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Okay, obstinate. Some people are like, I WILL do this thing. I'm like, I WON'T do this thing, and in this case, it's I will not be defeated by an inanimate object story, so this fic can just kiss not being written goodbye.

So far, I've seen improvement in this morning's writing session. :pleased smile:

Now, I just have to eventually actually finish my FGE letter. I think I'm halfway through the "whole shebang" sections, which yeah, I know now why some people who are smart don't go overboard on bucket requests. Oh well.
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So I'm writing this fic for [ profile] geckoholic and have been for a ridiculous amount of time and it's Hawkeye and Hawkeye angsty, Kate gets hurt stuff. And I can't finish it. Anyone up for a bounce off their inbox that isn't gecko?
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And they're big, actiony ones. I've already skirted past two scenes I probably should have written out but am out of time to even consider that, and now I have to get these two when I still don't know one hundred percent how to get them there. But hey, it's only two scenes left and this thing will be a novelette at 17.5K+. Right now, I'm at 16K.
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Sidenote: I need an icon for Kingdoms and Thorn.

Main note:

I've finished a decent draft of chapter two out of three, and now just have roughly 5K more to do on the last chapter to make everything to come together in a satisfying way before end of Friday so I can post before end of Sunday and there's actually no time for a real beta.

:tries not to hyperventilate:

As you were, and may your writing be less down-to-the-minute than mine.

Did Work

Apr. 28th, 2015 01:54 pm
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I ficced, I commented, I posted, and now I'm exhausted and I'm still inventing new angles to try to tackle this [ profile] heroinebigbang draft that will not be written.

If you don't hear from me until the 30th, know that I'm working on this story.

:shakes head at Cate:
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The inside of my head is screaming with stories.

Shutting them up to quiet the floodgates, to open the pen to one and only one, shuts out all the voices, and I whimper as I wonder how many will flood back in if I open the door just the tiniest crack.

I open it. The first one in gets written. It may not be yours. It may not be due. It may not be the story I wanted to write. But it’s the one I can take in without greeting all its brothers and sisters and relatives with open arms.

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For those of you who are relatively new to me, plotting is not. my. thing.

At all.

I can plot you an emotional arc like no tomorrow, but throw in external goals and a bunch of them conflicting, and my head hits the desk and the fic takes literally years to write, even if it ends up quite good in the end.

This is why my collab rework and [ profile] trovia's fic are not yet done. Because I'm actually working hard on them and I'm having to plot.

I finally figured out I'll probably get further by plotting out the emotional arc, but the first one kind of requires I hammer out all the kinks in the external one.

I've been busy intentionally learning from my writing process on exchange fics and that includes plot. As I figure out what I'm doing on these, I'll proably post more.


Mar. 2nd, 2015 01:47 pm
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So I was just talking with [ profile] hiddencait the other day about scanning poetry metrically and syllabically and now I have to do it. I forgot how painful it can be.

I was flipping between iambs and trochees with the occasional anapest or dactyl for good measure and willy nilly between tetrameter and pentameter. The only thing I'd settle on was trimeter for the last line of each stanza.


I think I'm going about this all wrong. Poetry isn't the thing like prose, where I get it down and then I can make something of it. No, I have to get something good down and tweak or get it down all over again. It took seven tries to get "Name Me." Of course, that poem was also pages long.
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So I'm about halfway through my last MCU Ladies treat and it's another monster. :headdesk:

Why, oh why must my muse deliver me such fics?
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Side note: I am soooooo excited about the MCU Ladies Fic Exchange. I've been peeking at the tagslist for the currently approved stories, [ profile] tielan's been awesome, and I am super surprised and pleased with what I've written so far for the exchange. I don't often write what I term "agressively gen" fics, but I did for this one. I also wrote something mildly shippy, but that was also fun.

Now, if I can wrap this one last treat.

I had a nice simple hurt/comfort plot bunny and the sucker exploded on me. :headdesk: I finally resorted to what I had to do to get "Catch My Breath" moving along on the last possible day to write it. I hit the saved fanvids and music videos I've got bookmarked until something started inspiring me past the stallouts. Thankfully, this time I have three days to finish instead of one. I'd tell you the song, but that'd give away the fic on story reveals, so I'll keep it close to my chest and pray to heaven I pull off this story because there's no way I have the chops for it, so I'm going to have to grow them. I didn't ask for epic plotbunny, but it came along anyway.


Speaking of which, treating is open to anyone, signed up for the exchange or not. There are some super awesome requests, and the treats collection is open for submissions.
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So I've been clipping along at about 25K a month, mostly on short stuff and fanfic, though there is behind the scenes progress on the original stuff.

My goal for the year is about 500K and that will take me to about 300K.

Honestly, I'm pleased that I'm that high without the success and time I want to put toward all of this (we won't discuss the mitigating factors just now), but I really want to write a lot more and want to get some headway on my original fiction projects and quit having so much trouble when I'm trying to write anything by times and heading off for easy flash fic instead. I want to write my big pieces.

That said, I am trying to learn techniques from the pieces I'm working on now. I've raised my general word count by a few thousand words, so hopefully after this, I can apply those lessons to my two big pieces, then maybe get on to the whopping backload of WIP original stories I keep itching to run off and finish.

:le sigh:

Hope you're doing well with your writing goals!
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Original Fiction Sprawl

I finished loading in my two big original fiction projects to Scrivener last night and doing the first pass of canon review, which amounted to a light skim and no further, not enough I could even write a drabble yet, but girl, was it revelatory.

I think I figured out how these epic fantasy series sprawl so badly because there's 150K words that don't get where they need to go; they barely get anywhere at all.

During the course of a story, there's movement from point A to point B. Writers have two ways of adding motion: the characters do something or something happens. Doing something generally moves the plot/story arc in the right direction toward resolution. Something happening generally derails or provides an obstacle to the path toward resolution, thus is rather convenient when you need to open things up.

The first third of the book is usually all about opening things up and lots of things "happen." The second third is usually all about moving things forward, so whatever "happens" is usually either a direct reaction to the characters or directly shoving them into the action the author needs to get the story to point B. The final third is usually all about closing things down and things stop "happening" and it's all that direct causal chain with the characters.

When a writer feels the story pace start to lag and it's time for an event, they'll either make something happen, which drags the characters away from their goal, or they'll make the characters do/learn something, which drags the characters toward their goal.

Ladies, in this 150K, there's a whole lot of stuff happening and I can see why I kept trying to grind to a halt and plot so they would do things instead. I'm a writer that generally allows very little to "happen," which is probably why I also have very few stories longer than 3.5K.

Lessons learned. Let's see what I can do with this baby.

Learning from Writing to Order

Most people in the original fiction world learn these things from writing to guidelines and submitting, but I couldn't do it because rarely did the guidelines fit anything I wanted to write. I'm learning from writing in gift exchanges and bangs and challenges, and I've been focusing on writing fics longer than 5K heading toward 10K because I have a whole slew of original fics I want in that general territory.

In doing this, I've learned several things, some of which build upon stuff I already knew about my writing.

I've known for a while now that I write best when I have two prompts/ideas/sources of inspiration mingling into a single story. For example: Kingdoms and Thorn didn't happen until I combined the idea of mind-wiped, specially gifted, military operatives getting their freedom as young adults with the idea of a bunch of nations in a single city. Just one or the other wasn't enough to actually do it for me. For a fanfic example, let's go with "Monsters and Daisychains," an Agents of SHIELD fic that grew out of my reactions to the winter finale. It couldn't happen until I mixed the idea of what happened to Mack to what happened to Skye and how their point of similarity in that is her father. So yeah. I need two ideas generally.

How does that apply to what I've been learning lately? I hit Hawkeye comics and I blame a combination of Yuletide and [ profile] geckoholic. It certainly wasn't because I wanted to go there. I deliberately put off reading or dealing with Fraction until I was sure my concept of MCU Clint Barton/Hawkeye was solid and not going to get character bleed. Interestingly enough, it too required two concepts to come together. I'll hit a theme and a storyline or a premise and a concept, such as the Hawkeyes sharing minds and then Hawkeye itself being an AI ship in a space AU. To write a sequel or a new fic, I have to go beyond the original premise and add something else to it. In this case, I've got two sequels bumping around in my head, competing for space. They'll probably both get written. In the case of my soulmates AU for Clint/Natasha, I have no second idea to add to the sharing lifeforce concept that I've got left from the first three fics. Sequel will probably not get written.

So there's that.

Also, did you know I write out of order? I did but I didn't. To write more than 5K, I can't write in order very well. I just can't. If I story develop and don't write it as I go, I don't get the rest of the story. If I do get the rest of the story, I lose the ability to write the first part right because I waited too long. What works best for me is to write the things I know and bridge between them. Thematically, I'll know this scene happens and that needs to happen and this is what starts them on that path. How did they get to that starting point? How do they get from this point to that one?

I have finally renounced my linear writing ways I had before. They don't work for me. And I think that's going to be key to getting these big original fics done.

So I'm off to go write Purim Gifts fics and maybe get a start on [ profile] trovia's fic again while those Hawkeye fics percolate in the back of my brain. Have fun, y'all!
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So me and my muse aren't on what I'd call cooperative terms just now, but it did finally give me something for the poly fic. It's a start anyway. Considering I already had a sketch of this thing, it's kind of surprising how hard it's been fighting me.

Then again, I called Dowse and Bleed the story from inferno because even though I knew it inside and out, it fought me tooth and nail. That time the problem was the protagonist being so incredibly recalcitrant. This time, I think it's the subject matter. Or the fact that I tried to start from the beginning instead of the part actually pestering my brainspace. Hm.

And then I got a poem to open up [ profile] trovia's fic. Funny that. I got a poem to open the Open (pun not intended) and this whole thing wasn't supposed to have poetry, but it does, so there's that.

I signed up for the Once Upon a Fic exchange and the plot bunnies are hopping just from reading the letters. Popcorn muse much?

Then I got a cute little opening to a Bobbi/Clint ficlet, coffeeshop AU. I'll play with it after the polyfic's off my plate.

Hope everyone else's writing is going well. :hugs to y'all:
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So I don't plan everything, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Most of my creative work just happens between the nooks and crannies of my life. For example, this morning, I was thinking that I never write any song lyrics anymore and thought of Jemma and Fitz and next thing I know I have a song.

Siamese Hearts (lyrics) )
So I'd actually like to set this music and the whole gig too (I did record myself singing it :winces: ), but no time for that right now.

Then there's crossposting. I have my own website off of LJ where I was posting quite well and letting it crosspost here. But I generally don't post all my fandom stuff there and Yuletide hit. I have to rebuild the habit of putting content over there. Whoops. I'll get right on that. Next week. Maybe.

Yesterday, I also fired off a fic by accident. I need to have more of these accidents with fic that's actually on the docket. :headdesk:

Hope everyone's doing fairly well. :hugs and prayers and blessings to all of you:
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Apparently, yesterday was Thank a Critique Partner Day. Due to the huge load of computer-related (and other stuff I'm not talking about) things I had to do, I didn't stop and thank my critique partners, aka my betas.

First, I'm going to thank my beta. There's only one person I mean when I say it like that: [ profile] in_the_blue. I met her on her drabble community before it closed because we both loved 100 word stories. I fell in love with her original stuff probably at the same time that I liked what fannish stuff overlapped. She also runs the wonderful [ profile] ineedmyfics exchange, which was my first ever exchange and it was a great experience to teach me how those things worked.

She'll read almost anything, love me through even the stuff she goes, "back to the drawing board" on. She has a marvelous touch with language and grammar and story and character, and she usually manages to find every place I thought I wrote something and actually didn't. I love her. I love what she does to my fiction, how she pushes me to be the best I can be, and I adore that she lets me read her work even though I don't do line editing on long work the way I used to because her work is amazing. She's been professionally published, so I'm not the only one who thinks so either.

So thank you, [ profile] in_the_blue, for all you do for me, for my fiction, and for my sanity. You're a very precious lifeline of writerly friendship that I treasure.

Second, I'm going to thank [ profile] lithiumlaughter, who I have no one word for. She's the queen of poetry and literary analysis, she loves my home stomping grounds of X-Men related 'verses and got me hooked on MCU when I was trying pretty hard to hold out against it. She writes beautiful original fiction that I'm privileged to be allowed to read, and she has been my friend, my shoulder to cry on, my confab partner to discuss and meta with, and my fellow lover of all things Divergent series.

Honestly, I really don't know what I would do without you, m'dear. You don't just get my writings, you get me, and that has always meant so much. Thank you!

On a fannish note, thank you to all the members of the [ profile] be_compromised community who not only welcomed my forays into MCU with open arms but have blessed me with beta help when I do not want to pester my beta. I have 32 items on my finished ficlist for January, a single month. It's logistics why most of my work does not have a first reader.

[ profile] alphaflyer and [ profile] inkvoices, you dig deep and for that I'm so grateful. I know if I want the nitpickiest, most in character, on point assessment of MCU, I've got it in you. Plus, I cannot tell you how much I learn from reading your fiction and posts. So much love. [ profile] shenshen77, you have been a lifesaver and a sounding board so many times, I cannot thank you even close to enough. I can think of several fics that wouldn't exist if you hadn't saved me at the right moment from my own self doubts. And [ profile] findthesea, you also saved me at a moment of truth, on short notice, for which I'm deeply grateful.

There have been others, but you all have been there and are still there and are part of my community. I cannot tell you how much I thank you.
scribblemyname: (calligraphy) realize your fic has thematically led to your next chapter needing to be that canon moment everyone in your fandom, self included, has written to death.

Gah. No. :headdesk:
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  • I'm humming along on some great ideas for an overdue giftfic and a trope bingo completely different fandom au pops straight into my head and demands being written. Obviously, this would be the worst idea ever to stop, drop, and write it, so I write down the bit I've got (214 words, really?) and move back to giftfic. It's The Unusuals too, which is tough to ignore when you want to write them. It'll do nicely for my [community profile] trope_bingo too.

  • Once Upon a Fic ([ profile] once_upon_fic) is brainstorming noms and I shouldn't go there with another exchange, but yeah, the fic is about fairy tales, folk tales, and myths, all of which qualify as original fiction. Original fiction is good. I'm probably going to go there.

  • I dreamed up the perfect crossover birthday fic for [ profile] xenokattz (belated, again, sorry) and it also fits a trope bill.

  • But what I'm supposed to be doing right now is finishing the last half of [ profile] tigriswolf's giftfic, then the last half of my MCU Ladies Ficathon fic, then my last two December ficlets, then another Agents of SHIELD fic I started and want out on paper before it completely leaves my brain.

Yeah. Sure, scribbler. :rolls eyes at self: See? First world problems.

Hope your own writing (and probably original at that) is going well. Blessings!
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Made huge progress on fusion fic at last. Love you [ profile] alphaflyer and [ profile] in_the_blue for the encouragement right when I needed it.

Updated ficlist with a link to my 52 fills on a 6-word promptathon.

See y'all tomorrow!


Jan. 12th, 2015 12:03 pm
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I have three open sign ups and a trope bingo card claimed:

  1. [ profile] purimgifts

  2. [ profile] space_swap

  3. MCU Ladies Exchange

My computer hasn't made it into the shop due to financial/weather-related complications and I'm determined that tomorrow, it shall. Wish me blessings if you think of it.

[ profile] yuletide and [ profile] comment_fic have changed the way I think of fandom. I just wrote something for Luann (comics). Rarepair and rare fandoms pop up a lot more now.

I did get a day's worth of fills bookmarked for the latter comm, but crossposting was too tedious so I only got three of my own fills onto AO3. 195 to go. :headdesk:

After bouncing my fusion, I've scrapped what I've got and am trying again. I had a Yuletide fic that did this to me, but it came out all right in the end, so I'm hopeful.


Hope you all are doing well!
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So [ profile] morbane was taking questions and tossed this one back my way: What makes the difference between something you love and something you'd write fic for?

It's something I noticed a long time ago, that not everything that made my favorite list made the ficcable list. There are a few reasons and I'll start with the obvious exception. I generally don't fic sacred writings, by that I mean MY sacred writings. I adore mythology and always have and I adore reading Biblical fiction, but for some reason, it is very difficult for me to write, probably because it's not all that fictional to me. I have a certain irreverance toward the canon I fic. The more perfect it is, the less likely I am to write fanfic for it.

That goes beyond just sacred writings. One of my favorite books is Mister God, This is Anna. Never gonna happen. If I know a writer and their work is gobsmackingly amazing and perfect and I know they're going to write more that will be perfect (I'm looking at you, [ profile] in_the_blue and [ profile] haikujaguar), then I probably won't fic it. It's too good, too intimidating, and the author's going to write more that will be better than what I could come up with even if I dared to come up with something.

Thus far, when I don't fic something. But what about when I do?

Someone asked me once how to make their fiction amenable to ficcing, and the first thing I told them was you must leave icebergs. What makes me want to fic something is when there are little peeks in the canon begging for exploration, when there are questions and backstory and interesting, rich material between the lines, when a character says something like "love is for children" that I have to go and reconcile, when there are questions mixed in with the satisfaction, when I want and need more and don't see any signs of getting it. That's what makes me reach out and write it myself. That's what makes me fic.

I need to have something to say.

Some people write reviews. I write fic. Fanfic is how I interact with the text, explain it to myself, explain my theories to others, play with it because I want more and just ran out of canon. It's how I process canon.

Stories that I love that don't need extra processing, that don't make me ask questions or want to rant or rave or just plain talk back, don't get ficced. It's just about as simple as that.


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