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  1. Secret Project #1 has finally started to come together.

  2. Secret Writing Projects have definitively not.

  3. Same for crossovering and fandom growth exchange fics.

  4. I’ve got a chapter to read for a friend and have been tired with the snifflies all day (wild temperature swings and that time of month mostly).

Looking forward to the weekend. May yours be great!

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On fannish things:

  1. my recipient may hate this story as much as I don’t love it, but I am going to finish it, so help me

  2. I’m going to have to write Maria + her gen relationships in most situations, because I actually want to write tielan some Maria Hill, but every time MCU gets me even slightly interested in Steve, they then go and ruin it. I’m never going to love his character, so I’m going to accept that and resolve to write more gen. I do like gen. I just wanted to write shipfic. 🙁

On conlang things:

  1. I updated my consonant phonology table: basically does a much better job with the clicks

  2. I did other work in a notebook that hasn’t been digitalized yet

On real life:

  1. We’re moving in a week. I’m not ready. :screams:

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Like lots of stuff:

Now, I just need to start my reading for the month. 🙂


May. 9th, 2017 09:01 pm
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Rather than do something productive and useful with today’s break time, I worked on documenting the teams in Kingdoms and Thorn here: Which is especially interesting because it’s just a high level anyway. It’s not all the actual stories and relationships, just stuff to help me remember who’s who at a glance. Most of which I already know off the top of my head pretty much always. :sigh:

That said, I did actually write a snippet of fic that’s been bouncing in my head for two days. It just doesn’t belong to anything I’ve been trying to finish or the two longer stories also bouncing in my head with the same characters.

If they didn’t arrive three at a time, I might get fiction written faster, you know. :headdesk:


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