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Oct. 21st, 2014 08:52 pm
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Is it weird that I totally just had a hankering for reading/writing Holidays Anthropomorphic?


May. 30th, 2012 11:34 am
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I'm seriously considering signing up for [ profile] marvel_bang, which I shouldn't, since I've never finished a fandom bang and probably shouldn't. It does not put food on the table and I've got my hands full with Safe.

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Favorite Hawkeye and Black Widow fic. Read part II first, then hit the back arrow button for the prequel.

those who are afraid of wolves


Thorazine for the Lady, Knives for the Gentleman
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Finally, launching. Now, just to get a beta I can run the gauntlet of Summerlight through 1000 words a week.

Any takers?

Also, should I crosspost all entries over here, some, or none? Thoughts? (don't want to spam you all)
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A while back, I wrote about the road and choosing what I want to do. Some of you may have noticed, I've been floundering around a little for myself, trying to find a direction and purpose that leads to some consistency.

Well, this here by Melanie Edmonds, who writes one of the awesomest web serials, Starwalker, sums up what I want to do with The Peninsula and haven't succeeded at yet.

I want to create a serial that I can just focus on and accomplish, week in and week out. I have a world and characters and a number of starting points to choose from, but nothing has rung true, like this is it.

I know I want a revolving ensemble cast and different threads all coming together, but I don't really know what I want. Not something too claustrophobic, but something I can get excited about every time it's time to update. :heaves sigh:

Promiscuous can actually be a pain.
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So it isn't perfect, but it's started, my original fic site for the Liana Mir pen name (image is link):

:claps hands excitedly: It'll get there.
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That is how I felt today when I come back from lunchtime munchables and found my poor baby internet had died ignobly, given up the ghost, and taken most of my work for the afternoon with it.


Well, it's back and higher speed than we've had before with a new router that's not supposed to die at random intervals. Yay!

In the meantime, what have we done with ourselves? (Yes, I know. I use the royal 'we.' This is a trait that can be annoying but not easily discarded.)


1. We made a handful of our [ profile] pairing20in20 icons. The whole set is due by the 3rd, but Emma/Charles is quite interesting to pull off.

2. We completed the front and back cover and three and a half pages of the comic, Darkholme & Xavier, Vol. 1, "The Baby and the Bath Water."

3. Before the internet died, we reformatted and calameo'd about 7 fics.

4. We're working on our website and will soon have a lovely network of the LJ, original fiction WP, grammar whore WP, writing LJ, and FF. Soon is relative.

5. Did RL work. Some. It's tough to do when most of it is supposed to be done online.

6. Read "Conflict of Interests" by [ profile] lithiumlaughter. If you haven't read it yet, hie thee over and get yourself an eyeful. This is awesome.

:hugs to all:
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I was known as a chatterbox. I go through spurts of that online. Anyone want me to stick to a limit on # of posts per day? I hate to alienate my f-list because I apparently sometimes live online.
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But just remember ladies, if you meet a player in a bar and he’s smooth and hot and lovely… Have fun, but don’t think you get to keep him. He’s a rental property, only. ~ "Don’t Hate the Playa; Hate the Game" by Zoe Winters

Anyone want to write me some Gambit with this? One of those awesome quotes that makes me want some of his original side.
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For [ profile] lithiumlaughter,

1. lithium coffee

2. back slowly away from the coffee...

Some stylized, etc. Since most people seem to prefer them, I thought I'd give some a go. I've got heaps more of 'em to do, but this is me getting my feet wet on random caps and pics.

1. X-Men Movieverse: Phoenix

2. X-Men Movieverse: Hank and Raven

3. X-Men Movieverse: Rogue and Bobby

4. Roswell

For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.

New Icons!

Aug. 1st, 2011 05:29 pm
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I know. After that huge dump the other day, why more? (when I have writing to do :coughs at muse: )

Well, you know the drill. Credit nice, but not required. All inspired by somebody else.

Fedora!Riley from [ profile] lithiumlaughter's 919 universe:

Sibling!Xaviers from pentapus' amazing art (link):

For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.
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So I got excited and it's functional, so here is a new comm dedicated to a fascinating mutant I want more stuff about.

[ profile] ravenfirstclass

I intend to add more stuff to it soon. :grins:
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1. Why Language?

Language is the art that touches my soul. I'm a pure scientist, don't you know? Words for the sake of words. Expand my mind a hundred ways, learn a soul of another place. Words alone are my art and trade. Look at me; call a spade a spade.

2. Why Poetry?

The shortest line between question and answer—I don't know how to stop. I don't know how to stop the rhythm or how to stop the song. I write beneath the lines, in stories, not so much on top. A book of prose needs a dash of poetry to carry me along.

3. Why Drabbles?

The distillation of a hundred thousand goodnesses—the play of tongue, idea, space. Dive in deep, but surface fast; just one beat, but make it last. Poetry and prose in one; end a breath after you've begun. Power comes from tiny things: a signature or hummingbird wings.

4. Why Now?

I can only be as perfect as I am right now; I can never grow more perfect if I do not write now.
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I've been running crossovers for ages in these fandoms in my head, but I was never brave enough to try it out on paper. So when a call for prompts, including unlikely crossovers, came up, I punted and let someone else do it. [ profile] xenokattz to be specific, so you know it had to be awesome.

I'm in love.

Unlikely crossovers

X-Men (any 'verse)
Take the Lead

(just 'cause both use New York)
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Scribus: creates print-ready PDF files

Calibre: converts e-books (don't like this one so well, doesn't edit)


...drum roll please...

Sigil: edits and creates e-books

:rubs hands in anticipation: Very, very excited.


And horror of horrors, you have to use CSS to edit the font face. :headdesk: Tech really is not my color.

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So it was Pat Foley that put me on to this lovely Jane Austen novel and my desktop nook software (not eReader :shudders: ). I don't think she has the powerful Holography trilogy posted here, but her website addy hasn't been working for me recently, so I'll just talk about it.

The Catalyst features Spock (yes, Star Trek: The Original Series and all that jazz) arriving home to announce to his father that he has enrolled in Starfleet and is fully prepared to be disowned. An excellent story, but not where things get interesting as regards Emma.

The Starling's Lament is an incredible piece on Amanda and Sarek: a very well-read Amanda who loves the classics. This is the most intense, deeply developed story I've read on the worst possibilities in their relationship, but it is awesome. And she loves Emma, quotes her, intrigues me.

As a Reminder and a Promise is the best part of all, a climax to the series wrapped up in the beginning of the Amanda/Sarek story in the Holography universe. And this beginning is where I fell in love with Emma.

Flashforward two years. I finally read the thing! Having completed the classic story this morning, let me just say that it is fully worthy of being a classic. Emma herself is delightful, intelligent, and utterly human.

Read more... )
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Any why you don't have as many as I was originally hoping.

Something about the sheer idiocy of plotting an update push, NaNoWriMo (fanfic words do NOT count), AND a novel revision for the same month. :headdesk: I'm glad y'all love me, 'cause I'm beginning to growl at myself for having suggested such a thing.

In short, I'm busy today. But not on updates. Nope. On the novel revision. It's the primary priority, so everything else gets short shrift. Very, very sorry.
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So I just discovered this baby crossposts to LJ and Dreamwidth. Who's in heaven now? :grins:

ps: on a sidenote, I think I've found my new Semagic icon.


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