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I have a ton of catch up to do in reading, writing, work, and my other work because I was literally out sick for an entire week and pretty miserable 50% or more of the time until today.


Got a fic done that was due tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. It's not quite what I wanted (they were up for an M rating and I was in the mood to write one, but no dice when the fingers finally scribbled), but it's good, I think and something they wanted and partially what I wanted, so I'm good with that.

Now a few more fics to write, a prompt masterlist to update, the EMAILS I haven't sent anybody, and two books to read.


Throw me a rope every now and then, lest I drown. :cheerfully dives in:
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Original Fiction Sprawl

I finished loading in my two big original fiction projects to Scrivener last night and doing the first pass of canon review, which amounted to a light skim and no further, not enough I could even write a drabble yet, but girl, was it revelatory.

I think I figured out how these epic fantasy series sprawl so badly because there's 150K words that don't get where they need to go; they barely get anywhere at all.

During the course of a story, there's movement from point A to point B. Writers have two ways of adding motion: the characters do something or something happens. Doing something generally moves the plot/story arc in the right direction toward resolution. Something happening generally derails or provides an obstacle to the path toward resolution, thus is rather convenient when you need to open things up.

The first third of the book is usually all about opening things up and lots of things "happen." The second third is usually all about moving things forward, so whatever "happens" is usually either a direct reaction to the characters or directly shoving them into the action the author needs to get the story to point B. The final third is usually all about closing things down and things stop "happening" and it's all that direct causal chain with the characters.

When a writer feels the story pace start to lag and it's time for an event, they'll either make something happen, which drags the characters away from their goal, or they'll make the characters do/learn something, which drags the characters toward their goal.

Ladies, in this 150K, there's a whole lot of stuff happening and I can see why I kept trying to grind to a halt and plot so they would do things instead. I'm a writer that generally allows very little to "happen," which is probably why I also have very few stories longer than 3.5K.

Lessons learned. Let's see what I can do with this baby.

Learning from Writing to Order

Most people in the original fiction world learn these things from writing to guidelines and submitting, but I couldn't do it because rarely did the guidelines fit anything I wanted to write. I'm learning from writing in gift exchanges and bangs and challenges, and I've been focusing on writing fics longer than 5K heading toward 10K because I have a whole slew of original fics I want in that general territory.

In doing this, I've learned several things, some of which build upon stuff I already knew about my writing.

I've known for a while now that I write best when I have two prompts/ideas/sources of inspiration mingling into a single story. For example: Kingdoms and Thorn didn't happen until I combined the idea of mind-wiped, specially gifted, military operatives getting their freedom as young adults with the idea of a bunch of nations in a single city. Just one or the other wasn't enough to actually do it for me. For a fanfic example, let's go with "Monsters and Daisychains," an Agents of SHIELD fic that grew out of my reactions to the winter finale. It couldn't happen until I mixed the idea of what happened to Mack to what happened to Skye and how their point of similarity in that is her father. So yeah. I need two ideas generally.

How does that apply to what I've been learning lately? I hit Hawkeye comics and I blame a combination of Yuletide and [ profile] geckoholic. It certainly wasn't because I wanted to go there. I deliberately put off reading or dealing with Fraction until I was sure my concept of MCU Clint Barton/Hawkeye was solid and not going to get character bleed. Interestingly enough, it too required two concepts to come together. I'll hit a theme and a storyline or a premise and a concept, such as the Hawkeyes sharing minds and then Hawkeye itself being an AI ship in a space AU. To write a sequel or a new fic, I have to go beyond the original premise and add something else to it. In this case, I've got two sequels bumping around in my head, competing for space. They'll probably both get written. In the case of my soulmates AU for Clint/Natasha, I have no second idea to add to the sharing lifeforce concept that I've got left from the first three fics. Sequel will probably not get written.

So there's that.

Also, did you know I write out of order? I did but I didn't. To write more than 5K, I can't write in order very well. I just can't. If I story develop and don't write it as I go, I don't get the rest of the story. If I do get the rest of the story, I lose the ability to write the first part right because I waited too long. What works best for me is to write the things I know and bridge between them. Thematically, I'll know this scene happens and that needs to happen and this is what starts them on that path. How did they get to that starting point? How do they get from this point to that one?

I have finally renounced my linear writing ways I had before. They don't work for me. And I think that's going to be key to getting these big original fics done.

So I'm off to go write Purim Gifts fics and maybe get a start on [ profile] trovia's fic again while those Hawkeye fics percolate in the back of my brain. Have fun, y'all!
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Made huge progress on fusion fic at last. Love you [ profile] alphaflyer and [ profile] in_the_blue for the encouragement right when I needed it.

Updated ficlist with a link to my 52 fills on a 6-word promptathon.

See y'all tomorrow!
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2013 was the year of my 365-day challenge in which I attempted to write one piece of prompted fiction or poetry per day. 2014 was defnitely the year of the Gift Exchange, in which I did more promptathons, prompt communities, writing challenges, and gift exchanges than ever before.

Invisible Ficathon

Fandoms: Averil's Atonement — Anne Shirley (fictional book); It Was a Dark and Stormy Night - Snoopy (fictional novel); The Havenite 'Faxes Colloquially Known as "Smutsies", Preston of the Spaceways (Fictional Show), Manticoran Holodramas (Fictional Entertainment), Honor Harrington Series - David Weber; The Stonebender Family stories by Jubal Harshaw

[7 stories & 2 poems, 6985 words]

Remix Madness

Fandom: Iron Man (movies)

[1 story, 369 words]

Be Compromised Remix Exchange

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe; Firefly

[2 stories, 6161 words]

Rare Pair Fest

Fandoms: Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis; Marvel Cinematic Universe

[2 stories, 2128 words]

Trope Bingo

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe; Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol; X-Men (Movieverse); Firefly

I wrote a ton for this one because you could write for other challenges, fests, and exchanges with it, but counting only the stuff that was written for Trope Bingo and not appearing in the other counts here. (The link is everything but the Tumblr stuff [The Unusuals/Little Trip to Heaven], including overlap.)

[20 stories & 2 poems, 35,770 words; also 1 fanmix and several tumblr photosets with meta snippets]

Be Compromised Promptathon (of which I have some leftover to finish writing)

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe; a smattering of comicsverse

[28 stories, 22,861 words]

Comment Fic Community (with more than 100 not yet crossposted :headdesk: )

Fandoms: Too many to list - no, really

Some of these are counted under Trope Bingo and one under the Promptathon, but that's because I'm not counting these. I have more than 100 not crossposted and those that are appear here.

Be Compromised Secret Santa

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

[1 story, 7,074 words]

Holiday Requests (of which, again, I have 2 more to write)

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe; Leverage; X-Men: Evolution

[6 stories, 3,281 words]


Fandoms: The Unusuals, Nashville, Unusual Dragon Hoards - iguanamouth, Divergent series - Veronica Roth, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Hawkeye (comics), Endgame (TV)

Drabble Fandoms: Gotham (TV), The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgsen Burnett, Sovay (Traditional Song), Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery, Black Widow (comics), Conscientious Objector - Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Prince of Egypt, Queen's Thief series - Megan Whalen Turner, Good Will Hunting, Austin and Murry-O'Keefe Families - Madeleine L'Engle, The People - Zenna Henderson, Emma - Jane Austen

[9 stories & 30 drabbles, 15,243 words]

Aside from this roughly 100K worth of completed fanfic, there's a whole lot that had nothing to do with exchanges and/or fanfic. I think it's safe to say though that this was the most significant portion of my output.
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  • I updated the links at the top of my LiveJournal account to reflect my regular website and my profiles on, Archive of our Own, Amazon, and Twitter.

  • I finished putting together a rough draft of When the Clock Chimes, a fiction and poetry collection.

  • I'm kneedeep in my challenge fic that I should be done with. :headdesk: Think good thoughts for me please! ETA: Finally done! Yay!

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So, I’ve been wondering if I can pull off finishing a full-length book (novella, novel, who cares), and then Nano rolls around. Brilliant! But now I have to pick one.

City of Glass

A serialized novel about glass, nanotech, and space. The women of the Alliance seem bound by the world they live in: space ships and colonies, schools and councils, the cities of glass and steel. What happens when the glass cracks?


A family she never knew, a lover she never wanted, a power she never dreamed of.

Alexia Henry knows her father is remarried, but it comes as a surprise when he takes her on his journey to explore a mysterious phenomenon in the French Pyrenees that may lead to her mother’s homeland. Dreams comes to life, long-forgotten stories become reality, and the only way to Vardin is through the storm.

Either? Neither? Something else you’ve been wanting me to write?

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Title: First Fig

Fandom: X-Men Movieverse

Prompt: [ profile] arliddian, the improbability of forever.

Credits: "First Fig" was written by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Summary: Jews did not believe in the immortality of the soul, or at least not that the dead could love. Kitty did not believe in the immortality of fire.

"I mean, you can't love somebody forever," Jubilee was nattering on about Bobby's amorous (and ill-received) declaration to Rogue. "You can love them 'til the end, sure, but..."

Kitty frowned and shifted moodily, thoughts darkening and slithering away from her friend's words toward her own murky history. Could you love somebody for forever? She thought to herself bitterly, he couldn't even love her for two months.

Six weeks of headiness, hands touching her, tracing her hips, her shoulder, her lips. Dark corners on dark nights. They'd gone from a shared book of poetry in the library (hands meeting on the same book, glares, then reticent compromise) to reading all manner of literature to each other in their rooms. Kitty would never have guessed John had a serious streak and a creative genius to go with it. She never would have guessed she would find herself phasing soundlessly and unnoticed into his room just for the opportunity to hear his voice as he read, see his dark eyes smolder as he listened, then hear his soft, dark laugh, taste the bittersweet flavor of him when it became more than just words and fire between them.

Six weeks and his eyes darkened, his face closed, lighter crackling with tension. He was drawing away and the sweet faded into bitter.

"John," she would whisper when he was within her, stroke his hair, try to hold on. "Please." Soft murmurs against the darkness inside him.

He leaned down, gripped her harder, fingers stroking her hips, and kissed her. She was undone. Soft cries, arching uncontrollably. In, out, that breathless rhythm.

In the aftermath, she watched helplessly as flames danced within his palm, light flickering across his face, him lost in a world she could not see.

Kitty was no masochist. She knew when she had lost him and did not seek him out again after Alkali Lake. She cried in his room on his bed, remembering—first fig, first fig—then sobered up and moved on.

"Who cares?" Kitty suddenly demanded testily of Jubilee. "Who f—ing cares?" The words tasted dark but satisfying, like bitter chocolate, drunk with the lost sugar of six achingly beautiful weeks and the spicy aftertaste of pain.

Jubilee stared at her.

Kitty ignored her, stared fiercely at the well-worn book of poetry in her hand, scribbled-in, ink-spattered, and stained with ash. John's book.

Jews did not believe in the immortality of the soul, or at least not that the dead could love. Kitty did not believe in the immortality of fire. Ever-shifting, ever-changing.

But ah, my foes and oh, my friends—

It gives a lovely light.

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Reaction Shots: Red

Fandom: Awake
Author's Note: for [ profile] lithiumlaughter
Title: The Bridge
Summary: Hannah didn't want to know. She was completely cut off from it, and it hurt too terribly much.

Hannah didn't really know what to believe. Maybe Michael really did somehow magically cross that barrier from one world into another where their son still lived.


She didn't want to know. She couldn't stand to know, because she was completely cut off from it, and it hurt too terribly much.

She wondered sometimes why Michael was so much stronger, but he was the one who got to hold Rex and tell him he loved him one last time. "You're the last part of Rex I have," she'd told him. If she was ever brave enough to use that bridge again.

Tell him I love him.

I will.

Title: Orphan
Summary: Emma didn't even have the benefit of the normal warning signs.

Emma didn't even have the benefit of the normal warning signs. She figured it out after she went more than two months without a period.

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh—

Outwardly, she was calm. That's how she was taught to be, and she saw no reason to change that now. She just had to tell her parents and think this through and write a letter of complaint to the manufacturer of her favored birth control.

—man. The man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with is dead. He's gone, and I'm—

She could do this. She could be strong and raise a child by herself. Mothers did it all the time, and so many of those kids turned out great. So many widows or divorcees who did just fine.


Emma laid her head on her hands and cried.

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Suitably Arrayed
Shadowcat | Pyro ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] arliddian
Finding the right attire for a date with Pyro is not as easy as it ought to be.

Rogue | Bobby ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] whipsy
Bobby was her husband. Her husband. She should want to see him, hold him in her arms again, hear his quiet laughter, see the love shining in his eyes.

10 Questions You'd Never Guess the Answer To
Olivier LeBeau ~ X-Men: Movieverse
Olivier's answers on a school assignment about his parents, Rogue and Gambit, are just a wee surprising.

"The Boys of Summers Have Gone"
Scott | Alex | Xavier ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] xenokattz
Can't kill a Summers. "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win."

In Search of the Perfect Cupcake
Pyro | Shadowcat ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] arliddian
St. John Allerdyce was certainly no cook, but even he knew the simple, innocent cupcake was a weapon of mass destruction of digestion and appetites in the hands of his petite, enthusiastic lady love.

Rogue | Gambit ~ X-Men: Evolution
for [ profile] whipsy
Logan shook his head. "If you two can't compromise, find some other way to meet in the middle before you tear each other apart."

Four/Tobias ~ Divergent Trilogy
We are trained to remember. We are trained to forget.

Pyro | Shadowcat ~ X-Men: Movieverse
for [ profile] arliddian
Who ever thought we'd come to this? Shadowcat and Pyro find refuge in a post-Cure world.
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I'm getting back into fandom. After this post, wasn't sure this would really happen again. Today, I've finished and posted the next chapter of Without a Trace and gotten a small chunk into the next chapter of Whisper. What happened?

This happened. I fell in love with Awake, a new procedural in which the "procedural" is really not the point at all. Detective Michael Britten was in a car accident with his wife and son and split into two separate realities: one in which Hannah, his wife, is alive and another in which Rex, his son, is alive. The duel storylines are heartwrenching, especially as he is the only one who walks in both worlds. Amazing. Must-see. Highly recommend. I even asked to add the category (they did), just don't have anything to put up there yet.

I reread Blind Sight. I forgot how amazing this story is: it's the guilds and Operation Zero Tolerance and nuanced and rich and amazing, and it got Rogue and Remy whispering to my muse again.

I've kind of missed my fandom friends who aren't into original stuff and so it's nice to be back, but at the same time, I really can't afford to lose much time to it that I should be using on paying fiction.


Not sure how to make that dynamic work, but here goes to my fangirl. She's on the loose again.
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So there’s something to be said for this writing by numbers game, though sometimes I wish it was easier to make cooperate. Let’s talk muses, those silly parts of ourself that define which aspects of our minds are actually in use.

Read the rest of this entry  )

Originally published at Liana Mir. You can comment here or there.

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So, I've been meming over at [ profile] in_the_blue's and [ profile] xenokattz's journals and this twosome appeared (and suggest to me that there ought to be more :headdesk: ). Hope you like.

1. True Love's First Kiss
2. Objection

He'd met the girl three months ago in the Thieves Guild's favorite meeting place, a local club that all of New Orleans that knew such things knew belonged to a retired Thief. She'd been looking for a change of pace, she said, getting over the Cure gone wrong, not that she ever told anybody what her mutation was.
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Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Title: To Be Wild
Summary: What are sisters for? Ravenfic
Length: ~200
Prompt: [ profile] starsparkle333 | Give me an inch / I promise I'll take a mile / Danger is beauty / I'll face it with a smile / / I'm on a mission / With no restrictions / Don't second guess myself / I'm born to be wild

danger is beauty

Read more... )

Letter Time

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:02 pm
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Dear Muse:

Not copascetic (sp?). I have a fic due yesterday for [ profile] ladies_fest. Now is not the time to hit me over the head with a fantabulous angsty original romance short with a possible market of Strange Horizons. Got it?

the scribbler
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• So successfully participated in three icon challenges.

[ profile] pairing20in20: Raven/Erik
[ profile] femme20in20: Rogue
[ profile] film20in20: Take the Lead
I have a bunch of extra icons from the making of them, so I'll try and post those... Eventually.

• Updated a bunch of LJ fiction and a little fiction/crossposting.

Dorm Daddy Driver's Ed for [ profile] lithiumlaughter
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for
Some people really did need to learn how to drive.

Pedestal: Chapter 29
Betting touch wasn't supposed to be addictive. Romy drabbles

Iterations of Trust for [ profile] 100wordstories
Trust must grow organically. You can't force it. Five drabbles.
LJ Prompt Order Post or Reordered for

Deadly for [ profile] in_the_blue
Own your own power. Stand-alone drabble: 100 words.
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for

Made of Flame for [ profile] arliddian
She made him what he was, then let him go. Kyro
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for

Empty Spaces for [ profile] trovia
Winter is not cold. Logan/Storm
LJ Comment Thread or Cleaned Up for
• Edited/Consolidated

The Domestics 0a: The Way to a Girl's Heart
Charles always did know the way to a girl's heart. Spans pre-XMFC to post-X3. [Charles + Raven siblings, St. John/Kitty, Charles/Emma, slight Charles/Moira] | Formerly The Way to a Girl's Heart, Chocolate for a Lady, and Yes (last not integrated quite yet)

The Domestics 3: Family Matters
"Since ya hadn't noticed, swamp rat, Ah'm pregnant, tahred, and tryin' ta sleep at three o'clock in the mornin!" Rogue and Gambit's adventure of going from two to three. Four-shot. | Formerly An Innocent Misunderstanding, Kiss and Make Up, One Out of Three, and Family Matters

Snippets from a world that hates and fears them. A series of drabbles and very short one-shots. [Charles, Erik, Raven, Jubilee, Kitty/Pyro] | Formerly All Things to All People, Humanity of the Cured, Fighting Dystopia, and Refuge.
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Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Title: To Be Wild
Summary: What are sisters for? Raven
Length: ~1300
Prompt: [ profile] starsparkle333 | Give me an inch / I promise I'll take a mile / Danger is beauty / I'll face it with a smile / / I'm on a mission / With no restrictions / Don't second guess myself / I'm born to be wild

I promise I'll take a mile

Forgetting wasn't a luxury any of them indulged in. Not Erik—those years hunting his personal nightmares down until every last one of them was dead were not some deviation from his character. Not Charles—he couldn't hold to hope if he didn't hold to the memories that made it possible, the times spent laughing in the sun with a little blue girl who made him feel one day, no mutant child would ever have to be alone. Not Raven—memory was the key to illusion, and illusion was her one tool, her one gift, her one form of controlling a world that had always caged her in.

Read more... )
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Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Title: To Be Wild
Summary: What are sisters for? Raven
Length: ~300 words
Prompt: [ profile] starsparkle333 | Give me an inch / I promise I'll take a mile / Danger is beauty / I'll face it with a smile / / I'm on a mission / With no restrictions / Don't second guess myself / I'm born to be wild

give me an inch

He always kept the welcome mat out for her, when she showed up, small blue elf in tow and asked for him to be placed in a good home anywhere that neither of their ideologies reigned; when she showed up, battered and bruised from one too many raids on one too many top-secret, mutant-experimenting facilities, not a word across her lips how many people she had killed (he found that out later from Havok's clean-up mission to discover the place had been blown to smithereens, workers still inside), and when she showed up, angry and hurt because Erik had bandaged all the hurt places Azazel had left behind, then turned around and fathered twins on Magda and proclaimed her the love of his life.

Charles never could turn anyone away.

Alex backed away wary. She let him, until the night she found him rocking a tiny, blue-tailed baby in his arms. She looked at him and smiled. Alex did not trust the smile.

Sean ignored her when he could, but he found it tough to ignore her those three weeks she spent recovering with them before Alex learned the truth. Raven had always liked his favorite ice cream; they used to bond over rocky road. One night, one kitchen. He gave an inch.

Hank would sometimes reach out tentatively, to be greeted in return with white smiles in her blue skin and reassured, once more, she found him more attractive for all that made him mutant than for all that had once let him hide.

Just one inch.

Azazel's baby. The death of one hundred and forty-two humans she clearly cared nothing about (raised eyebrows, infinitesimal shrug). One more rebound from one more rejection from one more man that had promised her the world. Betrayal after betrayal, but Charles never could turn anyone away.
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Story Title: Lonely
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse AU
Summary: They pretend they aren't two of the loneliest people in the world. Rogue/Remy

He pretends he hasn't been exiled from his wife for the last ten years. She pretends her husband hasn't been in a coma for the last seven.

They pretend they aren't two of the loneliest people in the world.

She laughs over her Starbucks frappaccino. He smiles over his diner black.

If their eyes linger too long on each other's hands, eyes, and mouths, neither admits it. If his hand brushes her shoulder when he helps her out of her chair, neither comments. If they dance too close, too slow, and too long and wish this world wasn't pretend...



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