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And I spent most of my time this weekend reading and commenting and giving kudos for the Exchanges After Dark discord server’s birthday bash, which was a badfic and badart exchange. I have not yet doled out comment replies.

General update on the year’s writing goals (which I still haven’t gone back and finished adding stats for last year :grimace: ). Thirteen days in and we’re at:

  • 14 ficlets: 2 original, 12 fanfic

  • 54 original passing poems and 2 fannish bad poems that I am not counting

  • 0 short stories

And technically a little novel work too, which is good. So in short, not a bad start but not quite where I want to be. Still, I’m grateful.

I need to put a day of treating in on Fandom Stocking, I have a shortlist of candidates but yesterday, my brain wanted to write crack and uh, yeah, not what was requested. Also, can’t wait to shift to treating Chocolate Box.

I’m still reading Sun Knight. Hulu has been in and out and my favorite overstimulated-right-now crash method of watching singing competition shows has been largely cut off. I’m not happy. Also, since when did one trip to the nearby grocery store wipe me out this bad? Gotta do something to get my nerves back under control. I lost two hours to aftermath coping.

Hope you’re all doing well!

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So the intention is to write a lot of fic this year, which means when you get an AO3 notification:

  • stories by Liana Mir are original fiction

  • stories by Remember When are potentially objectionable to someone I know is subscribed to me or just don’t quite feel like my usual stuff in my own extremely subjective opinion

  • stories by scribblemyname are my usual fic and usually M-rated or below, fandoms are wide and varied

  • stories by WriteItSmall are 350 words or less, regardless of content or rating but not original

If any of these aren’t to your taste, just ignore stuff by that pseud please!

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  1. write that last comment for the remix

  2. finish my chocobox letter

  3. do work for work 😥

  4. write a couple ficlets or get that story for morne whipped into shape (it’s fighting me)

Also note to self that I really want to finish Sun Knight before Chocobox is over so I can treat it.
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I’m supposed to have done a wrap-up post by now, but counting things is tedious and I’m not done because Chocobox letter in progress and outstanding comments come first. That said, goals for the new year:

  1. Write 1000 poems, or about 3/day on average

  2. Write 52 short stories, or 1/week on average

  3. Write a drabble or ficlet a day on average, or 6/week (short stories count as one)

I’m hoping to also keep better track of what I’m up to this year, though tracking backwards remains a bit tedious.

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  1. sinti • verb, to do something reckless and ill-advised

  2. ndaji • verb, to fool, deceive, or trick someone

  3. à- • prefix, else, as in àvì, elsewhen

  4. ibas • noun, bread, charitable giving, alms

  5. ra • auxiliary verb, negates main verb, e.g. ahuá ira, “we weren’t asked”; incorporated as -r-, negates incorporating verb or noun, e.g. obrugáshi, “he’s no lover to me”; ágrato, “you didn’t meet with me”

  6. tagilit • noun, lit. “the small night, losing someone while they remain alive or happy, e.g. a breakup or falling out with someone, moving away and losing touch with someone, a drifting apart

  7. ataglito • verb, to lose touch with or lose a relationship with someone, connotes a desired relationship or not intentionally initiating the break

  8. kobi • noun, playing piece (in a game)

  9. iharàsh • noun, buyer or purchaser in a transaction

  10. iharáshi • verb, to be the designated trader or purchaser for another person, caravan, business, or organization, etc., implies being a representative of wealth

  11. ishot • noun, money

  12. ishotaget • payday, lit. “of money-night”

  13. veste • adj., wet, lit. “bewatered”

  14. idigàsh • noun, teller, speaker

  15. aklotabanglo • verb, lit. “to blood-bury”, to cover up, to hide something

  16. tagehlosi • adj. lit. “night-minded”, grieving, depressed

  17. ibre’digàsh • noun, whisperer, informant, someone who tells secrets

  18. abestigo • verb, to say in a hidden manner, to imply or intimate (for the hearer’s benefit), to threaten by implication or subtext

  19. iklati • noun, paint

  20. iklatàsh • noun, painter

  21. ihlakosàsh • noun, a player currently participating in a game

  22. soh • adjective, for a long time or having some history, of some years of age, e.g. asàsi soh, “I’ve missed you for a long time”

  23. ieseb • noun, the core area or heart of a city, either the most important to its modern functioning or the original part of it that persists

  24. vote • noun, north

  25. votànta • to be northward (from something)

  26. ikhus • noun, mountain

  27. ikhusebet • noun, mountain range

  28. shinungahe • resultative, (it’s) probably passed

  29. anungo • verb, to pass, to go by

  30. -gahe • suffix, probably, lit. “should true”

  31. usàti • adjective, (of a person) holding too much unofficial power to wisely oppose

  32. samekle • adj., polite and honorable

  33. brekesamekle • adj., sympathetic but not in overt support

  34. itos • def. noun, the rock, especially a large one; boulder

  35. toste • adj., burdened

  36. toset • 1. adj., heavy or difficult to carry or move; 2. adv., strenuous

  37. (i)takoset • adj., administrative, clerical, bureaucratic

  38. abaeshekho • verb, to study

  39. ibirit • noun, story or level of a building; an upper story, balcony, or overlook

  40. mashakhiet • adj., worshipful, reverential in a romantic or sexual context

  41. itokh • [ itox ] • noun, the local trade

  42. itakhet • [ itaxɛt ] • noun, trade with foreigners, the open market, exports

  43. ichoto • [ itʃoto ] • noun, silk

  44. angit • [ aŋit ] • noun, cave


So Tired

Dec. 30th, 2018 01:49 pm
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Fell off the map a bit this week, and I have actual work to do for work besides chores and laundry, which I must get started on in roughly 15 min. :sob: So much to do and frankly, what I’m going to do is the harder, more boring stuff.

I slept most of the day away yesterday and haven’t been doing much commenting or connecting with anyone. Sorry? Hope to be more available over new year’s.

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So we wrapped up the Bungou Stray Dogs Rolling Remix, Christmas, and I'm utterly buried in work, which put a crimp in all my late treat plans when they didn't come together on first (or tenth) tackle.

That said, highly recommend all the stories from the remix. There are eight, including mine, and I read the whole collection. It was so, so good, even the stuff for a ship I'm not normally into. I love how they all delved into the characters and relationships, and you should go read if you haven't.

I am halfway through commenting because I was raring to comment and realized that I would de-anon if I did so at the time, so I waited and then was in the thick of the buried at work stuff. And I'm more interested in writing good comments that express how I really feel than Loved it! Not that there's anything wrong with a Loved it! but seriously. I've been doing a lot of that lately what with everything that's happened.

We made it through Christmas. It's hard, and it hurts, and I'm spending a lot more time than I can afford with my family just because it helps raise my grandfather's spirits and that's priceless right now. It was a good Christmas overall and that was more than I truly expected, so I'm grateful. I haven't sent out cards this year and I reserved my funds for gifting family members, but if anyone does want a fic / ficlet, feel free to comment and I'm going to try and do a little January treatathon. Maybe the fic that doesn't want to be written will come together as something better than snippets and snatches in the interim. (I was going to do a lot of Fandom Stocking treating, but the way it's all rolled out has just made it impossible to retain enthusiasm for that project.)

I'm maybe a quarter of the way through my Chocolate Box letter, and I think I'm going to keep my exchanges this year down to Chocobox and Multifandom Drabble, which I run, so not skipping that one.

I've had a really successful Lexember, a month-long challenge to coin a word a day for your conlang. I went with Akachenti because I finally got somewhere on the protolanging business this year when I was grieving hardest and found that fiction wouldn't come. I haven't coined words every day, but I've coined lots of words several days, and so am way ahead on the average.

There's been so much good new content coming out for K Project, lots of delightful or heart-wrenching shorts and K Seven Stories is already live and available and free—and in Japanese. I need to learn it so I don't have to keep waiting for translations.

I'm almost to the need for a year wrap up post with an indication of what I challenged myself to write, what I actually wrote, and all that good stuff for the year, but I didn't do quite as good a job at logging things as I ought to have, so I'll probably be a few days late with that. But on some fronts, I was surprised at how productive a year it was considering how bad the year has been overall. I started off having a meltdown in January, barely keeping head above water at work through the middle, and lost my grandmother towards the end, who's pretty much the most important person in my life, alongside my sister. And yet, it wasn't all bad either. I picked up new fandoms, made new friends (whom I adore), better reconnected with old friends (whom I also adore), wrote roughly 700 poems and more than 100 drabbles and actually committed original fiction again. Didn't finish that novel, but did finish a 15K novelette I'm still itching to write the sequel to. Not horrible everywhere.

I hope you all are doing fantastic and have an excellent last weekend of the year!

I live

Nov. 19th, 2018 04:35 am
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:pokes head from out under rock:

Sorry for lurking so thoroughly for a while. Feeling a little more human again. Hope you all are doing well. 


Nov. 5th, 2018 09:34 pm
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139 words counts as writing progress, right?

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But not taking on new commitments because apparently I have no idea when my truly horrible days will occur and they tend to spread a bit, wearing off a few days later.

That said, my grandfather is going to be getting medical bills soon for my grandmother and a kind person set up a gofundme to help defray expenses. That’s here.

Everyone in the house has had bills go up and I’m going to try and get a patreon going soon to hopefully cover the difference in cost my paycheck won’t cover and also get out the several hundred poems and stories I haven’t published yet. Apparently, I logged 438 poems in 2017 and so far 565 poems in 2018. I’ve also written more than 100 drabbles this year and a handful of short stories, so it’s past time to start collecting and publishing everything not really done up yet and making available what hasn’t even been posted. It’s a chunk of work, but even the difference of a hundred bucks a month would solve a major bill problem, so Patreon seems like the obvious solution. (Getting a better-paying job or a promotion right now isn’t really an option.)

That said, on a more funnish front, I’ve been eyeing some treats I never got written due to my life going south in a bad way that I might sit down and finish. Would anyone be interested in an anonymous AO3 collection, like Happy Belated Treatmas, with work reveals on New Years and author reveals a week later? There was some sort of collection like that a year or two or ago and I like the idea of treating people with a tiny (emphasis on tiny) bit of structure but no pressure since it’s a late treat and the recip isn’t technically waiting on it.

I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time watching World of Dance and The Voice because apparently I cannot brain while grieving and that’s about my level. But I’m in love with Charity and Andres and really, the creative advice is good for writers too if you pay attention.

And I’ve been conlanging again because of course the right kind of comfort is untangling how diphthongs fit into a vowel inventory in light of sound change and I decided somewhere along the way I couldn’t make a proto-language without knowing how the vowels changed over time (this is actually true) and that I couldn’t make related languages without making a proto-language (this is debatable but true if I want an even remotely good one) and most of all that I needed to flesh these languages out at all to write the stories where they appear (this is likely completely false). But whatever. I do seem to enjoy the exercise, and there are worse hobbies to have even if it’s an extraordinarily unproductive one for me, considering how much energy and time I have to put into it and how many people aren’t waiting on any finished product.

Hope everyone is doing better than I am right now. Love you all and thanks for all the well wishes you’ve sent, the good thoughts, and for being so kind about my lurking generally non-communicative state.

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And I seriously owe a rec post of all the lovely gifts (♥ ♥ ♥!) I’ve received during this time (when I had to default on a lot of stuff to keep my sanity with everything going on with the family right now).


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 They're taking my grandmother off the respirator this morning. She's been able to breathe on her own off and on but can't stay on the tube much longer. Please pray she can breathe on her own and guard her own airway. Thank you, everyone, for all your support.
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Been writing on Riftspace and my story for AU Exchange and got a start on the Original Works one. Everything is supposed to be on hold for AU Exchange though. Due this weekend. Working… It’s going well and I’m enjoying it but I’m behind because of how much work’s on my plate at work. I should be doing more now but am exhausted enough to cry.

Been approving tags for Multifandom Tropefest, regularly just doing the set I can do without thinking, then batching up stuff I have to apply a little brain juice or disambiguations to.

Also been rewatching The Good Wife because Leverage wasn’t available for comfort viewing and wow, I forgot how much I loved it. I never did finish the tail end of the penultimate season or the last season. Might do that. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out what ships of mine to request crossovers with of David Lee or Will and Diane or Kalinda for the tropefest. I’d have a ball with seeing them interact in my other fandoms if I can just pull my brain together enough to figure out which ones.

I probably shouldn’t sign up to be honest. My plate is stuffed. Of course I’m going to.

Hope you’re all well!

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  1. Wrote 52 poems, most (not all) are posted on my tumblr poetry tag

  2. Posted 7 revealed works on AO3, another 7 on my sock

I wanted to get more stuff done than that, but tbh, that’s not a bad haul, despite how many are drabbles.


Jul. 25th, 2018 01:50 am
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So I just need to finish 2 more BSD fics to get Bungou Stray Dogs above the fold on my dashboard’s top fandoms list.

Busy Days

Jul. 5th, 2018 04:06 pm
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Right now, I’m in the thick of running Multifandom Drabble and it’s got a few more moving parts than last year and some more signups. Still fun, but super busy in the middle of some serious business at work.

I applied for a zine, first time ever thing for me. Super nervous but at least that’s done.

I have some exchange fics I need to get to and the first blackout has been made on a bingo I have exactly one fic posted for and 8 started. Also, I’m way behind on writing in the original novel I’m supposed to be working on, let alone the daily drabble challenge, the comment I owe gecko on a story I betaed without commenting all my favorite bits at the time, and I owe someone a beta.

In reading, I’m in the middle of an original novel by a friend that’s sooo good, have Dreamstorm by M.C.A. Hogarth waiting for me, and have so much manga I have not yet consumed for my new favorite fandoms.

I’ve got three poetry collections I’ve been meaning to put together and just haven’t had the time, but that’s still a thing I want to do. I have the poems. It’s just format, buy a cd drive to install my graphics software on the new computer, design a book cover, and pretty much good to go. So there’s that.

On the bright side, I’m starting to feel slightly healthier for all there are still issues, and I don’t altogether mind being busy, I just mind when things don’t get done as well.

Hope you’re all doing well. Blessings!

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An exchange for drabbles, stories of exactly 100 words!

Nominations are now open and will remain open through Saturday, June 16. I will likely close them early, early in the morning on Sunday (MDT).


Jun. 1st, 2018 06:18 pm
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  • I’ve scheduled out the fic I’m working on so I should be able to meet my deadlines and participate in RMSE (I was debating not). I will have to skip Parallels. Woe.

  • Mulitfandom Drabble is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I’m excited because I love drabbling.

  • I’ve made progress on the story I need done by this weekend but it’s not where I want it and has turned me into a lurker in quite a few places I was supposed to be active. Next week.

Here’s hoping you’re all doing well!

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Today is Day 140 in the year and I have written:

Poem a day is going splendidly. I’m pleased at the absolute number of drabbles, but I also definitely want to pick it up.

In non-drabble fiction, I’ve posted 10 non-drabble fanfics this year that didn’t end up under a sock. So not bad, even if not where I want to end up. Started original fic novel but it’s not done yet, so does it count? In the interest of full stats, I’m 16,000 words into that.

So I’m telling my brain, this ain’t been  a bad year so far.

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Crossposting is hard.

My old fanfic is on Some of my MCU made it there and most of my MCU fic is on AO3. Everything since AO3, namely the growing pile of exchange fic, K and BSD drabbles and fic, etc. is all on AO3. The poetry and some of the more recent drabbles are on tumblr. The original fiction is… a mess. Let’s leave it at that.

Crossposting is really hard.

I’m partly tempted to knock off with, but that’s not a great idea and I’d like to get back to it, but if I just pick up where I’m at now, it’s going to get hard to figure out where I “left off” crossposting and ever gap fill. Maybe I’ll just schedule time blocks to get these two archives synced.



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