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So as I dig into this intelligence community research, my whole perspective is shifting a bit on a few things.

  1. Did you know law enforcement and intelligence are separate? I know [ profile] alphaflyer probably knew that, but it explains a lot to me, including why SHIELD's I stands for Intervention not Intelligence.

  2. I totally get SHIELD's gripe with the X-Men now. It's like the private *coughs* vigilante *coughs* organization that's trying to do SHIELD's sanctioned job without said sanctions. Granted, they have the tools to do it (powers), but they should be joining agencies like SHIELD, except treated like... Oh, right. Still, I get the tension now and the issues and why SHIELD is not fond of the X-Men as a rule.

  3. The IMF and SHIELD are both law enforcement agencies and that changes a lot about the color of how they gather and gain intelligence and then what they do with it.

  4. The IMF, especially being as top secret as it is, is probably considered a terrorist organization to other countries in much the same way that the Red Room could be considered the same to nonSoviet bloc nations. I get why the disavowal thing. Wow. Wanton property damage, "an organization of chaos" indeed, etc. SHIELD gets away with it largely and only because they're intervening in situations where the wanton property damage and fallout is already a given and not started by them. When it is started by them without justifiable causes, I imagine those agents get in a lot of trouble.

I could be reading this wrong, but that's my impressions so far. I am duly fascinated.
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So a few things while I'm still off banging my head against a pair of uncooperative stories ([ profile] trovia's and [ profile] thecatisacritic's; oh, and something for [ profile] in_the_blue's challenge just to clear out mental cobwebs, though I won't freak if it doesn't happen since nothing seems to be happening).

I've spent a few hours when I should have been sleeping watching the new seasons of Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, and Nashville. Spoilers ahead.

Gotham is too violent, but it intrigues me. It opened solidly and interested me deeply in several of the characters (though I really wish they'd lay off of so much time with Penguin; he's just nasty). I read that many thought it wasn't very good, but I'll opine that most of the people saying that probably have some background in DC. I chose to try Gotham simply because I have no background in DC and don't feel like gaining it anywhere with a backlog to catch up on. The show's new and my curiosity is new. It works for me.

I felt the premiere was solid and laid the premise and groundwork for an awesome season, and for someone totally new to the world, I honestly don't think it could have done more. What it did, it did well. I loved the hints of Selina/Cat's personality and how compelling Bruce was in the very little time he got in that episode. He really had three scenes in there and in each one, he was in a completely different emotional place. The character arc was pretty spectacular for having such short shrift. I see the budding vigilante in him. And Gordon... Just yes. I love the character and since he's the main character here, that matters.

Agents of SHIELD

I missed most of the first season and caught the last 3-4 episodes. They were good, if a wee too graphic for me in spots. It was interesting and a good window into MCU where I can't get everything else just yet, so I thought, hey, I'll give it a whirl.

Then season two happened. I. am. hooked.

I don't care what anyone says, the first episode was pretty good and heavy on the great in a couple spots. The second episode was amazing. I love that Skye seems to be extremely capable and feels frustrated that Coulson's giving her little to do and keeping her out of the loop because it means I'm not frustrated that she has less to do. I'm feeling with her for the loss of much close relationship with Coulson. He's barely holding himself together. The yoga line was actually adorable. And May standing there while he lets go into something he doesn't trust for obvious reasons (Garrett, anyone?) was for me very, VERY compelling. And Raina, hello, yes.

And Hunter. I have such a new appreciation for why Coulson probably didn't have any trouble with Clint's making another call. Now I seriously am considering hitting some MCU fic where Natasha and Clint work with the new SHIELD. Just so much yes.


I just have to squee this: the baby is Avery's. There is a lot going on and the Layla/Will dynamic just went powerfully interesting, but seriously. The baby is Avery's. I'm FINALLY itching to write fic for this show instead of just read it. Just yes.
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So this is a dumping ground for my rare fandoms and how to find the canon, for free if possible.

Razor Sharp is back online at YouTube in three parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Unusuals can be viewed here:
Episode List
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So in case it were not already obvious, I like challenges. I sign up for more of them than I should because they stretch my brain in new directions and help me break writing blocks and lulls. Here is my card for the trope bingo, all stories due by the end of May. I'm considering a one-line bingo or a double-line bingo where I use the tropes from two parallel lines in one set of fics.

I'm also totally torn on fandoms and pairings, but I'll figure it out. Right now, I'm considering going rare pair or tiny, miniscule fandoms I recently fell in love with, such as Blue (TV series), Good Will Hunting, post-Allegiant canonical fic, Starwalker by Melanie Edmonds, etc. Or I could go with the same pairings I'm working with right now, such as Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse, Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing, Jason Bourne/Nicky Parsons, Jason Bourne/Marie Kreutz, or even a pairing I used to write a ton of such as Rogue/Remy or something like that. Or I could stick to single-character fics instead of going the pairing route.

Still considering.

au: supernatural
"My Soul Like an Arrow"
"Tomorrow Then"
immortality / reincarnation
"Call Me Phil"
"Everything is Blood"
in vino veritas / drunkfic
"Dressing Down"
road trip
"Like campfires in the dark"
trapped in a dream
"The Requirements of Grief"
chosen family
"Beneath Our Skins"
time travel
"Partners, Always"
"Better Hoards and Lairs"
"Tingo (Pascuense)"
soul bonding / soulmates
"'Til Death Do Us Part"
FREE SPACE (mind control)
"Failsafe: an authorized fanmix"
"Shall We Dance?"
indecent proposal
"Out of the Frying Pan (photoset)
metafiction twenty-four hours to live
"One More Day"
sex pollen deathfic
"they died with me..."
rites of passage / coming of age
"You Have Finally Reached Pain"
au: fantasy
"The Roads Between"
slavefic poor communication skills
"Floral Declarations"
against all odds
"Bathed in Blood and Light (poem)"
sharing a bed

Second card (I may move some of my stuff from card 1 that didn't make a bingo yet to card 2, no telling:

locked in
"To Cage a Spider"
"All the Words Big Enough"
soul bonding / soulmates
"In Sickness and In Health"
language and translation
"The Language She Knew"
mind control
"All the Eye Sees"
hurt / comfort
"Do Solemnly Swear"
in vino veritas / drunkfic
"Where bones were made to weep"
chosen family
"The Art of Partnercare (photoset)"
bodyswap au: fusion
"Delusions of Grandeur"
role reversal
"We Understand Each Other"
"Keep Us Sane"
FREE SPACE (Unexpected Friendship)
"Learning Natasha (Again)"
unrequited love / pining
"Poem: Lost Cause"
telepathy / mindmeld
"Dreaming of Budapest"
bets / wagers
"This is how we do it..."
time travel au: fairy tale / myth amnesia
"Everything Else Between"
au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal
"Queen of the Fae"
"On the Care and Feeding of Avengers"
handcuffed / bound together celebratory kiss snowed in presumed dead
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(Like I need another)

The Ficathon's Community:
On Archive of Our Own:

Here are my nominations:

  1. Averil's Atonement — Anne Shirley (fictional book) :


    • Averil Lester

    • Maurice Lennox

    • Robert Ray (Averil's Atonement)

    • Percival Dalrymple


    • Averil/Maurice

  2. Eddisian Mythology (fictional mythology) :


    • Eugenides the God (Queen's Thief)

    • Horreon

    • Hespira

    • Sky (Queen's Thief)

    • Hephestia


    • Horreon/Hespira

    • Hephestia/Eugenides

  3. Ai-Naidari Mythology (fictional mythology) :


    • Aridkedi of the Broken Pot


    None nominated in this fandom.

  4. The Horn of Joy — Matthew Maddox (fictional book) :


    • Madoc

    • Gwydyr

    • Gaudior


    None nominated in this fandom.

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Originally posted by [ profile] rubynye at The Invisible Ficathon: Fanfiction from Stories that Never Were
"There needs to be a ficathon for Invisible Library-type books, movies, and shows -- that is texts that canonically exist in fictional works, but don't exist in the real world," says the wise [ profile] jadelennox, so she's throwing one.

Some resources Jade compiled:

As someone who's always loved the concept of the Library of the Dreaming and so on, I absolutely adore this concept. Now to figure out what to nominate!
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So. Prepare for the fangirl.

Divergent, Insurgent, by Veronica Roth.

First, on the matter of Four and Tris: I liked them. The relationship works within this world. They were both wrong. They were both right. They were both in character.

Four was not overprotective: he was perceptive enough to recognize that the girl he loved had a death wish and that he didn't feel he was strong enough to put himself through watching her commit "selfless" suicide and be left shattered to pick up the pieces.

Tris was not whiny, self-centered, or in any way immature. She was grieving. Do you know how long that normally takes to deal with? A lot longer than the passage of time in the story. She was dealing with her whole family torn away from her, her whole world going to you know where in a handbasket, and her sense of self being completely shattered. All in all, I think she handled that very well.

Second, on Caleb: I was so, so right not to trust him, but... This works. Within the framework set up through the entire book, his actions make sense. He was always better at being selfless than Tris. Tris is selfish enough to ensure her loved ones stay safe (sounds oxymoronic, but bear with me), regardless of who else had to die to make that possible. Caleb is selfless enough that if he thought it would save the world, he would sacrifice his loved ones. Mournfully, but nevertheless. I hate it, but I get it. Okay?

Third, Jeanine. Well-drawn. Everything fit perfectly in the whole story, except...

Well, it wasn't really her. It was:

Fourth, on the matter of the endpage reveal: dismal. Total logic failure. That brief message makes everyone who sees it lose their moorings, their sense of foundation, and willing to go to war to protect or destroy it? I'm not seeing it. Here's why.

1) The Message

Let's parse this for a moment.

  • There's a horrible world outside the fence, which they already knew; now, they just know what kind of horrible.

  • Their great-grandparents or great aunts and uncles willingly had their memories wiped. Weird, but not very personal to the current generation.

  • The Divergent are supposed to be able to help stop the horror outside the fence. Great, but who says they want to?

  • The Divergent are the whole point of the factions. Okaaaaaay. Weird, but processable.

  • The fence should be opened permanently. This is mind-bending how?

  • The person who recorded the message is probably Tris' great-aunt and Andrew Prior's aunt. (Women don't pass down last names, and it's doubtful that she just entered the city as a wife to be his mom.)


There is only one thing in that message that would truly unmoor me:

  • Those who are not Divergent have something wrong with them and cannot learn to live in or create a society without horrors. Follow the logic. If the Divergent are the Cure, who is the problem?

2) The Response

And this is where I start getting logical here. Jeanine is a genius. She stated that this message would "unleash hell on the city." How did she come to this conclusion? Maybe because she feels the city should be protected from the horrors outside. Okay.

Parsing again.

  • Jeanine was still a kid and the Divergent were already in danger of being killed off. Natalie Prior's Dauntless mom shipped her off to Abnegation because of it.

  • The leaders of Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless knew about the message. Erudite probably handled accessing the message, due to their technological bent. Dauntless is unclear.

  • Guess: The Dauntless were daunted by the idea of opening the fence or dealing with the outside and decided to kill off the Divergent so they wouldn't fulfill the requirements of "readiness."

  • Jeanine grows up and decides to solve the issue of potential societal breakdown by creating simulation serum. Or else, she was just planning to oust Abnegation because she figured they would open the fence.

  • Jeanine figures out the Divergent can't be controlled. Revert to killing them off.

  • And then, here goes genius: In order to prevent unleashing hell on the city by allowing them to go outside the fence where horrors await, she unleashes hell on the city by bringing all those horrors inside the fence. Epic fail.

Finally, on the whole book experience: I'm willing to give Roth the benefit of the doubt because she delivered everywhere else but the end. The story is intense, gripping, well-put-together. The characters are perfect. The reveals have otherwise been satisfactory.

Book three better do something with the logic though. Until it rolls around, I'm going to remember all the pages but the last two.

Next week: Awake, Season 1 (and only :cries: ).
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Having heart palpitations. Scared to watch part 2. And oh, Tricia, the thing you tied yourself up in. Hurts. Hurts. Hurteth.
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To be specific, brother stuff. Good stuff. Between Loki and Thor. Don't mind angst (oughta be a given), but I'm hoping for some real connections here.

Anybody seen this fanfic?
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Insurgent Day #1
I'm stuck without being able to buy Insurgent yet, but I had to taste it, so I went on B&N and read the sample.

First Reaction: I don't trust Caleb. And oddly enough, I think Marcus was telling the truth.

So I haven't made a squee post yet because by the time I get ready to do it, another episode comes out and I'm back processing. But I've hit a few solid things now:

Captain Harper: I've loved her because I could tell she cared about Britten and because she's a woman and softspoken and a police captain. Seriously.

Story about the brownie thief, skinny, redhead "narcotics" detective that always watched Michael's back... Oh, wow, my bittersweet fuzzies started leaping. She's trying, Michael, but you're not making it easy.

I want to know how she got twisted up with Carl, but there are enough pieces there to draw a hundred million possible conclusions.

And as for not being exciting enough, I'm glad they're keeping the story grounded. They're treating it as if there's only one gimme: Michael's dual reality. Heroin felt real to me. It fit the character. I'm glad I never saw the actress in anything else, 'cause it's all the character for me.

Emma: I love her as a character. I've heard people rag on the whole baby storyline with "predictable," and "Michael shouldn't have asked her," and "of course, Hannah was the only one who figured it out," and :growls:

Let's start off with, yes, I knew from the moment Emma got out of the car that she was pregnant. The miscarriage threw me. So did the NONmiscarriage.

Second off, Michael said this may be inappropriate and she gave him permission to ask. 'Nuff said.

Third off, of course, Emma wanted to keep the baby. She was so relieved to tell Michael and held onto him, this was obvious. Of course, Michael didn't notice. He supported Hannah's desire. He wanted to be a grandfather, not a dad again. He saw Hannah wanting the baby and reacted to that. Emma's parents were more his focus than Emma.

Fourth off, Emma and Hannah were both right. Emma wanted the baby but had talked herself out of it to keep peace with her parents, something she made clear to Rex that she values, and Hannah told herself whatever, but yeah, it was about Hannah when she walked in and Emma felt that and reacted accordingly. People are people. I still love them both.

The Procedural Side: I like the cases. Even the ones that don't feed into the other world or the bigger picture. They keep us guessing as to which side is real.

The Balance: And no, they can't always deeply develop Rex and Hannah and Michael and his partners and the cases and have therapists. It's maybe 40 minutes of screen time. Goodness, people!

There. That at least starts a bit on what I feel about Awake.

I still love this show.
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I'm getting back into fandom. After this post, wasn't sure this would really happen again. Today, I've finished and posted the next chapter of Without a Trace and gotten a small chunk into the next chapter of Whisper. What happened?

This happened. I fell in love with Awake, a new procedural in which the "procedural" is really not the point at all. Detective Michael Britten was in a car accident with his wife and son and split into two separate realities: one in which Hannah, his wife, is alive and another in which Rex, his son, is alive. The duel storylines are heartwrenching, especially as he is the only one who walks in both worlds. Amazing. Must-see. Highly recommend. I even asked to add the category (they did), just don't have anything to put up there yet.

I reread Blind Sight. I forgot how amazing this story is: it's the guilds and Operation Zero Tolerance and nuanced and rich and amazing, and it got Rogue and Remy whispering to my muse again.

I've kind of missed my fandom friends who aren't into original stuff and so it's nice to be back, but at the same time, I really can't afford to lose much time to it that I should be using on paying fiction.


Not sure how to make that dynamic work, but here goes to my fangirl. She's on the loose again.


Mar. 20th, 2012 01:22 pm
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I remember distinctly seeing the first Japanese Avengers trailer pop up in my LJ inbox, and I cannot find it. Help me, if you have seen it, please, and tell me where it is!
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Yep. I am. Daily Science Fiction is a professional market that pays a whopping 8 cents per word and tagged a PS on their form e-reject that said, "This one was an almost." I danced. I whooped. This was a barely edited draft that I can now see how to improve and on a whim, I sent it to the best-paying market for the story that seemed a good fit and they almost published it. Happy me.

On a fandom note, I got two gorgeous stocking stuffer fics:

By [ profile] in_the_blue, Erntedankfest
(The Uncanny X-Men, featuring Kurt Wagner & Kitty Pryde)

By [ profile] vialethe, Life Is Changing [one] and [two]
Pairings: Colin/Sara, Mary/Dickon, Mary/Colin (one-sided)
a/n: This prompt ran away with me in a big way! It's meant to be set a good ten years after both books, I'd think.

Also, accidentally defaulted on a beta chapter due to sickness, temp job woes, and aunt in the hospital, but hopefully this next week will be a wee less hectic, yeah? :sends prayerful thought heavenward:

On the other penname note, sold a copy of a Christmas short story I put online Friday. More dancing and jubilation. I'm just happy today. :grins:
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List 14 things in fandom you have never done.

In no particular order...

1. Written porn without plot.
2. Created fanwork for one of my favorite six works of written fiction (Dream Voyagers, The Brother's Keeper, Ingathering, Joseph, A Ring of Endless Light, and The Guardian—possibly Emma).
3. Created a fanmix.
4. Created a fanvid.
5. Completed a fic longer than 30,000 words.
6. Filled out a bingo card.
7. Completed a crossover fic.
8. Created crossover art.
9. Finished organizing all my fiction.
10. Kept an updating schedule that was both sane and consistent.
11. Written a mutation-free Marvel AU.
12. Written a Rogue/Logan pairing fic.
13. Written a fandom-influential fic (see #5).
14. Written in somebody else's fandom universe.

I Live!

Oct. 20th, 2011 10:22 am
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1. I'm on the pretty list for [ profile] femgenficathon! Though I admit I probably won't sign up for it again.

2. I got another review reminding me that, of all my fics, Son o' de Guild is the best, and I really ought to continue it. Promise to self: I will.

3. I've got enough work to do today to fill a week.

4. If I'm a bad girl, I'll probably squeeze fandom in anyway.

5. 52: Full Deck is finally drafted! This is a story of 52 words for the meaning of each card in a deck, and I've been working on it for far too long. It's off to beta with heavenmetal.

6. I really do need to get started on my Roswell/X-Men Movieverse crossover.

7. I decided that if a nice good fic exchange comes up that's still taking fandom signups, I want a crossover of the Secret Garden and Little Princess movies with Colin/Sarah and Mary/Dickon, grown up of course.

8. More about what face I want to give my readers. I'm reading up as I plot my launch of Liana Mir.

9. By the way, I am now totally in love with nori wraps.


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