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Title: First Fig

Fandom: X-Men Movieverse

Prompt: [ profile] arliddian, the improbability of forever.

Credits: "First Fig" was written by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Summary: Jews did not believe in the immortality of the soul, or at least not that the dead could love. Kitty did not believe in the immortality of fire.

"I mean, you can't love somebody forever," Jubilee was nattering on about Bobby's amorous (and ill-received) declaration to Rogue. "You can love them 'til the end, sure, but..."

Kitty frowned and shifted moodily, thoughts darkening and slithering away from her friend's words toward her own murky history. Could you love somebody for forever? She thought to herself bitterly, he couldn't even love her for two months.

Six weeks of headiness, hands touching her, tracing her hips, her shoulder, her lips. Dark corners on dark nights. They'd gone from a shared book of poetry in the library (hands meeting on the same book, glares, then reticent compromise) to reading all manner of literature to each other in their rooms. Kitty would never have guessed John had a serious streak and a creative genius to go with it. She never would have guessed she would find herself phasing soundlessly and unnoticed into his room just for the opportunity to hear his voice as he read, see his dark eyes smolder as he listened, then hear his soft, dark laugh, taste the bittersweet flavor of him when it became more than just words and fire between them.

Six weeks and his eyes darkened, his face closed, lighter crackling with tension. He was drawing away and the sweet faded into bitter.

"John," she would whisper when he was within her, stroke his hair, try to hold on. "Please." Soft murmurs against the darkness inside him.

He leaned down, gripped her harder, fingers stroking her hips, and kissed her. She was undone. Soft cries, arching uncontrollably. In, out, that breathless rhythm.

In the aftermath, she watched helplessly as flames danced within his palm, light flickering across his face, him lost in a world she could not see.

Kitty was no masochist. She knew when she had lost him and did not seek him out again after Alkali Lake. She cried in his room on his bed, remembering—first fig, first fig—then sobered up and moved on.

"Who cares?" Kitty suddenly demanded testily of Jubilee. "Who f—ing cares?" The words tasted dark but satisfying, like bitter chocolate, drunk with the lost sugar of six achingly beautiful weeks and the spicy aftertaste of pain.

Jubilee stared at her.

Kitty ignored her, stared fiercely at the well-worn book of poetry in her hand, scribbled-in, ink-spattered, and stained with ash. John's book.

Jews did not believe in the immortality of the soul, or at least not that the dead could love. Kitty did not believe in the immortality of fire. Ever-shifting, ever-changing.

But ah, my foes and oh, my friends—

It gives a lovely light.

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Gacked from Queen Katt "[ profile] xenokattz":

So, flist, if you also need a way to pass the day, give me fic/art prompts! Rules are
1) They must have an Avengers X-Men character (or two, or ten).
1.a) But feel free to include any other character from any other fandom you think I may be familiar with.
2) A line, 5 words or more, from any book/magazine/comic/pamphlet/newspaper/etc within reach of your left hand.
3) Food least likely to double as a weapon.
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I'm getting back into fandom. After this post, wasn't sure this would really happen again. Today, I've finished and posted the next chapter of Without a Trace and gotten a small chunk into the next chapter of Whisper. What happened?

This happened. I fell in love with Awake, a new procedural in which the "procedural" is really not the point at all. Detective Michael Britten was in a car accident with his wife and son and split into two separate realities: one in which Hannah, his wife, is alive and another in which Rex, his son, is alive. The duel storylines are heartwrenching, especially as he is the only one who walks in both worlds. Amazing. Must-see. Highly recommend. I even asked to add the category (they did), just don't have anything to put up there yet.

I reread Blind Sight. I forgot how amazing this story is: it's the guilds and Operation Zero Tolerance and nuanced and rich and amazing, and it got Rogue and Remy whispering to my muse again.

I've kind of missed my fandom friends who aren't into original stuff and so it's nice to be back, but at the same time, I really can't afford to lose much time to it that I should be using on paying fiction.


Not sure how to make that dynamic work, but here goes to my fangirl. She's on the loose again.
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So, I've been meming over at [ profile] in_the_blue's and [ profile] xenokattz's journals and this twosome appeared (and suggest to me that there ought to be more :headdesk: ). Hope you like.

1. True Love's First Kiss
2. Objection

He'd met the girl three months ago in the Thieves Guild's favorite meeting place, a local club that all of New Orleans that knew such things knew belonged to a retired Thief. She'd been looking for a change of pace, she said, getting over the Cure gone wrong, not that she ever told anybody what her mutation was.
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From [ profile] likeadeuce:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

A/N: Now, I'm sure you all realize that there is absolutely no way that I can or should list every. single. WIP. I got for some obvious reasons (sheer volume), but I'll do the first three sentences of the next chapters of WIPs in my Doc Manager.

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So World?

Jan. 15th, 2012 02:14 pm
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So on, they've added a World field, so we can divide our X-Movie fics up by movie. I just sent in a couple questions regarding the lack of Wolverine Origins and whether they'll set it up so we can do more than one world, but all in all, a good thought there.
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Title: Because of What Used to Be
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Author's Notes: for [ profile] in_the_blue - Hope you like.
Summary: Erik had tried once before to lay down the path of the sword, but he could not. Because of what used to be.

"Why don't you go for it?" Raven asked Erik curiously.

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Title: Right Here, Right Now
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Author's Notes: for whipsy
Summary: All they had was now.

They didn't talk about his past. Read more... )

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Title: It was Bound to Happen
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Author's Notes: for [ profile] whipsy - Not a romance, but fun nevertheless.
Summary: Raven, Charles, and Emma crash the adult-only dinner party downstairs.

Two rich kids ignored utterly by their rich parents with the same sense of entitlement and the same level of skill at the same exact mutation were bound to either love or hate each other almost upon sight. Read more... )
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Title: Hearts in a Crossroad
Fandom: X-Men Comicverse
Author's Notes: for ruroca57 - Hope this hits that sweet spot!
Summary: Some things are worth going back for. Rogue/Gambit, Rogue/Magneto

A ringing cellphone woke her. Her cellphone. Rogue groaned and wriggled her fingers out from under the covers and her bedmate's arm and reached for the phone, turning her whole body toward it.

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Title: Snakes and Ladders
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Author's Notes: for [ profile] arliddian.
Summary: They never could meet in the middle. Kitty/Pyro

She hit him and he hit her and they never managed to come down in the middle.Read more... )
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Title: The More Things Change
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Author's Notes: for [ profile] trovia - not as well done as I'd like, but here it is.
Summary: Some things never change. Erik + Logan


Driving toward the coordinates Hank had pulled from Cerebro, Erik found himself wondering at the position he found himself in.

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Cheering myself up. Here goes...

Story: Troika
Story Arc: Twisted
Summary: They wanted the same things. Erik/Raven/Charles drabble
Prompt: heat from [ profile] firstclass100:

Read more... )

Story: The World in His Mind
Summary: Found, I didn't know you were lost. Charles + Raven, Charles + Erik
Prompt: lost and found from [ profile] 100wordstories

Read more... )

Story Title: Shades in Blue
Chapter Title: 8. Promiscuity
Story Summary: Shades of meaning and moments of significance between Erik and Raven. A series of drabbles.

Read more... )

So much for no angst. :rolls eyes:
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Habit [Raven/Erik] | for [ profile] rubynye
Raven likes to show Erik who isn't boss.

Bedtime Story [Raven + Charles] | for [ profile] copperiisulfate
Tell me a story, Charles.

Let Us Reason Together [3/?] | for [ profile] likeadeuce
Far be it from school headmasters and headmistresses to use reason in their decisions... Charles/Emma

Want [Raven/Hank] | for [ profile] electrumqueen
She wanted him, hairy feet and all.

Little Lost Birds [Jean + Charles + Erik] | for [ profile] electrumqueen
She did not understand why Charles loved the other girls better than he loved her.
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So I recently did four icon challenges and had a lot of leftover icons. Here they are!

001 - 024 Take the Lead
025 - 034 Charles/Emma
035 - 037 Erik and Kitty
038 - 045 Erik/Raven
046 - 050 Rogue

Total Icon Count: 50


Icons Here! )

For all of my icons, please visit Whispers.

Rogue Icons

Oct. 7th, 2011 09:17 am
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For [ profile] femme20in20. Credit nice but not required. Use freely.

despair hope loneliness mute play
power pride rewind volume weakness

category #1 category #2 category #3 category #4 category #5

artist's choice #1 artist's choice #2 artist's choice #3 artist's choice #4 artist's choice #5
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So... I just put up my Completed Fanfics Index and noticed I have some under-represented pairings.

Accepting any prompts for the following:

X-Men: Evolution

X-Men Movieverse
Charles/Emma: "Dysfunction"
Hank/Raven (yes, I'm working on a multi-part, but it's not done)
Logan/Storm: "Empty Spaces"

If there's something else I don't write a lot (or at all) and you want to see (pref. in a fandom on the list), feel free to prompt for it. Images, music, quotes, whatever. I'll write a drabble or commentfic.


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