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There was some health-related, then exchange- and work-related downtime. Hope to soon rectify the matter.

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aka, I was sick and in denial about it so tried to work anyway, which was a flat failure.

I tried to read and failed spectacularly.

I did manage to open nominations and answer a couple questions on Multifandom Drabble, but with 2 exceptions, all the fandom tags were canonical, so it’s not like that was hard.

I ended up watching a couple movies and some TV episodes on Hulu after I finally gave up on being a productive human being. Honestly, I’m still pretty sick. :headdesk:

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am.

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Sorry for the sudden influx of posts. Moving back from Imzy and trying to get back on the daily poem thing has been unexpectedly post-full.

This weekend, I’m going to curl up with a good book and also go through a work-related test output file to document everything wrong with this set of resources. We call this work life balance.


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Like lots of stuff:

Now, I just need to start my reading for the month. 🙂

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So I’ve found a handy dandy little scheduler for poetry-related posts, and hope to continue posting 2-3 prompts a week and a conversation post which will stand in for the original daily share posts. There didn’t seem to be enough demand for daily sharing poetry, so how about weekly?

*The only thing wrong with the scheduler is the lack of incorporated templates. So I can’t just retire my nuclino calendar yet.

Also updated the theme on the conlang community and added a bunch of plugins so it’s easy for others to post and comment and like and add pictures or pdfs, etc. Now just to get back to conlanging…

Not doing much reading, but I’ve got at least one book I want to read this month. That I’ve been waiting for for ages.

Not much writing, but hope to get back to poems at least. They’re usually fast and easy. Plus, there’s a Treat Yo Self thing and I might have nominated for rarepairs just because Abigail and Wes from Dance Academy but I’m not sure if I’ll sign up for that. If the friends one goes live, I’ll definitely do that.

On writing sprints, anyone interested and anyone have a schedule in mind for them? Mine’s been all over the map recently, but I’d still like to get that back on my radar maybe.

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Half health, half way behind at work because of health and playing catch up, half dealing with some big real life things happening, and I didn’t mean to leave everyone for so long while I try to keep from anything going on fire.

I haven’t been writing much lately, except poetry and not as much of that as I want. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just too scared or I’ve forgotten how to do it or if it really just is that there’s other stuff I need to do (but that’s not really getting done either), and it’s kind of a bit of a guilt cycle.

That said, I’m trying to find some peace in my life and do things differently, like not blaming myself that I never know when a day’s going to be productive or a bomb. Regardless of which it has to be if I don’t want something to go on fire.

Pray for my family, if you’re the praying kind, please. Those real life issues include health stuff, financial stuff, and potentially moving again in the middle of financial stuff making it really, really hard to find a house that’ll work within our budget.

And I’m back to work.

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So it’s a new blank space because when I looked at my old website, I just didn’t want to go through the work of updating it or cleaning it up, so I didn’t. If I like this space, I’ll update my main domain name to point here soonish.

Very ish.

Love you all. Hope to pick up being communicative again.

Oh, and crossposting is on to DW, which should be auto-crossposting to LJ to catch everyone. I’ll see if I can get my Imzy to pick up the RSS feed too. We shall see.

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and shall cease lurking in the near or immediate future. In the meantime, I love you all and sorry I've been out of it.
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Lots to do today and not necessarily looking forward to it. That said, there are good things! Lovely things!

Last night I went to bed early and ended up rewatching a comfort food movie to go to sleep by. Hoosiers is still one of my top three to five favorites.

Lexember Word for the Day:

cherich • [ tʃɛ ɹitʃ ] or [ tʃɛ ɹiʔtʃ ] • ice cream, lit. the ice
noun form derived from an older form of the definite, before this construction would have been considered imprecative; some native speakers pronounce it in the imprecative with the "final" glottal stop and others have dropped the stop to treat it like an irregular definite noun
Language: Akachenti

I have to revisit phonology for this language. I thought I had my clicks nicely settled and basic phonotactics but it's amazing how easy and clear everything is one day, then sounds total different on re-analyzing it the next. And I'm not that great at phonetic analysis in the first place. :headdesk:

Interesting Articles Read:

Interesting Fiction Read:

Books I want:

  • A Rose Point Holiday by MCA Hogarth: I got a friendly little email telling me this one existed, and I'm a huge fan of her work. Technically I have a Scribd account and have also been paying for it for months when I couldn't figure out how to get it to work since my tablet refuses to successfully install the update the app keeps downloading. If I could get it to work, I might be able to get this one for free. Hmm...

Things I'm not Working on and Should Be

  • trovia's story - Just plain having some trouble on that front, i.e. hating and throwing out all the new words I've managed to get on it

  • my Yuletide story - canon review (costs money) and writing the story in the first place

Things I'm Still Working on and Had Hoped Would be Finished by Now

  • postcards - all set up to order and waiting on payday

  • book collections - one's all set up to order and waiting on payday, one is written but not done being set up, and the other for the family is... not done at all. Ack!

Writing for the Day

Epic fail. None. Our kitchen sink failed and it took me forever to clean. I passed out before I got any nonhousehold chores work done last night. :(

Still, not a bad day.

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On the sixth day of Lexember, I coined the word valus!

valus • /va lus/ • the way things are, as in ise valus, that's just the way it is
definite noun
Language: Akachenti

The definite form of this word is distinctly not valu, which means I have to figure out exactly what the rules are of making a noun definite besides just adding –s.

But on the bright side, I now have three definite nouns:

  • valus - the way things are

  • n|akos - the plan(s) that is definitely implemented or will be

  • a:gis - my parent/aunt/uncle

The only one that is indefinite by simply removing the s is a:gi.

At some point, I have to figure out a better way to document conlangs than anything I've been using. I just dug out a ton of material from my old papers that needs to be documented and left a good chunk I know I'm not going to get to. And that's existing conlangs. I don't want my new ones to turn out the same way and they're heading that direction. :(

Yesterday, I made actual progress on getting my one book collection for the year done (technically, two versions, one for geckoholic and one for my other friend), made no progress on getting trovia's story done (I am ashamed), and this morning, made progress again on writing the stuff I need to do for family and my columns (due monthly).

Also, wrote a poem today:

Brotherly Love (poem)

Who is my mother and my brother?
Who is the one I choose to love?
He who does My Word,
It is he that loves Me.
And he who loves Me, it is him I love.

Who is the child of My loving Father?
She who comes to me, I will accept.
Love her as I love her,
Treat her kindly.
What you do for her, I will accept.

So be kind to all that you encounter
And treat them with a holy, sincere love.
My Word is that you should
Love one another.
In doing this, you offer me Your love.

"Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently," – I Peter 1:22

Make that two:

Of Grace (poem)

If God my soul is gracious
to forgive in love,
what right to judge could I have?
I have no right to judge.

When I was still a child,
I chose to never be
a hypocrite, unsharing
of grace I have received.

So if God my soul is gracious
to forgive and love,
surely I must also
by strength and grace of God.

Got a threesome of characters I want to put into action: Miss Fiona Locke, Miss Samantha Kee, and Miss Amelia Weather, who all reside at Mrs. Grenstead's Boarding Home and Breakfast, where their names actually mean something. :twiddles thumbs: :doesn't say what: Unfortunately, other stories take precedence. I must ignore them.

For the record, I hate writer's block.

Good articles read:

Good fiction read:

General state of the scribbler:

  • Incredibly tired. I was up until 1 o'clock in the morning doing smoke testing for work. Many people put in 12.5 hr workdays. I'm not usually one of them. Brain fried.

  • Generally pleased. I got stuff done, even if it wasn't the writing/extra-curricular stuff, so to speak. I even have a hope of writing the pieces required for that website. Right.

  • Health at 7.5 out of 10. I've been hovering barely above 5 with regular dips below lately, so I'm actually quite grateful for that number.

  • Lurking on most other sites/blogs/journals. Oops. I do try to chime in enough to remind people I care, but the truth is, I'm a little slow just now.

  • Behind on postcards/holiday stuff. This is largely due to budget. Next payday should fix that.


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