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I wrote a ficlet the other day, "Coronation," and it's going to be published by 365 Tomorrows!

:dancing around happily:
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I watched a movie the other day that I love, High Strung, about a ballerina and a violinist and a street dance crew and it was fun and awesome and actually satisfying. I want to buy it.

Oddly enough, I noticed that the story felt a little slight, even though it had all the right elements of a full movie and it kept all its promises (thus satisfying), but it almost felt too easy for the characters. Almost.

Finally today, it clicked in my head. The story kept its promises and followed up on its threats, but it didn't follow through on any of its threats. None of the things I feared the most were realized. And I hadn't really put my finger on it before, but a story's threats and promises are two different things.

On the one hand, this is comfort viewing and I'm glad it didn't, but on the other hand, it helped gel a lot of things on what makes some stories satisfying and unsatisfying for me and that I have a tendency to get bogged down in threats when I'm writing. (I have a friend who's even worse at that, realizing almost every single threat and never getting to the end of the story/promises.)

Just something I thought about because of a nice little movie.
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  1. I have officially tried big bangs. They don't work very well for me, at least not on the front of stress, fic that's high enough quality for what I like to produce, or anything close to satisfying original fiction. The more research required, the worse off I am. I have one successful fic from a big bang, and that's Transition, the tropeyiest MI4 fic to probably ever trope (friends in denial to lovers, baby acquisition, kidfic, with animal transformations). The original fic suffered badly from lack of time to push through the plotty actiony bits (you know, the stuff I suck at writing), and the other fic didn't even happen. :laughs sorrowfully:

  2. That said, due to big bangs being very much not. my. thing., I am not going to attempt NanoWrimo this year, and that's that.

  3. That said, I've been doing poorly at getting back on the original fiction pony, and [ profile] trovia's and thecatisacritic's gift fics have suffered as a result. My confidence went by way of sandusky with aforementioned failed original fic big bang fic and so I've been trying pretty desperately to get it back. A few snippets and a start on a fic off to the incomparably wonderful [ profile] in_the_blue have helped, but I wouldn't call myself out of the woods yet. So sorry, you two. I am the worst of friends when it comes to giving fic. Honestly, I'm soooo blessed you all love me anyway.

  4. Speaking of which, I swear all that fic I've promised you, [ profile] geckoholic, is eventually coming. I even have snippets!

  5. And all that said, I'm thinking if I'm smart, I'll hit my bingos and my orginal fiction in the open period between wrapping the exchanges I have and Yuletide.

  6. But there's that fic for [ profile] findthesea I've been headbanging on... And treats! And all that Rogue/Remy fic I still haven't gotten back to this year. And all that original fic.

So that's the random update on the crazy overextended plate that is my perennial lot. Love you all and hope you are wiser than I. :hugs: 
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And it's not bowing to my powers of ignoring it, so.

  1. I will continue to love you all and lurk 90% or more of the time.

  2. I will finish exchange fics on time.

  3. I will finish pinch modding the exchange that has reduced my nonwork life to almost nil. [ profile] fandomgrowth

  4. I will use whatever spare time I have to continue working on [ profile] trovia's birthday fic and One Good Storm

And that really is all. I just have no other room here.
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So I've got an exchange fic for [ profile] jukebox_fest and my [ profile] heroinebigbang fic is being exponentially problematic at 13,116 words and counting. This weekend, I'll read for [ profile] in_the_blue, then finally get back to Rabia Gale's latest book and review that, then I'll have a life again. :le sigh: Sorry, y'all. Still waaaay behind.


May. 21st, 2015 03:46 pm
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Mentally incapable of writing today. Ah well.
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  1. I'm in love, love, love with Trello and have started moving my docket there. We started using it at work, and I made all the grabby hands. :big grin: Can't invite anyone though because all the exchange fics proliferating and I adore getting friends for assignments. :frowns:

  2. I got my final rough draft turned in for "Transition" the MI4 [ profile] couplesbigbang fic.

  3. I'm digging into producing a final draft for "Tracing Trouble" for the [ profile] heroinebigbang. Thankfully, I got permission to turn it on Sunday, the 31st, after I'm back from camp. So I can haul along my tablet and keyboard and work at camp if I must. (I'm hoping this won't be necessary.

  4. Same date for "128 Stage", the Unusuals [ profile] couplesbigbang fic. Which currently lays claim to 214 words. :headdesk: At least, Tracing Trouble has roughly 7K.

  5. I got my Every Woman assignment and am quite pleased.

Love you all! :waves:
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And all due before film camp, which starts the week of the 24th.

  1. Transition (MI4, Will/Jane): Somehow this bang fic became animal transformations, Jane gets her own team, and babyfic all in one. Plus accidental, slow build relationship because she ends up helping Will raise his acquired kid. Sequel to a Yuletide fic and I'm seriously glad the artist likes this because it's so tropey, I wonder if anyone will ever read it.

  2. 128 Stage (The Unusuals, Beaumont/Walsh + Casey/Davis with an emphasis on the Walsh + Casey): AU in that Casey starts out as actual hooker (not pretending to be one) and he's actual diner owner (not diner resident/cop) and he accidentally acquires a barista while the two of them deal with relationships and life kind of thing. I wrote a prequelish to it for [ profile] shipswap.

  3. Tracing Trouble (Kingdoms and Thorn, Cate/Marc + Killinger/Hasheni): This one boils down to, don't mess with Cate's family, but a lot of other stuff going on under the surface as she tenatively moves forward with trusting Marc more, and the whole mess of Thorn's underhanded way of getting a toehold in the kingdoms gets explored a lot more.

And not due but halfway written anyway...

  1. Tying the Knot (Hawkeye, Clint/Kate + Natasha): So Kate goes to Natasha to learn how to tie Clint up. Sequel to the five times experimentation fic where it was really, really clear that Clint liked bondage.

  2. Not Memory (or Along Came a Spider) (Leverage/MCU, Parker + Natasha): Parker's side of the meeting Natasha again in my Red Room crossover, wherein I also decided Parker and Dottie were related.

  3. Awesome exchange fic for [ profile] mcu_aufest I can't talk about but is sooo much fun.

  4. Exchange fic for [ profile] jukebox_fest that has me kind of freaking out about it. Am I biting off waaay more than I can chew? Due very shortly after return from camp, so high priority to get done.

And totally not due but knocking on the brain cells (am ignoring you):

  • Robbing the Cradle (616, Natasha/Kate/Clint): because in 616, she really was a bit of a cradle-robber with Clint and he was Kate's age when he got started and she fell for him and then here comes Kate and she's that age now and they are soooo alike and I can see the attraction and because "The Art of Human Relations" was fun to write and I blame this totally on you, [ profile] findthesea!

And then there are my other two original projects, one with a headspace that promises productivity when I can attend to it and one without.

Ah well. I just needed to get this list off my chest.

April Fic

May. 11th, 2015 03:58 pm
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April 2015 (about 8K)

  1. Reminisce (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Cate + Jason): Other

  2. Man, Wife, and Slinky Dress (Firefly, Wash/Zoe): AO3

  3. As Real Girls Do (MCU, Dottie + Peggy + Angie): AO3

  4. The Rule Where Falling Asleep Isn't Sleeping (616, Clint/Kate): AO3

  5. A Lucky-Eyed View (616, Lucky + Kate + Clint): LJ | AO3

  6. Date Night (MCU, Darcy/Steve): LJ

  7. Timing (Bourne Movies, Jason/Marie): LJ

  8. Dust to Dust (MCU, Clint/Darcy): LJ

  9. Hawkeye Speaking (616, Tony + Kate): LJ

  10. Safe Space (MCU, Clint +/Bucky): AO3

  11. Mend (Bourne Movies, Aaron/Marta): LJ | AO3

  12. My Bruises Are All Older Than You (616, Clint + Kate): LJ | AO3

  13. Legacy (or What's in Me is in You) (616, Clint + Kate): LJ | AO3

  14. Here Be Dragons (Bourne Movies, Aaron/Marta): LJ | AO3

  15. You and Me Both (MCU, Clint/Bobbi): LJ | AO3

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Gacked from [ profile] melannen (on DW):

If you want to see me do one of these, leave a number in a comment and I'll answer!

1: Go to your oldest work online and find the most cringe-inducing section.
2: What's the most embarrassing porn you've ever written?
3: Most embarrassing drawerfic.
4: Laziest ending.
5: Worst beginning.
6: Send me one of my own fics to flame.
7: Rank your top five worst fics.
8: How do you disagree with your AO3 stats page?
9: Send me one of my own fics and I'll write the worst comment imaginable for it.
10: Write a parody of your own style.

And for a nicer meme, gacked from [ profile] xenokattz ages and ages ago and just felt like unearthing it:

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do you immediately look for?
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So part of my vanishing into the ether and being down to the wire and not getting projects done is in the middle of not feeling well and having the sciatic nerve announce its presence grandly (in case I forgot it was there, seriously) was that my work life blew up.

Which is to say, we have a huge project and I was a split asset and couldn't really afford to spend only half my time on it, so tried overtime in the middle of being sick and laid up with sciatica. Not fun.

I am no longer going to be a split asset in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm transitioning from half-content optimizer on one site to all IT software quality assurance (SQA) tester. With a raise. :grins:

Very, very happy.

On the writing front, I apparently now have a fairly tried and true method for writing a fic that will not be written. Find a song. Tracing Trouble is now coming along (and it sprawled!* :wails: ) because I accidentally found a song for it. This thing is huge and heartfelt and delves waaay deeper into Cate's psyche than I'd intended, though I always meant it to dig into how she thinks of and processes family, so fun that.

I'm also hipdeep in reading for [ profile] hiddencait and guys, she is such a good writer. I LOVE this story and whoever wasn't reading for her before obviously doesn't properly appreciate superhuman abilities fiction because this is awesome.


Back off to work. I really should be working and not fangirling today. :rolls eyes at self:

ETA: *Apparently I wrote 2025 words on my tablet yesterday just listening to song, then sketching out scenes and snippeting. Wow.
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I lost 2/3 month to downtime and am playing catch-up because of it. Those 2/3rds were originally allotted to finishing up One Good Storm and A Game for the Gods. Now, I have to write 3 bang fics this month if I don't plan to default (I don't):

Title: 128 Stage
Fandom: The Unusuals
Pairing: Beaumont/Walsh, Casey/Davis
Summary: Prostitute/Coffee Shop AU where Walsh offers Casey a cup of coffee and accidentally acquires a barista.

Title: [not sure yet]
Fandom: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Pairing: Jane/Will
Summary: They didn't mean to accidentally acquire a kid, and they certainly didn't mean to end up raising said kid together because they're just friends and everyone's getting the wrong idea.

Title: Tracing Trouble
Fandom: Original (Kingdoms and Thorn)
Pairing: Cate/Marc, Killinger/Hasheni
Summary: Catherine April isn't a military operative anymore. She's a member of the Special Unit, a law enforcement team dedicated to all cases in the city involving those with special abilities. But when a fledgling tracer tests his power over computer systems in the city, it hurts someone she loves and hits too close to home. She may not be an operative anymore, but she's still in the business, and she still knows how to own the game.

I don't know if I like these summaries, but it was required that I write them and the fics aren't done, so I couldn't cheat and pull an excerpt. (I'm good at that. :shakes head at self: )

And then I've got three books to read, which is not a hardship. As far as that goes, I can skip Jane the Virgin, Agents of SHIELD, and Nashville this next week and bank book time.

So that's what's up. I've got to do what I did to clear three weeks for those two original stories last time, get through the next round of deadlines in a hurry, and not let myself get thoroughly distracted by small prompts. Hope y'all's writing is just as fun! (and less hectic)
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So I completed 25,628 of fic last month. Mostly fanfic and I did headbanging against some original fiction, particularly the collab remix and A Game for the God, which yay, headway. I found my songs to work with, neither of which I would have ever guessed would inspire me and an actual arc, but behold "We Own It" and "This Town" are now running back to back as I brainstorm and scribble. I have quite the docket for April.

Hope your writing is going awesome!

March 2015 (about 25.5K)

  1. Aftershots of the Aftershocks (MCU, Jemma + Bobbi + Fitz): AO3

  2. Deep in the Throes (MCU, Maria + Natasha): AO3

  3. Only Team Hawkeye (616, Clint/Kate + Natasha): LJ

  4. Ship Swap Fic: AO3

  5. The Art of Human Relations (616, Clint/Kate/Natasha): AO3

  6. Anyone But You (Original, Felise/Enadar): LJ

  7. Crazy (MCU, Bobbi/Hunter): LJ | AO3

  8. Five Cups of Coffee and a Stack of Pancakes (MCU/The Unusuals, Bobbi/Walsh): LJ | AO3

  9. Marrying Into the Family (Original, Felise/Enadar + Malina + Lisea): LJ

  10. It's Only Natural (X-Men, Remy + Scott): LJ

  11. Speculation (MCU, Steve + Clint/Natasha): LJ

  12. When All Else Fails, Walk the Dog (616, Clint): LJ

  13. Burn Your Kingdoms Down (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Sear): LJ

  14. Beyond Panels Fic: AO3

  15. Can't Keep This (Quiet) (MCU, Clint/Bobbi/Natasha): AO3

  16. There Is That (Original, Felise + Enadar): LJ

  17. Mixed Feelings (Original, Felise/Enadar): LJ

  18. I'm Not a Flirt, It's Just the Way I Talk (X-Men, Rogue/Remy): LJ

  19. On the Properties of Love (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Justus/Rachelle): LJ

  20. Toto, We're Not in the Multiverse Anymore (X-Men/Narnia, Kitty): LJ

  21. Almost Soulmate (Original, Vred + Alik): LJ

  22. This Is the Way You Play the Game (MCU, Bobbi/Clint/Natasha): AO3

  23. Secrets (The Unusuals, Walsh/Beaumont): AO3

  24. Breeze (Original, Felise): LJ

  25. Laundry Day (X-Men Movieverse): LJ

  26. One Color (X-Men Movieverse, Jean/Scott): LJ

  27. Filling Spaces (616, Natasha + Liho): LJ

  28. Bubble Bath (616, Kate + Lucky): LJ

  29. Two Women and a Baby Shower (MCU/Leverage, Parker + Natasha/Clint): AO3 | LJ | Website

  30. Landline (616, Kate + Clint): LJ

  31. I'll Be Here When You Open Your Eyes (MCU, Clint + Natasha): LJ

  32. Picking the Family Pet: Spouse Supervision Required (Original): LJ

  33. The Wind Who Knows My Name (Original: Kingdoms and Thorn, Whisper): LJ

  34. On the Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses for Hair Care Products (MCU, Clint/Natasha): LJ

  35. Stay With Me Now (MCU, Bobbi/Clint): LJ

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What I'd like to do today/over the next few days:

  • Prettify my docket
  • Write A Game for the Gods
  • Sketch out One Good Storm, remixed
  • Beta a fic for a close fandom friend
  • Bookmark a bunch of 2009 fills on comment_fic

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend!

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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I love [ profile] geckoholic's new docket. I am seriously considering a redesign on my own. 
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  • So Scribd doesn't just have Marvel comics (if not Hawkeye and Black Widow :grumbles ominously: ), but it also had the first 8 Tortall books. Needing a break this weekend from stress, I read all the ones I hadn't yet. Unfortunately, my immediate foray toward fanfic afterward was disappointing.

  • There wasn't a new episode of Nashville this last week. Not happy but at least the season's not over. Just must be patient.

  • I got in my noms for [ profile] ficmountain.

  • I have two unrevealed exchange fics done and three assignments open, none of which are due this month.

  • Which means, I can focus on [ profile] trovia's fic. It's been coming, but I kept headbanging on a couple sticking points in plot (the dreaded waterloo), and am now off to knuckle down and get it into an arc for the characters.

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For those of you who are relatively new to me, plotting is not. my. thing.

At all.

I can plot you an emotional arc like no tomorrow, but throw in external goals and a bunch of them conflicting, and my head hits the desk and the fic takes literally years to write, even if it ends up quite good in the end.

This is why my collab rework and [ profile] trovia's fic are not yet done. Because I'm actually working hard on them and I'm having to plot.

I finally figured out I'll probably get further by plotting out the emotional arc, but the first one kind of requires I hammer out all the kinks in the external one.

I've been busy intentionally learning from my writing process on exchange fics and that includes plot. As I figure out what I'm doing on these, I'll proably post more.
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Back to my (potentially annoying) habit of informing you all of the random updates in my life.

  1. The house thing is finally done.

  2. My computer files are finally getting back into order.

  3. I am ready to canon review for my two original fiction projects and dive in.

  4. I've already finished more than 15K words this month, and that makes me very happy. Now, if I can only shape up some original stuff into acceptable collection/larger projects.

  5. I have three open assignments and a pinch hit to write, but I'm way ahead of deadline on that. I also 6 fics written and posted to their appropriate collections that are not yet revealed.

  6. If there is anything that can teach someone to write to a deadline and finish things if that someone does not have the inherent knack for it, it's gift exchanges. I highly recommend them.

  7. Total word count for the year of completed fic is 9 words shy of 40K.

Hope your writing year is coming along nicely!
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From paulandnocompany:

If you know what character you want, you can pick, or you can describe a character and I'll snag my closest match.

send me a number and i'll answer the questions with one of my ocs:

  1. How does your OC react when their rival is grovelling at their feet for their life?
  2. What’s the subtitle that accompanies your OC’s name during their dramatic intro?
  3. What incredibly lame thing does your OC do while thinking that it’s actually super cool?
  4. How would your OC react to meeting someone who is attempting to impersonate them?
  5. Would your OC try to weasel out of a genie wish limit with the wishing for more wishes bullshit?
  6. Exactly what amount of wealth would be enough to tempt your OC into doing something that is distasteful but not specifically against their moral code?
  7. What is the most unacceptable pun that someone would use in conversation with your OC?
  8. Would your OC eat cooked testicles assuming they’re prepared hygienically?
  9. If your OC attempted to clean their nails with a dagger like some sort of stereotypical fantasy badass would they accidentally cut themselves?
  10. How many days can your OC go without bathing before they can’t stand being in their own body anymore?

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I wrote fic or ficlets today for

  • The Unusuals

  • MCU, Bucky/Natasha, Bucky/Steve (in a way)

  • The Princess Bride

  • Hawkeye (Comics)

  • Vardin

They all gave me the same feeling, of being a little rusty at certain kinds of things that used to be well under my belt. I need to write more varied material again. I know I'm practicing writing longer fic and I know why, but yeah, it was very odd to have trouble writing bedroom scenes, very brief fic, or just plain Vardin at all.

Gotta fix that.


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