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I need to relearn how to write a proper full-length short story. That is all.
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You know exactly what you want to write, you have the right mindset and could drop in the scene just the way you want to get good words out of it.

And it's not G-rated and you're at work. :headdesk:


May. 21st, 2015 03:46 pm
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Mentally incapable of writing today. Ah well.


Mar. 18th, 2015 12:10 pm
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Despite my best efforts, writing is not a thing my brain is doing today apparently. Probably has something to do with stuffing it with more SQA training on the job and going all super analytical instead of creative.

The stories are there at the back of my brain, can't even tell you how many, including a plot bunny that attacked this morning, but they aren't happening on paper. I'll try again tomorrow.

Tonight, I have a date with [ profile] enigma731 after I close out my evening chores to watch Agents of SHIELD and confab.
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The inside of my head is screaming with stories.

Shutting them up to quiet the floodgates, to open the pen to one and only one, shuts out all the voices, and I whimper as I wonder how many will flood back in if I open the door just the tiniest crack.

I open it. The first one in gets written. It may not be yours. It may not be due. It may not be the story I wanted to write. But it’s the one I can take in without greeting all its brothers and sisters and relatives with open arms.

scribblemyname: (calligraphy) realize your fic has thematically led to your next chapter needing to be that canon moment everyone in your fandom, self included, has written to death.

Gah. No. :headdesk:
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So it's been foreeeever since I really wrote X-fic instead of MCU as my primary baby. It shows.

Also, never sign up for a fusion unless you've written in BOTH fandoms before and have gotten past the "it shows" phase of rookiehood.

That is all.
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As soon as you commit it to one story, it flies to another. Breath from a Stone and now the unexpected The Dance of Souls are beginning to fill in a cohesive picture, filling in and explaining even more details from stories I already knew in the world of Breath.

This last story began as something in my head, a premise if you will, that did not want to resolve into any of the settings I had already developed. This may be because it came attached to its own and I refused to hire the storyworld. So, the story bounced about, determined to be hired, even if I’d already rejected its setting. I thought it was going to settle nicely into the Alliance, but that didn’t happen because with the Talons and the Medes, there was no way I wanted to dump in another serious Clan premise with ethnic warfare or even conflict.

Then along comes this idea that fits neatly into Falhaer, a mountainous region of the world of Breath, and quickly drags along the characters, then basic situation, then story that I’d been thinking I might just skip.

Suddenly, of course, I want to write it, finish both stories, and thrill in how it even pulls in Sellenyn, whose story I already knew. Except I don’t. I’m supposed to be writing City of Glass.

From our muses, preserve us!

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From [ profile] likeadeuce:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

A/N: Now, I'm sure you all realize that there is absolutely no way that I can or should list every. single. WIP. I got for some obvious reasons (sheer volume), but I'll do the first three sentences of the next chapters of WIPs in my Doc Manager.

Read more... )
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I'm still just not up to this y'all. Sorry.

December 7 - Divergent Trilogy, Al/Tris | gracie1998
Moved to: December 20

December 9 - X-Men First Class, Alex Summers & any (or all) of his brothers, Boys of Summer Have Gone | [ profile] xenokattz
Moved to: December 21

December 12 - X-Men, Emma + Angel, falls from tremendous heights | [ profile] electrumqueen
Moved to: December 22

December 13 - X-Men Movieverse, Erik, Because of What Used to Be | [ profile] in_the_blue
Moved to: December 23

December 16 - X-Men Movieverse, Rogue/Gambit, Right Here, Right Now | [ profile] whipsy
Moved to: December 26

December 19 - X-Men Movieverse, Charles/Emma, It Was Bound To Happen | [ profile] whipsy
Moved to: December 27

December 28 - X-Men Comicverse, Rogue/Gambit, Hearts in a Crossroad | ruroca57

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Merry Christmas to all of you, my lovely f-list! I love you all and pray that God bless you all immensely.

As for the holiday fics, well, um... I like [ profile] xenokattz. Epiphany, anyone?

I'll do my level best to get some of these out sooner than that, but no promises. I do apologize. Much, much.
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Dear Fandom Muse:

I love you dearly, and I love all the stories and ideas you've given me, and I always thought you liked me pretty well too. Right now, I'm not feeling the love.

You have given me absolutely nothing for all the fics I owe to folks, to say nothing of the Small Fandom Big Bang either. Please, please, please remember that I like these people and I like these fics, and I even more would like to write them.

Your scribbler
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Go figure. I guess it's all I'm up for. But I've been playing around in the sandboxes and I'm feeling like a traitor and felt like letting it off my chest.

To my lovely fics:

I do love you, oh fandom goodness! You taught me more about writing than my original fiction ever did (scary thought), but my interest is waning. Apparently, it takes characters as strong as Rogue and Gambit to hold my interest for long periods and I've been away from them for too long. I've been flirting with original fic and I think I'm going pretty steady now, but...

I have obligations. I promised not to leave my readers hanging forever (just indefinitely), and I've got too many fics I don't feel good about walking away from.

I know we've always agreed that writing is promiscuous and all that, but something's starting to get a little hard here in the juggling act.

To Vardin and the world of Summerlight:

I love you. You're ensemble and interesting and wonderful, and yet I'm not sure I know where you want to go and that scares me. I need something from you before I feel comfortable moving forward. I know we're both kind of new to this particular story, but we've been around the block over a dozen times before and afterward. Please show me the glue on this baby.

To the multitude of shorts begging me to write nonSummerlight Vardin:

Could you please, pretty please, be kind enough to wait your turn? Please?

To the Mirror:

Wow. You sort of showed up one day, threw every constant of my writing on its head and demanded satisfaction. Well, lovely little storyworld, you need to be patient and wait your turn like everybody else. No matter how many awesome stories and themes and characters you throw at me, no matter how many subplots and fascinating bits of worldbuilding possibility, I'm writing Vardin right now and I really need to focus.



Now that we have that off our chest...

Letter Time

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:02 pm
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Dear Muse:

Not copascetic (sp?). I have a fic due yesterday for [ profile] ladies_fest. Now is not the time to hit me over the head with a fantabulous angsty original romance short with a possible market of Strange Horizons. Got it?

the scribbler
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Then pray hard. I'm less than 3 hours from not being able to get this [ profile] ladies_fest fic out the door on time and I've got a last-second beta waiting for it.


I officially hate this prompt. It inspired me for that much and then left me hanging out to dry.
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1. Feeling sick.

2. Still owe y'all next parts of By Any Other Name, To Be Wild, and Let Us Reason Together.

3. Discovered my new site has no statistics. :headdesk: Must install plugin. Tomorrow.

4. Must juggle pennies.

5. Cannot read my own handwriting. (This is a new and undelightful development.)

6. Got my hair cut. Yay!

Requesting cheeriness please: links, poetry, lovely thoughts, anything that has neither angst nor video.


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