, but hey, it was something done.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fanfiction — 507 words completed

  1. MCU: The World is Too Much with Us, 295 words
  2. X-Men: Can't Kill This, 55 words
  3. Leverage: Differing Perspectives on the Concluding Events of a Date, 157 words

Poetry: Fandom — 48 words | 8 lines completed

  1. MCU: Lost Cause, 48 words | 8 lines

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fanfiction — 250 words completed

  1. Leverage: One Big Happy Mess, 250 words

Original Poetry — 106 words | 16 lines completed

  1. We Fashioned Wings, 106 words | 16 lines

Poetry: Fandom — 98 words | 16 lines completed

  1. MCU: Bathed in blood and light, 98 words | 16 lines

July 2014 Totals

  • Original Fiction: 5 short stories, 12 ficlets — 10,865 words
  • Original Poetry: 3 poems — 460 words | 68 lines
  • Fandom Poetry: 2 poems — 146 words | 24 lines
  • Fanfiction: 57 ficlets — 11,716 words

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 90 of 90 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

I took a break for the holiday, but here's some basics.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Original Fiction — 2216 words completed

  1. Kingdoms and Thorn: "My Couch is Open," 1936 words
  2. Seven Days: "Memory of Love," 280 words

Original Fiction — 56 words | 12 lines completed

  1. Kingdoms and Thorn: "Home Sweet," 56 words | 12 lines

Fanfiction — 402 words completed

  1. MCU: An Untimely Interruption, 214 words
  2. MCU: Not Again, 188 words

Friday, July 4, 2014

Original Poetry — 298 words | 40 lines completed

  1. Kingdoms and Thorn: "Of Rainy Mornings," 298 words | 40 lines

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fanfiction — 157 words completed

  1. MCU: Avenging Angel, 157 words

July 2014 Totals

  • Original Fiction: 2 short stories, 5 ficlets — 4755 words
  • Original Poetry: 2 poems — 354 words | 52 lines
  • Fanfiction: 18 ficlets — 3058 words

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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Songs from the Dust: Poems

Songs from the Dust



O sweet blue coffee cups and sweet brown tea
A storm is brewing up over the sea

Thirty-three poems chronicle stories of myth, wonder, relationships, and love. From the dancer of binary to the queen of heaven, these are songs born from dust, ash, and the ending—and beginning—of worlds.

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 77 of 82 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

At the end of each month, I usually compile the statistics for the month, provided I tracked my writing for the entire month.

October 2013

New Words

  • Fiction & Poetry: 39,410 words
  • Blog: 9,831 words
  • Nonfiction: 362 words

January 2014

New Words

  • Fiction: 17,392 words
  • Poetry: 102 lines | 498 words
  • Blog: 8030 words

Finalized Words

  • Fanfic: 1397 words
  • Poetry:104 lines | 496 words

February 2014

New Words

  • Fiction: 12,260 words
  • Poetry: 111 lines | 626 words
  • Blog: 4979 words

Finalized Words

  • Fanfic: 3443 words
  • Poetry: 98 lines | 612 words

March 2014

New Words

  • Fiction: 14,718 words
  • Poetry: 584 lines | 2858 words
  • Blog: 1127 words

Finalized Words

  • Fanfic: 6861 words
  • Poetry: 317 lines | 2270 words

2014 Completed Pieces

  1. Poem: "Before My Eyes," 220 words | 47 lines.
  2. Fanfic: "Mistakes," 1397 words.
  3. Poem: "Writer's Social Therapy," 32 words | 4 lines.
  4. Poem: "Blanket Statements," 8 lines| 48 words.
  5. Poem: "Friends Like These," 24 lines | 121 words.
  6. Poem: “Empty Spaces,” 7 lines | 20 words.
  7. Poem: “The Soundless Scream,” 5 lines | 22 words.
  8. Poem: “Like a Light,” 9 lines | 43 words.
  9. Fanfic: “Wholeness of Self,” 783 words.
  10. Poem: "Tell Me," 8 lines | 37 words.
  11. Poem: "Mother," 8 lines | 22 words.
  12. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 269 words.
  13. Poem: "Native," 31 lines | 232 words.
  14. Poem: "Moderation," 6 lines | 20 words.
  15. Poem: "I Should Think," 20 lines| 140 words.
  16. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 2391 words.
  17. Poem: "Cursor," 7 lines | 54 words.
  18. Poem: "Unrequited Pain," 8 lines | 29 words.
  19. Poem: "Is Snow," 6 lines | 42 words.
  20. Poem: "Buttercups," 4 lines | 36 words.
  21. Poem: "Open Hands," 12 lines | 63 words.
  22. Fanfic: “God Help the World,” 205 words.
  23. Poem: "Everything's Blood and All is Well," 16 lines | 97 words.
  24. Fanfic: “Perfection,” 688 words.
  25. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Assignment, 1267 words.
  26. Poem: "Wonder," 4 lines | 29 words.
  27. Prose Poem: “the bringing of light,” 485 words.
  28. Poem: “Rothnen,” 24 lines | 102 words.
  29. Poem: “This is the universe…” 12 lines | 80 words.
  30. Poem: “For Sister,” 4 lines | 36 words.
  31. Fanfic: "Demoralized," 204 words.
  32. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 198 words.
  33. Poem: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 8 lines | 66 words.
  34. Poem: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 3 lines | 7 words.
  35. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 125 words.
  36. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 201 words.
  37. Fanfic: Invisible Ficathon Treat, 2376 words.
  38. Poem: “Name You,” 136 lines | 795 words.
  39. Poem: “Tale of Domestic Life in a Series of Coffee Cups,” 19 lines | 110 words.
  40. Poem: “What Happened,” 44 lines | 191 words.
  41. Poem: “The Wild Balloon,” 9 lines | 71 words.
  42. Poem: “With the Tide,” 8 lines | 43 words.
  43. Poem: “Apologies,” 4 lines | 17 words.
  44. Poem: “Daughter Kiss.X Wife,” 6 lines | 27 words.
  45. Fanfic: “Thin Walls of Stone,” 1397 words.
  46. Poem: “Walls of Stone,” 8 lines | 51 words

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 81 of 81 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

This is what happens when I get tired and my brain shuts down. I end up writing poetry instead of fiction or research or anything useful or productive. At least something happened, but I feel woefully remiss towards certain people who were hoping for some cheering material soon, who are also not fond of poetry.

I’m very sorry
I hope you’ll forgive
The muse slipped out
O’ my ‘mind like a sieve’

March 24, 2014

So it started with this story that had played in my head overnight, but it was too long and complex to justify writing, so in the morning when it started coalescing into a poem on me, I memorized the lines and stanzas in my head and at work, I wrangled them into something I liked. All 136 lines of it.

I sent it to lithiumlaughter who likes poetry and she blessed me with an amazing review that inspired poem #2: "Tale of Domestic Life in a Series of Coffee Cups."

Did some research for thecatisacritic before brain stopped cooperating again.

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 0 words
  • Poetry: 155 lines | 905 words
  • Blog: 90 words

March 25, 2014

The idea of a poetry collection for Kingdoms and Thorn pestered me and then another poem did. I wrote it down and loved it.

I peeked inside the books of Billy Collins and got a little more inspired. There went four more small poems.

Did more research and chatting with thecatisacritic.

Tried two more poems with less than great success. I wrote "The Cup" and promptly deleted most of it. "Daughter" started out better—twice—before I gave up on it.

This evening, the mass market edition of Dowse and Bleed arrived. It's stunning and full of little fixes I need to make, but it is stunning. I love it.

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 0 words
  • Poetry: 281 lines | 538 words
  • Blog: 72 words

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Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 76 of 76 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

March 13, 2014

So I wrote a couple poems: "Rothnen" in my head on the way to work and one for a friend because when I started to reply it came out in verse. Go figure. I edited and expanded the opening of "Justice," which added 162 words, and I pulled together the first draft of the opening of "Blank Verse" in 35 lines of 252 words. I'm double-formatting it, lineated and non-lineated. It helps me see the flaws more clearly while meeting the ridiculously exacting standards I just set for myself. :makes face:

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 162 words
  • Poetry: 71 lines | 434 words
  • Blog: 108 words

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Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 71 of 71 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

So I started off by getting back to my betas for the Invisible Ficathon, then wrote 118 words of the mass market blog posts.

It was a type, delete day on the collaboration, then I diverted into fandom because...

I got a fandom gift for my very belated birthday (thank you, lithiumlaughter!) and it inspired 893 words of fanfic reply and a poem:

Written under, the wires crossed
The symphony begins to swell
One, two, three and red on my bones
Everything’s blood and all is well

Waltz with war and tango death
Fate is but the archer’s eye
The reverie begins to play
Everything’s blood; let arrows fly

I breathe your blood, I bleed my name
We’re lost within a sea of red
Your name is written in my bones
Everything’s blood where angels fled

Fired until we cannot break
Mark the clock for time will tell
The music clicks beneath the gun
Everything’s blood and all is well

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 893 words
  • Poetry: 16 lines | 97 words
  • Blog: 118 words

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This entry is part 70 of 70 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

February 28, 2014

This morning, I wrote 156 words puttering in my head from last night on Lovemark the Seasons, including another in-story poem. Rachelle is well-read.

So the trade paperback of Dowse and Bleed is available on Amazon. I still have to get all the other formats up: mass market and ebook to the various retailers. :grimaces: Later. I'm saving the whole book announcement post until then.

I'd like to get some good words on collab and on my actual assignment. I keep getting bogged down in author's notes and meta. And music. It's thecatisacritic's fault. She sent me "Poison and Wine" and I looked it up online the other day and have lost so many good hours since. I can't say wasted because seriously, the creative fire! Love their work.

Having a fandom moment:

Four: The Traitor by Veronica Roth

See all of the covers here.

March 1, 2014

Sabbath and unexpected late-night family time. Wrote a poem in my head and didn't get it written down, just memorized.

March 2, 2014

I owe y'all an end of the month post and challenge check-in. Tomorrow! Today, I helped my aunt move and still need to plunk in 2 hours on packing my own things, plus got back my beta for invisible treats (which resulted in 6 words worth of edits, wow), plus submitted the edited cover for the mass market of Dowse and Bleed. Oh, and finally wrote down that poem.

I owe a bunch of collaboration material. I owe my Invisible assignment. I owe posts about indie community and fandom. I owe a lot of stuff, 'kay?

I have also been failing miserably at the 7-sentence challenge so went back last night and wrote 257 words on, unexpectedly, a very late fandom gift separate from challenges.

Word Counts:

  • Fiction: 419 words
  • Poetry: 16 lines | 99 words
  • Blog: 270 words

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This entry is part 50 of 50 in the series Daily Scribble Reports

Currently rather frustrated so will bury my head in work and not talk to anyone. I don’t want to be a snappish dragon.

Writer’s Social Therapy

I don’t want to be a snappish dragon
I don’t want to snarl and blow
Say nothing, I know, if I can’t say it nicely
So down in the scribbles I go #

Had a chat that perked me up a good bit. Yay.


Got working on Tracing Trouble and decided that nothing I was writing was working. Which is a pain. I'm about ready to cull through the twenty-two versions of Dowse and Bleed to figure out how I got from point A to point B, but I think I should probably just find a different way to go with this and get going.

Yeah. Sure. :rolls eyes at self:

Never mind. Very frustrated. Tried a few other stories: collaboration, Splintered, other K&T stories— No dice.


Yesterday, agreed to give a SF thriller a whirl, solely because of the SF not the thriller bit. It's called iSeal and shall hang out in my email inbox until I'm ready to get to it. My to be read pile is getting ridiculous. :grins:

Didn't even read anything today except stuff I'm trying to write and an SEO book for/at work. Required reading, but lovely. I actually want to learn about SEO.

So no recreational reading today. Pity that.


When all else fails, format. Left off on page 38 of justification on Dowse and Bleed.

Technical Difficulties

Ran out of time to do a full scan and the quick virus scan turned up nothing. I have a plan. Tomorrow's dance card is getting mighty full.


Managed to add another 166 words to the front end of Tracing Trouble. I really do need to rename it. I'll get there. I don't expect to get any more writing done tonight. Naturally, I'll update if anything changes.

Word Counts

  • Fiction: 233 words
  • Poetry: 32 words, 4 lines
  • Blog: 284 words

Splintered Gates

  • Today: 0 words
  • Total: 2493 words


  • Today: 0 words
  • Total: 3409 words*

*written by me in 2014

Tracing Trouble

  • Today: 233 words
  • Total: 2244 words

January Totals

  • Fiction: 9200 words
  • Poetry: 244 words | 49 lines
  • Blog: 7208 words

Completed Pieces

  • Poem: "Before My Eyes," 220 words | 47 lines.
  • Fanfic: "Mistakes," 1397 words.
  • Poem: "Writer's Social Therapy," 32 words | 4 lines.

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 46 of 46 in the series 365 Challenge

85/365: A Pairing of Convenience

Rogue has an offer that Gambit’s not so sure he ought to take.

X-Men Movieverse Fanfic
425 words

86/365: When the Coffee Does Not Work, Drink More Tea

When the coffee doesn't work, drink more tea. / If you don't drink coffee, then drink more tea.

Lyric Poem
8 lines

87–88/365: Snow Day

Ashen wondered briefly if perhaps he was no regular-type human as Pieter had professed but if he were instead a naturally gifted with the ability to charm half-asleep girlfriends who did not wish to be awake.

Science Fiction Romance Short Story
1991 words

89/365: Five Reasons I Love You

There are five reasons I love you / (And none of them are the ones you want to hear)

Science Fiction Romance Poem
86 lines

90–91/365: Acceptable Cost

Some things are worth it.

Alaine Shaever is a healer by nature, and she’s studying to become a medic by trade. It’s her first emergency call out in the field. Nobody ever told her it’d be like this.

Science Fiction Short Story
1761 words

92/365: Without a Reason

It’s one thing to not understand Rachelle’s messed up team relationships; it’s another to ask whether she loves a man she’s never even considered loving.

Science Fiction Flash Fiction Short Story
901 words

93–94/365: Its Own Absolution

Shift’s team was brutal. They had to be. Storm’s team was bloody. They were a strike team. They had to be. Storm had a conscience. Shift didn’t. The only thing they all have in common is the will to survive.

Science Fiction Short Story
2208 words

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 42 of 42 in the series 365 Challenge

With You, Singing (a lullaby)

22 lines

I'll be close, never say goodbye / Dreaming's sweet, just a pretty lie

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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Poetry is Spilling Blood


Peeling back the icy skin / We wrap like armor around our hearts


Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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Billows over Black Forest


God bless all affected by the fires today. You’re in my prayers.

Clouds billow behind my house / Tears spill instead of rain


Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 39 of 39 in the series 365 Challenge

In the last few months, I've posted the following because of the 365 Challenge:

Words: 32,849
Lines: 388

This doesn't count the thousands of words or hundreds of lines of poetry I've written that was not for the challenge or that hasn't been posted.

The scribbler is happy.

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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This entry is part 38 of 38 in the series 365 Challenge

So for the next so long, you'll be getting batched updates because I'm writing 2 count per day. This time 'round, I was particularly pleased with the poem, and if I were going to submit any of these, it would be "By the Numbers."

Well Doing, Weary

Canon: Miscellaneous Fiction
Prompt: Oh, I try out a smile / And I aim it at you / Oh, you must have missed it / You alway

Sometimes we get weary. Really, bone-tired weary.

That moment when faith becomes sight.

All the old preacher wanted was some sign the families in his church might soften their hardened hearts to the Word they claimed to keep.


Don’t Remind Me That It’s Over

Canon: Kingdoms and Thorn
Prompt: Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now

So a whole new set of characters, I know, but this was actually the first team I ever developed of this world. Team five. It was kind of nice to find they matched the prompt.

Ricki had put away the past when she put away the name.

Anna has a new photography job and decides to go back through her old snapshots and memories. Ricki, who is visiting, demands that she stop—before it hurts too much.


By the Numbers

Canon: Miscellaneous Fiction
Prompt: If love is anywhere / Mine still belongs with you...

This is a sequel of sorts to “Bridge.”

How does one rekindle a faded love?

David had been buried in work and statistics so long, he and his wife had forgotten how to communicate. They just need to take that first step…


Flight of a Wild Mare

Prompt: I am not a poet, living is the poem...

I swear, I’ll write you some prose off this prompt. Just not this time.

You’re riding me hard, and I’m put away wet. / My soul like His cloak is a gamble, a bet.


Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.


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